Sujet : What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

Yes. I don't want to meet the person who came up with the controls. He probably eats weird too. But, the 2nd time I beat the game I felt I was getting the hang of it. Controls are far from as good as previous games, but you'll get used to the crap factor eventually. emoji

The price is good. I got the First Print Edition with StarFox Guard (which I haven't played yet). But the standalone Zero is about €45? That's more than fair. There's several routes, secrets within the levels, an Arcade Mode to play the story and a main game to choose whichever level you'd like to play. There's more medals to collect per level and shortcuts. I've completed StarFox 64 3D, but even after getting everything I still got 60 hours into it (and don't let me mention the 64 en Virtual Console versions!). I dare say Zero has, almost, the same replay value.

First run took me 3,5 hours. The 2nd 2,5 hours. And the 3rd 1 hour and 15 min minus the cutscenes. So that you have an idea. emoji

I managed to put a huge amount of time into the original SF64, and, if this game has half as much replayability as you say it does, then I definitely need to try it out. I had no clue about the first-print editions, so I thought all versions started at full price, good to know it's a bit cheaper than that when purchased alone. I just wish we could choose the classic control scheme, but…Star Fox. I'll need to think it over a bit more.

Thanks for the info, Heather!

No problem! I'd say Zero is like Ratchet & Clank '16. A re-imagining, of Lylat Wars. emoji

Currently playing Ratchet & Clank. So far so good!

The bad:
1. Lack of facial expressions in some dialogues
2. Cutscenes taken from the movie has a pretty low FPS

The good:
2. Dem graphics bruh…

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PS: that moment when Heather's favorite air combat game is back, and I'm still here, waiting for further information about Ace Combat 7 emoji

There's an Oculus-exclusive game coming, right?

While I continue to have my crisis over whether or not to buy Star Fox Zero, I decided to finally attempt to Platinum BloodBorne. For a couple minutes, I forgot why I was so afraid to play it for so long. Then, as an angry snake-man pushed my poor character into the path of a gigantic eight-eyed pig, the memories came flooding back. The memories came flooding back even harder as a literal Hot-Dog one-shot me about five times.

Thank you, FromSoftware.

Any Darksouls-esque game is hell, especially when you're going for platinum. I salute you!

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Thank you, General Pepper. I won't let you down!

Thank you, General Pepper. I won't let you down!

Our army alone can't do the job, hurry Dinoboo!

Wow, I just recently started getting into Dark Souls 2, though I'm really awful at it. emoji

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Anyone here played a Persona game? I'm playing Persona Q right now. I love it so much!

Anyone here played a Persona game? I'm playing Persona Q right now. I love it so much!

Oh, I've played Persona 3, 4, Q, and a little bit of the PSP re-release of 1. Is Persona Q your first time playing a Persona game, or have you played other Shin Megami Tensei games? Currently I haven't finished Persona Q myself because a friend is borrowing it, hopefully I'll get it back soon so I can get back into it. How far are you Nam, if you don't mind me asking? emoji

I'm playing my first R&C again, from scratch! I forgot how sweet this game is and how smooth the controlls! It's also a lot easier than I remember it to be. As a kid I always played potato. Now three stars is just fine. Guess experience does come with the years!

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The time when Ratchet was still a jerk towards Clank…

It's hard to like Ratchet in that first game sometimes.