Sujet : Unseen cutscene in RCF:QfB

More info on the background and how I got this here:

This is basically a similar work-in-progress cutscene as is the "From Script to Screen"-skill-point-activated cutscenes in ToD, particularly the "When Aren't They Heavily Armed? - 3D Layout" one. It was just laying unused on the QfB disk so I thought I could up it into YouTube.

The downside is that the original Bink Video Player version had been scaled only to 744x428 pixels, so it's just "YouTube 360px" quality.

Cheesy work-in-progress voice acting, Darth Vader and Lance & Janice moments and our favourite "Lawwwreeence!" scream ensue.

Eh, embedding & YT tags don't work?

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Just commented on Youtube. It was great, certainly an interesting find that is XD

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Hehe emoji hilarious

Very interesting indeed :oui: