The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: Another Sitch in Time - Chapitre 16

Chapter 16-A Young Lombax's True Feelings

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He went on to give chase. As he did, Azimuth made every attempt he could to stop him. They also conversed with each other along the way. Azimuth: "I'm sorry, Ratchet! I've come too far to fail now!" Ratchet: "General! What are you doing?" Azimuth: "Correcting a mistake! The Lombaxes are coming home, with or without your help!"

He bombed rails and ramps, making every stride to derail Ratchet's advances but the young Lombax was always quick on his feet. It would have taken a lot more than just a few bombs to stop him. Ratchet: "General! You have to stop this! You can't change the past!" Azimuth: "Can't? Ha! Never could let go of consequence, can you?" Ratchet: "General, please!" Azimuth: "I can't let you get in the way!" Clank: "Ratchet, we can not let him touch that lever."

Ratchet chased after Azimuth all the way into the chamber.

At that time, Kim regained consciousness. She sat up as she held her head, cringing. She then looked up and noticed Azimuth entering the chamber. An extremely tense look appeared on her face. Kim: "Azimuth...!"

As Azimuth entered the chamber, he made his way towards the lever, Sigmund attempted to stop him. He put up a good fight but was knocked out of the way. Azimuth then went back for the lever and pulled it all the way to the left. Computer voice: "Time shift initiated."

Ratchet arrived within the chamber but it was already too late. The lever was encased in its shell and descended. Azimuth stood before him, still greatly furious. From there, they fought each other.

It was arguably the most difficult fight that Ratchet has ever had to undertake as it was very disheartening for him. Azimuth shouted at him, angered by his supposed change of heart and not agreeing to help him change the past. He was saying all sorts of horrible things to Ratchet. His words were perhaps more devastating to the young Lombax than his attacks. As they fought, the entire place was falling into disarray from their fight; that as well as the incredibly unstable practicality of the chamber's main controls. Everything around them was being affected and gradually, the visual affects began to suffice.

A little afterwards, they stopped for a bit to catch their breaths. Ratchet: "General, please, you have to stop this! You don't know what you're doing!" Azimuth: "Too late, Ratchet! I've made up my mind! This needs to be done and if you're not with me, then I must end you."

He was about to strike again, but then Kim arrived and slammed him down, she was indeed furious. Ratchet was elated to see her again. Ratchet: "Kim!"

She looked at Ratchet and smiled. Just then, Azimuth knocked her back. She fell to the ground. Ratchet: "No!" Azimuth: "I never liked you, girl! Ever since we started this, you have been nothing but a hindrance and an annoyance! You've held us back far too many times!" Ratchet: "Don't say that about her! None of that is true! She's always been helpful! She's been more than capable of aiding us, always has! She's the most amazing girl I have ever known! She's strong, she can handle any impossible situation! She's very brave and wonderful and I…I…" Azimuth: "Don't…say it!"

He hesitated for a bit. Ratchet: "I love her…" Azimuth: "I TOLD YOU NOT TO SAY IT!" Ratchet: "No! I do! I…"

He then looked towards Kim; she looked back towards him as well. They both had the same sad looks in their eyes. Ratchet: "Kimberly…"

There was a slight change in her face, she was indeed emotional as well. Kim: "I love you, too, Ratchet."

Soon enough, he ran towards her. As he approached her, they grabbed on to each other and they kissed. It was truly a wonderful moment. Clank and Rufus smiled as they observed this, but Azimuth was deeply enraged. As they pulled back, they looked into each other's eyes. Kim: "Took you long enough." Ratchet: "Same to you."

Azimuth's rage intensified. He was pushed beyond his breaking point. Azimuth: "Disgusting!!! You are a disgrace to our kind for becoming infatuated with that…that human! It is apparent that you are beyond saving if things continue this way! Once I change the past, I'll make certain that you and that girl never meet!" Kim: "I won't let that happen, Azimuth!" Ratchet: "Me neither."

And so the battle continued on, this time, Kim was helping with the fight. She fought really hard against Azimuth, striking harder blows than Ratchet. She seemed to have a personal vendetta against him. Given that he had belittled her time and again, it really was no surprise. The battle continued on, as it did, the condition of the place grew worse but they did not stop. Throughout the fight, Azimuth has shown to be a very strong and capable fighter as he had many years of experience under his belt, but he was only able to endure for so long against the combined efforts and strengths of Kim and Ratchet.

They were eventually able to subdue him. The lever ascended, Kim and Ratchet ran towards it and attempted to pull it back up. But it broke off and there was no way to stop the time shift. Kim: "Uh, that's not good…"

The machine continued to malfunction as a beam of energy shot out from the lever directly above it. The condition of the place continued to worsen. Azimuth: "What's going on!? Why isn't it working!?" Ratchet: "It's what we've been trying to tell you, Azimuth! The clock is NOT a time machine! It was not made to alter time, only keep it!"

Azimuth was devastated. Azimuth: "No…you mean…there really isn't a way to fix the past? Or bring back your parents?" Kim: "No! There isn't! And now look what you've done! You've been consumed by your obsession with fixing your mistake and bringing back the Lombaxes so much that you've tossed aside reason and logic! You've been blind to what you have become! You've disregarded all those around you and the consequences to your impulsive actions. You attempted to make another mistake for the same reason that you made the last one: because you thought that it was the right thing to do! You haven't changed at all!" Azimuth: "You're right…about everything…about me…I was blind…I failed to see everything in front of me for what it really is…including you, young lady. But not anymore."

He made his way towards the master control. Ratchet: "Alister! What are you doing?" Azimuth: "Something that needs to be done!"

He got up to the control switch, he then took one more look towards Kim as she stood near Ratchet. Azimuth: "Kimberly Possible! Take good care of Ratchet! Always look after him!"

Kim glanced back towards him with a sad look in her eyes. Kim: "You know I will."

He smiled at her and then shoved his Omniwrench into the lever slot, he pushed on to it. Ratchet: "Alister! NO!"

Before Ratchet could do anything, Kim grabbed on to him and held him close. Kim: "Ratchet! There's nothing you can do."

Azimuth continued to push on his Omniwrench. Azimuth: "You were right all along, Kaden. The boy needed to make his own choices, outside the influence of our people. That girl has made him the happiest he's ever been. I know you would have been proud of him, as am I."

Azimuth managed to switch off the machine. From there, a massive surge of energy flowed intensely from the switch as Ratchet, Kim and Clank leapt away from it.

All was calm, the pandemonium subsided. Kim and Ratchet held on to each other as they lied on the floor. They looked up and were both shocked by what they saw. Azimuth was lying on the floor near the master switch, lifeless. Kim: "Oh, no…"

They walked up to him. Kim: "Azimuth…"

Clank went to check on him. He shook his head, saddened. Ratchet looked over towards Azimuth's pocket watch near his body and picked it up. He looked into it and saw the picture of his father and Azimuth. Clank: "He did a brave thing. You should be proud of him."

They stood by for a bit. Ratchet sulked. Clank: "I will…give you both some space…"

Clank walked off. Kim: "Yeah, perhaps I should also…"

She was about to walk away, but then, He very quickly grabbed on to her wrist. Ratchet: "K-Kimberly, wait!"

She looked back toward him as he looked at her. Ratchet: "Stay with me…please…"

She continued looking towards him, she bent down and they both embraced.

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