Sujet : What to do if you don't have a lovecrush yet?

I still wonder what can I do in Valentine's day if I don't have a boyfriend though I totally want the right one?
Where should I find the uy who's my real soulmate and how?
I'm just waiting for the right moment ultin I find my true love.emoji

what about you, guys?
Do you have a lovecrush, already, or some of you don't?
What are you gonna do in Valentine's Day, anyway?
Have some plans or dreams about that day and your dates?

Don't have one, never had one before. Not on the look-out either.
It happens when your class of 24 people has only 3 girls. Including meemoji

Im going to play with her, Ratchet & Clank Q-Force! Yes, I love my PS3!

I'm not actually doing anything at all, but who's to say you can't be your own Valentine?
Have a "me day". Go to a spa. Go to a pet store and get licked by puppies.