Sujet : Angela's future

I have a question… Is Angela Cross going to be in future games? She is in

radio as a Thief Lombax

but not like an npc… I already posted (To Insomniac) my idea about NEW Ratchet & Clank game that would blow your f***ing pants off but I will not write it here becouse someone can copy it… emoji

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I personally doubt that Angela will make a return. She was a character that was created before Insomniac ever cared about Lombaxes, and she never once expressed any emotions regarding her and Ratchet's missing race. This would be because, as far as Insomniac were concerned, the Lombaxes were not written in as in any danger back then.

Insomniac has expressed before that they grew tired of the questions regarding Angela long long ago. They even said that they added the radio broadcast in ACiT as a sort of message to us that she is a Lombax and she isn't coming back. But despite what they suggested in the forums back then, the radio broadcast itself has failed to conclude the idea that she won't be returning, as many took it as a message that she is still out there somewhere.

TJ has said that he knows what Ratchet's name is, and he knows what he would do with the story if they came around to another major release for after the Future series. If they were to make another game after ITN I bet they would use TJ's plan, and I don't think it is likely that Angela is in it.

Either way, Insomniac Games are not allowed to take any ideas from their fans. Not for weapons (unless in a contest), and not for story plot. So I am afraid you idea will not move beyond the world of fan-fiction.

Actually resolving the Max Apogee plotline- ie finding him- requires Angela to reappear , because she disappeared with Max in his ship. further there's still the unresolved issue of Ratchet's family, which Clank mentions at the end of a Crack in Time. Angela, being the only other Lombax known to exist, is the only potential Lombax Ratchet can have a familial relationship with, short of finding the Lombaxes and their dimension. in changing the Lombax race to be in trouble, Insomniac made the lombaxes more important, both to the story and to being part of Ratchet's identity. it made characters like Angela and Azimuth more important and meaningful, given the Lombax's rarity. we still don;t know how Ratchet fits in terms of lombaxes, we know hes an inventor and tinkerer, and hes very handy with a wrench

Absolutely all the female characters of R & C are null in my eyes …. It is high time that a female lombax, cool and not cliché, makes its appearance. But hey, they dared kill Alister Azimuth, so I do not trust, m'okay ?

Good I am French and more Parisian, so I speak really bad English. Yes I am nil. sorry.