Sujet : The poll discussion thread

Ah, so favorite 'R&C voice actor' then. Gotcha. ^^

I can't believe how many people voted for James Arnold Taylor. He's pretty good, but he s nothing in the face of the true talent that is Jim Ward!

Oh and Armin Shimmerman is really good too. I almost voted for him.

This week's poll: If you could play one level from the Ps4 demo, what would it be?

1) Aleero
2) Nebula G34
3) Gaspar
4) Other

I chose Gaspar, simply because it's the only level I haven't played yet–plus it's longer than the first 2…

I'd chose Pokitaru. So 'Other' I guess.

Aleero City. The original Metropolis just had so much going on, and it was so cool to explore.

Aleero, cause I love sci-fi city levels.

Hmm… I'm not a big fan of vulcanic environments. I'll just choose Aleero.

I'll go with Aleero because R&C hasn't had enough city levels lately.

On the one hand, I'm tempted to pick Metropolis Aleero whatever it's called now, because the cityscapes in these games are always awesome, but on the other hand, I want to pick "other" because I'm dying to see what Veldin is like in the new game…

Nobody wondering how Orxon turns out?

Nobody wondering how Orxon turns out?

Orxon will be quite interesting I suppose, but of all the locations from the original game that might return, there are many, many more that I'm more interested in seeing in HD.
Pokitaru will probably look gorgeous, Batallia should be quite good to look at, and Gemlik base should also be very pretty.
I imagine for Orxon they'd probably go for a look more akin to Coballia from ToD, only with more pollution…

Nobody wondering how Orxon turns out?

I was kinda surprised it wasn't in the trailer. Orxon should be a main planet in the game, like Veldin.

Nobody wondering how Orxon turns out?

Considering it's one of my least favourite levels in the original game and that it's just not a very good looking level in general, not really.
I'm being a bit pessimistic here, but considering my past experiences with it in the original game (and Deadlocked, I suppose) I just can't bring myself to care.

I really want to see how Oltanis Orbit turns out

I really want to see how Oltanis Orbit turns out

I have a feeling it won't exist:
1) Since Qwark doesn't appear to be a bad guy in this movie, it'll defeat the purpose of an already unnecessary level.

2) Insomnaic appears to be combining assets of one level into an different level (like Umbris into Nebula G34 and Hoven/Battlia) Maybe Gemlik Base will be in part with Drek's Fleet.