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Hobbies : Gaming | Translations
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Hi, name is Rita, I'm from Russia, a Japanese translator in training. I'm a newbie in Ratchet and Clank fandom, hoping to get to know this amazing game series more and more. Also I'm head admin of Russian Tales of community in social network called VK and main translator of Temple of Tales Translations.
Languages: Russian, English, Japanese.

I adore gaming though thanks to studies I have less and less time to actually play something.
Also games in Russia are expensive so I learn about series through YouTube. But maybe one day…

Read spoiler if you want to know more about other hobbies.

I'm highly passionate about JRPG series called Tales of and I love to collect its merch. Maybe one day I'd get exclusive Ratcher figure as well…
I love learning about other cultures. Thankfully, being a linguist in training only helps me.
If you'd like to chat, I'm online on Twitter at least 12 hours per day, mind the timezone, please.
Thank you for reading this text!