Sujet : hi

Hi, me too

It's not a good idea to create or contribute to these types of threads for a couple of reasons.

1. The thread title should outline the topic. In this case it is a thread about the RYNO, and how great the gun is. So something along the line of "RYNO Thread" or "RYNO Appreciation Thread" would better inform people of why anyone should click on this thread.
2. Threads with such uninformative titles such as "Hi" are considered Spam Threads, and they should NOT be posted in by other members. We should just sit back and let them get buried by more worthwhile discussions.

Yes, I am breaking the second guideline, but in this case I think I may be justified, for the sake of better educating out future members emoji

my faforite ryno is ryno2emoji

This has to be the most magnificent moment in the site's history.

its sad that ryno and zodiac no upgrades

Er, moderators?