Sujet : My Ratchet and Kim Possible Videos

Alright! Here is the third part of the book. And only 5 videos in. How about that? Well, actually, this is the first segment of the third part. Yeah I know, this story is a long one. There's plenty more where this came from: 

Alright, here's the fifth part. I would have made this the next segment of another part, but...listen to either video to find out why I made the decision that I did. Anyway, here it is:

So, it's time for me to post the next segment....of the seventh part:

The next segment will be posted hopefully later today, if I remember to do it.

Here's part 8 of the stories. Some wonderful surprises occur in this as well as a few...unsettling moments. There was also a slight problem that occurred in it but it shouldn't be too bad. Anyway, here's the link for it:

This next part involves the final chamber of the Great Clock: the Orvus Chamber. However, something else comes around in which things make a turn for the worst. What will happen next? Find out soon: