Sujet : Complete And Utter Disgrace Part 2!

While the post was clearly posted in the PS4 version of the forum, there was still a misunderstanding to what game I was referring to. So I am referring to the PS4 reimagining, I just wanted to know what everyone else thought of the game after all the excitement died out. I feel the game lacked a strong story, great music, and amazing levels.

P.S. I am sorry for all the misunderstandings, I am still new here.emoji

It's still a good game for me. Better be careful where you post stuff.

I believe it is good compared to most of the games out there, but compared to the OG it lacks in most of the departments.

I know this thread has started off to an incredibly shaky start, and is a bit old now so Pyro might even be gone.

But I do agree, not with it being a "disgrace", but that it's good, however lacking in comparison to the game it is a remake of. It's all down to taste an personal preference. And as times gone on I've come to enjoy the original four games more and more over time when compared to everything that came afterwards.

The Future series was still great, but I feel the story and characters have taken the biggest hit. The graphics are undoubtedly amazing of course, but I don't think R&C has ever had a problem with graphics... except for the Vita version of FFA.