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I'm able to use my laptop both with and without a mouse - though I do prefer having a mouse, and I've known about the middle mouse button for many years now. emoji

For me, it depends on what am I using the laptop for. If I'm just browsing or working on an assignment, I prefer using the trackpad. But for gaming, I will use the mouse, because it's difficult to play TF2 using the trackpad

I usually prefer using a mouse, but I will use the trackpad if I'm just browsing the web and have no mouse pad or suitable surface for an optical mouse. But for gaming, a mouse is definitely a must.

I am the same as RatchetGamer. I don't think I could bring myself to use the trackpad unless I really had to. In fact because I have the sensitivity turned up on my mouse, and it's an alright mouse, I can use it pretty much anywhere. As long as I'm not playing some sort of game, I can even just use it on my knee if I need to.