Sujet : Qforce - bears easter egg

I want to draw attention to one Easter egg here is here

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BEARS emoji image is from : Ratchet and Clank Wiki

Yes, and while I was playing by the bears by the crates I ended up popping outside the Phoenix! Although I'm sure everyone's heard of this glitch by now… it's a good glitch though.


OMG I had never seen it ! I cannot believe it !
Yeah there is a small glitch there but this one is useless. All the others are best, such as in Grummelnet plasma Harvester, in Ebaro or in the last planet (campaign) or even to enjoy the view (Korgon in campaign or also korgon, ebaro, Grummelnet, Torren, Kerwan in MP)

Yes this is small easter egg


I mean the glitch to go outside. Anyway this bear is very surprising ! emoji

It is very tricky to use the boxes to get outside. You have to try and jam your character between the wall and the boxes and then walk through the wall. But when you do it you can go to some cool places, like behind the glass where the weapons are displayed. But you'll mostly just fall out of the world and die.