Sujet : The quote game

We're bringing life back to the forum emoji That's how the game works:

Well what we'd do is one person would post a quote and the next person would guess who said it. For example I say "Why you… you… evil little… and if you guessed 'Clank' then you'd get to say the next quote.

However if we were to do it again, I think what we could do to mix things up a little is have leaderboards on the first post, and the OP would be updated with the scores. +1 for a question guessed correctly and a -1 for a question done wrong.

The game would be no fun if people cheated, so we'd have to trust that people won't cheat. And you can only pose a quote you remember too.

Also, only the first good answer counts and before anyone post a new quote author of the current one must tell us what was the right answer (so after posting a quote check for the answers).

1. You can't post answer to a quote if the previous quote was yours (example: I post a quote, RandomLombax123 answers and post his one, but I can't answer it). Also…

personA posts a quote
person1 guesses it correctly and posts his quote
personA forgets a certain rule and guesses person1's quote correctly.
person1 must post a new quote and warn personA of the rule he broke.

the game goes on like normal…

unless personA decides to guess person1's quote again. In which case personA looses a point and person1 has to post yet another quote.

It's also worth noting that if you don't want to post a quote you can give someone else the power of quoting, or leave it to the first person to post next.

2. If replier was wrong and posted a next quote, to avoid chaos his quote will count (it's the next quote you've got to answer), but he will lost two points instead of one (poster of a previous quote must inform us if he was wrong of course).

- TalwynFangirl123 posted a quote
- RandomLombax123 answered wrong, but thinking he was right he posted the next quote.
- TalwynFangirl123 inform us that he was wrong. I'm not making RamdomLombaxe's123 qote invalid, but he's loosing two point.

3. Quote poster must post a new quote in 24 hours if no one answered it right.

This month's leaderboard:
1. Animovie Ratchet: 2
2. Darkstar: 1
2. Kubak12: 1
2. Ratchetruler: 1

Archival leaderboards:
February 2015

1. Kubak12: 2
1. Darkstar: 2
2. lombaxdude42: 1

Original leaderboard

1. Kubak12: 44 I'm a boss!
2. Darkstar: 37
3. lombaxdude42: 36

4. Ratchetruler: 35
5. Filipuntik: 12
5. Smega: 12
6. aster: 11
7. HeatherGrace: 9
7. ratchetlombax57: 9
8. Toasty: 5
9. Red Dragon: 3
10. Argorianspacepirate: 2
10. Chocolate: 2
10. ratchetjak30: 2
11. gerbensteyaert: 1
11. natevradio: 1
11. ZAXEL26: 1
12. Azurome: 0
13. QwarktasticRatchetandClankfan: -1
13. Rai9867: -1
13. Shannon: -1
13. Siwel: -1
14. SolanaLombax: -2
15. ThePlanetBuster: -7

I'll come up with a first quote (how I remember it):

Don't want to end like that Apogee fella?

Remember, don't cheat emoji

Write me -1, but I think it's Smuggler! emoji

I give +1, cause it is Smuggler emoji Now it's time for your quote.


Okay… Smuggler's already been here, so what about:

It won't be hard, 'cause you fight like a little girl.

BTW i jumped a little when I looked at the leaderboards. cause that 1 and 0 look a little like -1 and -0 emoji

Thanks for your commentary about the confusing way the Leaderboard works, I already fixed that. As for the quote however, I have no idea. It sounds pretty PS2'ish and I haven't even completed my HD trilogy, so I'll leave that for the others.

Alright, I have been bad.

After I have posted the quote, I checked it and found out it isn't written quite precisely. I hope you're counting with that.
Kubak12, I couldn't find that Smuggler afterwards, so it desn't matter emoji

Uggghhh, I know I heard that somewhere… emoji

So, it's more than 24 hours since I posted my quote, so I should reveal the answer?


I need to update the rules emoji Oh right, give me -1! It's Ratchet.

Not Ratchet emoji

So should I go revealing?

Wasn't it Klunk who said that one?

YES! It was in Secret Agent Clank emoji

Good job, I bet now it's your quote time… emoji

Who said:

Touch him, and it's Plasma City!

This one should be fairly easy to get.
I was tempted to do a really hard one, but I couldn't think of any really vague quotes from the franchise…

Ratchet. This time it's really Ratchet. I remember that from R&C 2.

Ratchet. This time it's really Ratchet. I remember that from R&C 2.

Correct. I think that makes it your turn!