Sujet : Plans for the summer?

Now that school is finally out emoji what do you plan on doing over the summer.

Me and my family mostly go camping over the summer and aren't home much, but I hope to be able to get on RG more often.

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To be honest… I really don't have anything exciting for my summer agenda.

I'm going to Con Bravo with some friends in the end of July, but other than that… I really don't have anything special to do before I head back to college this September.

here there is no holiday ATM… We have things way different here! I think we get more time off in total. Lets see after every term we have two weeks off and then about December we have school holidays and come back Febuary. Great times if you ask me because we get them term breaks… Wait do you have those? I'm not entirly sure? emoji

To be honest,I am just going to enjoy my Summer Holiday.I am going to play games,chilling with friends etc.

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No plans for me accept doing my summer job.

my plans are to find a job and earn some money for when i go to college in september as ill need to get a years train travel card and that costs a lot

My plans are just to chillax and make it last!

My plans are just to chillax and make it last!

Same here! emoji

Summer's the best time for me… I can just relax and do nothing. emoji