Sujet : R.Y.3.N.O. And it's upgrades.

The R.Y.3.N.O. Is the first upgradable R.Y.N.O. Give your thoughts on it and it's upgrades.

I liked how they made it upgradeable because it means I can use it more often. I'm the kind of person that tries to upgrade every weapon so I'd be using another weapon instead of the RYNO. In this game where it is upgradeable allows me to use it more so I can upgrade it along with the rest of my arsenal emoji

Good move InsOmniaC.

Membre supprimé

The only things that I remember about the RYNO 3 was that it was upgradeable and that it was mighty expensive (unless if you had a file of the first and second R&C game in your memory card to get a better discount on the weapon).

It has been almost two years since I've played UYA, so I barely remember using the RYNO 3 in my challenge mode playthrough.

Ryno 3 is god it combines the good of rnyo 2 and zodiac w/o their bads.