The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: Another Sitch in Time - Chapitre 17

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Much time later, the clock was being fixed up by Ratchet and the Zoni that he had collected. Kim sat down on a bench, drinking an unusual liquid of sorts as Sigmund stood near her. Sigmund: "There you go, Miss Possible. This Quantum Removal Serum should purge your body of all of those temporal aftereffects" Kim: "Thanks, Sigmund. I can already feel my head clearing up. This should put a stop to all of those headache attacks." Sigmund: "I'm certain your friend will also feel better once he starts taking this serum." Kim: "So am I, I just hope that he is able to hold it down." Sigmund: "So do I, I just can't believe that you and your friend have traveled through time before." Kim: "Me neither. The whole thing was really strange and with how messed up it was, no wonder why I couldn't remember it. I'm just glad that things are back to the way they're supposed to be. I hope I never have to experience anything like that ever again." Ratchet: "Well, now that we've taken care of everything, there's only 1 more thing left to fix."

He reinserted the plug that was removed by Lawrence earlier, restoring the holographic image of Orvus. Computer voice: "Time keeper restored." Ratchet: "I'll leave you 2 alone. Let's go, Kimberly."

He walked out; Kim got up and went towards him. They held each other's hands as they walked out. They stopped as Ratchet looked back towards Clank. Ratchet: "Take care of yourself, pal."

He then proceeded back towards the ship with Kim. Rufus, standing on Kim's shoulder, looked back towards Clank and waved goodbye. Clank went on to continue playing Orvus' recording but then stopped it shortly afterwards. Clank: "I can not stay. I am sorry, but discovering my family has made me realize that I can not leave Ratchet, not until he finds his own. I hope you understand." Sigmund: "You're leaving?"

Sigmund went on to check on himself. Sigmund: "Energy output normal, harmonic stabilizers stable. Why aren't I freaking out?"

Clank retrieved the ChronoScepter and walked up to Sigmund with it. Clank: "Perhaps you are ready to be promoted."

He handed the scepter over to Sigmund. Sigmund: "Senior Caretaker?"

He accepted the scepter with much zeal. Sigmund: "Whoopee! Thank you, sir." Clank: "Take care, Sigmund."

Clank ran off after Ratchet and Kim. Sigmund continued the recording. From it, Orvus revealed that he is happy with Clank making his own decisions regardless of whether or not he were to accept his position as the new caretaker in Orvus' steed. Ratchet was just about ready to take off; he was sulking over the thought of leaving Clank behind. Kim placed her hand on his shoulder. He looked at her as she smiled at him to reassure him. He smiled at her, but only a little. Rufus was seen on Kim's shoulder, looking at Ratchet as well. Clank ran back towards the ship and jumped in just as it was about to close. He sat down right next to Kim. She and Ratchet took notice of Clank immediately; they were overjoyed that he decided to stay with them. Rufus was especially jubilant to see him. And with that, they took off and left the clock.

Later on that day, everyone met back within the ISSF. There, they sat at a circular table within the dining room of the space station's main apartment. They were enjoying a delicious pallid-color soup. Some of them were eating it awfully fast, others took their time. Ratchet, however, had barely eaten his. He was just stirring his spoon around in his soup while sulking. Ron was happily eating it up. He seemed to be enjoying it very much. Ron: "Mm, mm! That sure is some good soup, Mrs. P. Man, it feels so good to start eating again." Mrs. P.: "Well, I thought I would start you off with making you a clear soup so that it would be easy on your stomach. Plus, having it be made with vegetables would really help to add some nutrients back into your body." Wade: "I have to say, it was pretty genius of you to make a vegetable consommé, considering Ron won't eat any meat at the moment, in addition to the nutrients that he was deprived of for too long." Mrs. P.: "Well, that was the general idea, Wade." Dr. P.: "Mm, I have to say, you really outdone yourself yet again, Dr. Possible; another delectable meal and no junk food in sight." Mrs. P.: "I'm so glad that it's to your liking, Dr. Possible."

She kissed her husband on the cheek. Jim: "Mom, can we have some more consommé, please?" Tim: "Yeah, this is really good."

Mrs. Possible chortled a little. Mrs. P.: "Certainly, boys. I've made more than enough for everyone."

She got up and took both of her sons' bowls then walked off with them. Dr. P.: "So, Clank. I can't even begin to tell you how great it is to have you back here with us." Clank: "I am glad to be back here with everyone, Dr. Possible. Although, I have not been aware of how long I was gone. I am sorry to have worried all of you." Ron: "Hey, don't worry about it, buddy. It's not like you did this to us on purpose. We're just thankful that nothing really terrible happened to you. We missed you, that's all." Clank: "Yes, I am grateful to hear that from you, Ron, although I can not help but feel especially remorseful for Rufus being involved in this." Ron: "You don't have to worry about that, either. I'm just happy to have my little buddy back." Rufus: "Yeah!" Ron: "Both of my little buddies."

