Sujet : Ratchet's Personality


Personally, I'm not a big fan of protagonists being really, really jerky. Well, they may be sarcastic or occassionally crack jokes, but, I don't think being unnecessarily mean even to their best companions is really a good thing. So, I'm just okay with Ratchet's current personality.


You act as if that's a bad thing. Being voiced by James Arnold Taylor vs Mikey is a big improvement. And hey, we don't if ratchet won't act jerky to Clank from time to time. We already know Ratchet calls Clank "dense alloy" on Gaspar, so there will be a little conflict hopefully.
Aside from ITN, TJ fixman isn't known for screwing up story lines. As long as Clank actually DOES something in the movie.
Ankadewo is right, for a movie audience, this new Ratchet is better than a jerk-face Ratchet.

Asides from ITN, TJ fixman isn't known for screwing up story lines.

Aha! I agree.


I think the new game will be great from what I've seen, and Ratchet was never a total jerk, he just wasn't Mr. Nice Guy. I hope we get to see Ratchet mad at some point.

Yeah, me too. My main concern with TJ fixman's story writing is directed towards Clank. This is not "Ratchet: The Movie," it's Ratchet AND Clank. So far Clank hasn't said a single word in both movie trailers (not the teaser) TJ just seems to like Ratchet and Qwark more…


I know. But that's what being alone does to a guy. In the movie, Ratchet will be mentored by an alien named "Grimroth," who assumebly acts as a "father-figure" to Ratchet.

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No, that is what being a teenager does to a guy. Most people go through a stage like that as they grow up.

Oh and 1CJB. I agree with you on that scene. It's one of my favorite in the series.

Being voiced by James Arnold Taylor vs Mikey is a big improvement.

I object! Okay, you can argue that he did better as the 'characterless' Ratchet, but still I wouldn't call that a "big improvement".

I pretty much stated my opinion on IG Forums already - I think the original Ratchet was a more interesting character that worked better in the original setting.

I prefer James, but I guess I won't mind if Mikey voices Ratchet again.

Don't start a war, please.


I think the voice actor is pretty important. Being JAT would be a big pro, because he does a good Ratchet. I much prefer his Ratchet, because I've just gotten use to it.

But why can't JAT do a Mikey-type attitude? Do you guys think he's incapable of getting moody and pissed off?

He probably can, I mean.. what voice actor can't? But I don't think that Ratchet will come back, the snappy selfish one. Maybe in the early stages, but from what I've seen in-game… it seems he's gone.

(And I'm glad. Hah har har)