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I am aware that we have a thread about the glitches that appear in all of the Ratchet and Clank games. Although, I think the All 4 One section of this forum should have its own glitch thread since the game itself is infested with glitches.

So let me ask you guys this question. What were some of the glitches you had encounter while playing Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One so far? Were they funny or down right frustrating? Did it happen online or offline? Mention them in this topic and I'm sure there will be some interesting stories to be told right here.

If you also encounter the game to freeze while playing A40, talk about it here in this thread.

Please put spoiler tags for glitches that happened in the last level of the game and its segments.

i've had it freeze up a couple of times, found out it was either the video cable i was using or the port on the t.v. that it was plugged into, as for actual glitches, i've had it where i fall off the edge in single player offline and it would respawn me over the edge over and over, it would also do that to a.i. clank.

Maybe not a "glitch" as such, but there was this one time in single player offline mode that I approached this platform with one of those things that keeps shooting one of you and you have to destroy it from the back; I couldn't go around so I went under the platform and jumped onto it to get behind the shooter thingy, but when I got there, Clank grappled onto me to get to the same side as me, causing the thing to shoot at both of us! It was impossible to destroy it because Clank kept doing that!!!

There was probably another time similar to this but I can't think of it atm.

I was playing online with one of my friends who lives in another state. We had just defeated a bunch of enemies, and like, some platforms were supposed to come down. They didn't. We figured we were just doing something wrong and ran around trying to figure out what we could do. Then some enemies popped up randomly and the game continued as normal. Its like the game got frozen, but we were still able to move around. It was odd.

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I only had the game freeze on me once while playing it online. Someone joined me and two other people in the Guardian Turret segment in the Terrwatt level. As the player joined our game and we began to move, the screen turned orange and a waterfall setting panned the scene and just froze. People who had voice chat were wondering what the heck just happened.

I had two (possibly three) unexpected glitches happened to me.

Offline single player - When I was playing the N.E.S.T. level as Clank (and Qwark as my A.I.), exiting out of the fan falling segment made both me and my A.I. glitch out. We were stuck on the opening floor where we couldn't go on top of the walking platform. Trying as much to get out, Qwark disappeared out of nowhere, while I was stuck flying in the fans.

Online Multiplayer - In the mining level using the jet packs (forgot the name of the level), two players ,including myself, broke the exit glass and headed into the other room, though one character was left behind and we couldn't see what we were doing. The person behind died, while one of the members was stuck in the ceiling gears though he/she were in the other side of the room. Then we all came back, but the problem is that we couldn't get out of the area. Even when we smashed the window to head out didn't let us leave. It's like if someone placed an invisible wall to the exit.

Then there was another glitch that happened to me online while playing as Nefarious. When the characters launched out of the cannon to that watery vortex, the camera was seeing the outside of the vortex while the camera is supposed to be inside the vortex. Then when me and the other players headed to the next segment, the checked mark icon of Nefarious' face (from the cannon) remained on the screen until me and the others decided to quit the game.

The most issues I've had with the game were at the last boss.

At one point you're supposed to mortor toss four buttons, each of them appear after the last. Well, the last one rarely appeared, no matter what we did. ANd halfway through the battle, someone would glitch, and we'd have to restart.
Those that HAVE made it that far, probably know what I'm talking about.

So far I've only encountered two glitches:
Offline SinglePlayer:
-Playing is Clank with Qwark AI, during the section with the anti gravity platforms, early on in the game, I just saw in the background, Ratchet falling down from an above cliff, and I heard him yelping too…
-Also single player: during the sections were you use the Vac-U to throw the other character across a chasm and then grapple onto them, if you jump before grappling, the AI also jumps towards you, which leads to both characters ending up in the chasm and you having to restart from the last activated checkpoint

EDIT: something else that crops up in single player, the A.I. companion has a tendency to keep using their character's special weapon. For instance, if you're playing Clank, the A.I. Qwark has a tendency to stand around with his shield up. This isn't too bad for most of the game, but towards the end, it becomes frustrating, as weapon 'overloads' become a requirement to defeat most enemies

in fact, during the final section of the final boss, when the spirit is hanging out the creature's mouth, electricity closes in on the characters, essentially giving them a time limit to defeat the spirit, this means weapon overloads are mandatory to beat this final enemy, but Qwark was just standing there with his shield until the electricity was halfway closed in on me, which meant there wasn't enough time to fully defeat it before I was sent back to a much earlier stage of the final boss…
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