Sujet : Wait... What?

Off topic: I was told recently that Pixar plans on bringing all the movies together for one film starting off with "Boo" from M.Inc.

They're not planning anything like it, you just read about a "Pixar Theory", wich tries to prove all the PIXAR movies are taking place in one universe. But it's just a fan theory, nothing official.

Yeah, I was skeptical about it. I was told by a friend. I myself don't put enough thought into theories to come up with them.

[It sure looks like a deminsionator.

Doesn't necessarily mean it is one. It could just be a model or something.

Perhaps we are putting way more thought into this than was intended.

We're fans. It's our duty.

It's like the Dreadzone logo from Ratchet Deadlocked that appears at the end of the first game on the Drek's giant robot.

Lol I played the level again today and saw it lol having played A4O numerous times it was weird I hadn't noticed it earlier xD