Sujet : Well this happened...

Yep. Already saw it. Looks awesome!

Oh, the gameplay looks great too. And, what? What have they done to the Combuster? And Chairman ALONZO DREK? SERIOUSLY?

Why is the city called Aleero? Isn't this Metropolis or something completely new?

Perhaps it's a city inside a city of Metropolis.

Perhaps it's a city inside a city of Metropolis.

How big is Metropolis anyway?! Anyway, they said they will show more on E3, so they might say something about this.

It's the name of the train station.

Oh, well that explains a lot.

Oh my gawd, it's so PERFECT! The info bots, familiar environments, already made me laugh a few times and I'm fairly certain Ali Hillis is the voice of the train announcer. My hands are itching to play this!!

The Pixelator was a submission from the My Blaster Runs Hot weapon challenge if I'm correct.

Where's Kubak? He's missing this!

Where's Kubak? He's missing this!

He's probably way too busy with exams and such.

All those familiar environments, and damn, those graphics…
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It's making me want a PS4.

Can't wait to make an animation off this!

Oh my lord, I was sceptical (well, still am a little bit) but everything about this looks amazing so far aside from the HUD that looks a little too small and not matching of the theme of the game and destruction on the train, it looks slightly clunky and the lack of debris doesn't help, but as this game isn't finished yet I think that this may turn out perfect (hopefully)