[UPDATE] A Price for R&CF:ACIT + A Little Surprise!

Hey there everyone :)

Two new informations just came out, as you may know by reading the news :^^:

R&CF:ACIT gets its first reward

The last game from Insomniac Games has been elected as 6th best game of the year, in Associated Press's top 10, the well known magazine. We also find some prestigious titles such as Uncharted 2 and inFamous.

A good news for R&CF ACIT, who was unfortunately dominated in a market of shooting games with photorealistic aesthetics. So, no, the cartoon genre is not dead, and that's good!

A new skin for R&CF ACIT

We have already seen it in an interview about replay value; remember the skin that some people named "Ratchet Elvis"… well there it is, the cheat code to unlock this skin has been unveiled, a month after the game was released in Japan!

Its official name is "Bancho Ratchet", and to unlock it, you'll have to enter this code while you're on the pause menu :
Up, Right, Down, Left, Triangle, Square, Cross, Circle, R3 (clic on the right joystik).

Other infos

> The R&C Marathon organized by Piece of Heart, for the association Child's Play, has not been useless : the $1000 amount has been reached, and even exceeded. Thanks to the contestants and the donators!
> The release date of the R&C Figures is no longer planned for December 11th, but for January 6th, 2010.

[UPDATE] Some new Ratchet & Clank ornaments are available on the PlayStation Home stores! You'll find Cronk, Eviscerator, Dr. Nefarious and more!

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