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:hello: my name is Stephanie, I'm 15 years old and live in Wisconsin. I like to read, hangout with friends and play games. The very first R&C game I play is ACIT which I have very much enjoyed. I have also played TOD, very first R&C on PS2 and A4O. I also have the comic books which I really enjoyed. I can give some advice on games I have played but not very much I admit. I am excited to have joined this forum and can't wait to meet new people, get advice on games I haven't played, give the advice that I have for people and have fun on this forum. Goodbye and thanks for reading about me! ~Blazer12356~ emoji

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Hi,I've got the comics too they're great emoji,you should get the HD Trilogy for Ratchet 2 and Ratchet 3 emoji

They are great and I might try to get the trilogy but idk if I can or will. emoji

Hi! emoji How are you? I'm SP, if you need anything just ask me if you want. How are you doing with ACIT?

I have finished ACIT a few weeks ago and am not starting on TOD. I just wanted to say that I think I like ACIT a little better then TOD because It was the first ratchet game I played. It's kinda funny because when I first watched my bro play it and then he would ask me if I wanted to play and I just kept saying no but after a few days he finally convinced me to try it and now I'm glad I did and I am addicted now lol.

Lol! emoji I think that ACIT is better because you can fly around in the ship instead of just going somewhere. But I like the story in TOD. Who is your favourite character in RAC?

That's true about the ship, but the story in TOD is cool to. Hmm, my fav would have to be nefarious because he's so silly and sometimes random. I would have to say I haven't played all of the games yet so it might change if I play the 2 other Ps2 games or any of the others I didn't.

I think TOD is the best game, and ratchet is always my fav. I played going comando 1st, so I think it is quite good. The 1st game does sometimes annoy me tho, because you can't pause the quick select.

Ratchet is one of my fav to. I did play a little of commando but every time I would try to this puzzle thing the game always crashed. The game will annoy you sometimes. emoji

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