Sujet : Star Wars The Force Awakens

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Well, it's official. Star Wars 7 is called Star Wars The Force Awakens.

Why is this in the ToD section?

Why not post this in The Star Wars Thread instead of creating a whole new one that we don't really need?
That said; it's too late to change it now - may as well use this thread…
(EDIT: also as Darkstar said, it's needlessly in the ToD section emoji )

It's certainly an interesting title - I'm looking forward to seeing what the title means in the context of the film (unless it ends up like "The Phantom Menace" where the title didn't really have anything whatsoever to do with anything)…

My guess is just that this trilogy's protagonist will unlock the Force's full potential or something along those lines.

Also, if this movie ends up being crap I know what I'll use…

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My mistake. How do I change it?

My mistake. How do I change it?

As far as I know: only Moderators can delete/move threads. And our last moderator stopped using this site a long time ago…

Well, it's not that noticable of an error.