Sujet : The Star Wars Thread

Yeah, I saw that! Love this exclusive cover art. I haven't read the first novel yet, but I should do that now! 

(Thrawn totally stole Mara Jade's outfit though! I've a feeling this cover was made by the same artist as Zahn's Choices of One)

 The only problem with that is that Thrawn's arms look like they're bending backwards.

You know, that's what I thought! So I tested it out in the mirror and apparently... that's how arms bend. Looks odd because the elbow guards accentuate it.

10 years!! I can not believe it!! 10 years!! What a strange coinsedence that I would go right back to writing my fanfic from that show; Powerful Harmony. You're more than welcome to check it out. Now, did I post the link of that story on here? If not, here it is....maybe...again?

Oh, that was a really cool project! For a second there, when it was loading, I thought Disney was actually going for it filename9.gif

Loved Red-7 btw. Mass Effect X-Wing <3

Our first look at Dave Filoni's new series, Star Wars Resistance.

Heck yeah! I spy some ethical irritation on the right, but I'll be watching for the left anyway! I wonder if the red trooper is Cardinal or a royal guard... or someone else. It kinda looks like a Death Trooper helmet at this resolution. "Enhance!"

And Poe? Top-left on the Resistance side... is that Poe?

Yup. both voiced by their original actors!
That's great! 

Looking forward to seeing a first teaser trailer.

Anakin isn't the only one returning in the new Thrawn novel!


Hello there, Darren Tan! (

When I've finished my newly purchased novels, I think I'm gonna pick up the first Thrawn. Cause this sequel looks like a really good read.