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Well, I thought it was really cool. Don't expect too much of the story though. As I said, it is quite simple and not too original (but still beautiful). It's a movie that should be enjoyed for its visuals. emoji

I agree. I specifically saw this movie in 3D because they advertised the movie as a visual spectacle, and it was. I had the entire theater to myself, which is an awesome experience in itself. But while I had a great time, I don't see this movie making its money back, sadly.

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Ratchet and Clank: No Man's Land!

800 subscribers! 200 videos! And a thousand thank-you's to everyone who shared the love! In this episode, Ratchet and Clank escape Brik's island with the help of a loner, who assists them in fighting Brik on their own terms.

I think this is my favourite 'series' I've seen from you. emoji

Nice choice of music in the cantina fight scene.

"Clank, play my song."
"Things that bothered you, never bothered me…" emoji

According to TJ Fixman, Orvus is still alive. (I don't know if this is the right thread to post this in, it's been awhile since I've posted)

Well, it's canon until proven otherwise :oui:

What could it be? I guess we’ll find out November 4th, 2017 emoji

Aah. Yes. I'll have the Nexus Part 2, please.

The company that they're apparently pairing up with (according to the tweet) make merchandise. So we should expect Ratchet and Clank figurines and clothes and things like that.

New merchandise is cool and all, but if that's all they're doing for the 15th Anniversary, I'm going to be very disappointed. I mean, I'll still buy the merch, but I'll still be disappointed.

Yeah. I don't expect a game. Not within the next 3 years actually. And when it comes, I'm afraid chances are it will be something linked to the re-imagining and nót the actual series. Which would be a shame.

IG better continue the series with a sequel of ItN or a fresh new saga. One remake is enough. It's time for something new.

Not another re-imagining per se. But a game 'linked' to R&C'16 is likely.

Well…as the Plumber said…."See you in the next reboot."