Sujet : The Star Wars Thread

Thanks, I only wish I spelled "remians" correctly

filename7.gif Check out a leaked episode of Star Wars Detours before it's too late!

did you guys see the latest mandalorian episode? i loved it!

I've bee watching the clone wars for many years and im so glad they brought Ahsoka to live action and made clone wars officially tied in!

It was fine. I'm the biggest clone wars fan and all, but I think the montrals were too short and stubby. The Grand Admiral Thrawn name-drop was pretty cool tho.

Going to submit for approval soon. Wish me luck!

And approved! filename38.png

Everybody is complaining about the new Lightsaber. I'm dissapointed in the Star Wars community, but I'm not surpised. mobdro apk is everyone doing these days?