Sujet : Whats Up With Those Amoeboids?!

Anyone of you ever realized that amoeboids are… well.. quite weird.. il list what i mean:

-Some of them dont recognize you
-Sometimes, if you jump over them, they will just get stuck in the walls

The King ones are even weirder!

The first time you encounter them you have to use up almost all of your ammo to kill him, but later you can just kill them with your omni wrench?!

Anyone knows why that is so?

Yeah it's like those animals bugs on blarg station! the queen needs a lot of ammo but later it's really easy to take it down you can even do it with your wrench!

don't hate on ameboids theyre awesome. theyre iconic randc enemy guys. and i love how they combined em w GC concept of chrystals

Yeah, that sever crystal hunting was what i did when i wanted to fight amoeboids again, cause theire my favorite enemies, i did it even if i already had all crystals emoji