Clank smiled at him. Kim: "Oh, without a doubt. Things just weren't the same without either of you around. It's good to have everything back to normal."

Mrs. Possible returned with some more soup for the boys, she then looked towards Ratchet, concerned for him. Mrs. P.: "Ratchet, you've barely touched your soup. Is it not to your liking?" Ratchet: "Huh? Oh, no, Mrs. Possible, your vegetable consommé is delicious and very healthy, too. It's just…"

His eyelids dropped a little more. Mrs. P.: "A lot has happened to you." Ratchet: "That would be putting it very lightly, ma'am. I went from trying to locate Clank to finding another Lombax and then losing him. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have Clank back, but…losing Alister…it hurts…" Dr. P.: "Ah, yes, I remember hearing about this Alister Azimuth. He didn't seem like a nice guy what with him belittling my Kimmicub and all that…" Mrs. P.: "But he was a Lombax, perhaps the only member of your race that you were able to find. I take it that meant a lot to you." Ratchet: "Yes…It did…" Dr. P.: "That guy must have been the closest thing to family that you've ever had." Mrs. P.: "Not to mention that he knew your father." Dr. P.: "We are terribly sorry for your loss, Ratchet."

Ratchet continued to sulk, Mrs. Possible walked up to him. She placed her hand behind him. Mrs. P.: "You know, if it makes you feel any better, we just want to let you know that you will always have a family amongst us. It may not be the same as having a Lombax family, but I only hope that it at least means something to you."

He looked at everyone as they looked at him and smiled. A tiny smile then grew on his face. Ratchet: "It's good enough. At least I know that I'll never be completely alone. Besides, the Lombaxes shouldn't be the only kind of people that are important to me."

He looked to his left as he smiled a bit more. Ratchet: "And there are some that mean a lot more than that."

Kim smiled as she looked back towards him. Ratchet: "Thanks, guys."

Everyone around him seemed very happy indeed. He then turned his gaze toward Ron; a sly sneer appeared on his face. Ratchet: "Hey, Ron? Once you start feeling better, maybe we could go out for some Nacos."

Ron then nearly gagged. Ron: "Ratchet! You know that I can't even think about eating meat after what I've been through!"

Ratchet laughed a little. Ratchet: "Yeah, I know, thought I might get back at you for that one time when you kept asking for them."

He continued laughing as Ron glanced back towards him in an irritated manner. Kim laughed well. They both got up and walked towards the living room together. Everyone else watched as they did. Mrs. P.: "Well, that wasn't very nice." Dr. P.: "Huh, his mood seemed to have changed awfully fast; he's already starting to feel better." Mrs. P.: "Hm, now that you mention it, he did seem to cheer up bit." Dr. P.: "I'll say, it does feel good to see that young Lombax smile again." Mrs. P.: "Yeah, I agree."

Ron, despite his irritation, also seemed glad to see Ratchet in a better mood.

Much time later, Ron was still eating. He eventually finished up. Ron: "I'm done. Man, that was good." Mrs. P.: "Well, you sure took your time, Ron. You've spent 2 hours eating after all, not to mention that you've had several servings." Ron: "Oh, sorry that I spent so long eating, Mrs. P. and...even eating so much, for that matter." Mrs. P.: "Oh, don't worry about it, Ron. Take as much time as you need and eat as much as you like. You have been suffering from an unusual stomachache, after all."

She removed Ron's bowl and walked off. Dr. P.: "I must say, I sure am glad for that Sigmund guy to provide you and Kimmicub with that serum to rid you of what it was that caused your conditions. That was awfully nice of him." Clank: "Yes, he had been most helpful towards us when we were still at the Great Clock. Isn't that right, Rufus?" Rufus: "Mm, hm!" Wade: "Well, it was really nice to get the chance to talk to him. I've learned so much about that giant, mechanical marvel. It was incredible, just absolutely amazing." Jim: "So, Clank, that clock really isn't a time machine, huh?" Clank: "No, it is a contingency project created to maintain temporal balance within the Universe in order to prevent the Universe from collapsing in on itself." Tim: "That's really cool!" Jim: "Yeah, it does sound cool." Tim: "Too bad it's not a time machine, though." Jim: "I know, so anticlimactic." Tim: "A total bummer." Dr. P.: "Oh, well, can't win 'em all, boys. That's just how the Universe turns. Besides, it's probably better for the Great Clock to not be a time machine. From what I have heard, that would be a given. Just the thought of it makes my skin crawl. (shiver)" Mrs. P.: "Honey!"

Mrs. Possible was peering into the living room. Mrs. P.: "Over here. Come look at this!"

Dr. Possible got himself up and went over to peer into the living room as well. Dr. P.: "Well, I'll be. It's about time."

Wade, Ron and Clank got themselves up and made their way towards the living room. Wade: "What? What is it, guys?"

As soon as they looked in, they smiled. Jim: "Hey! What's going on?" Tim: "Let me see!"

The boys cut through and looked into the living room. Jim: "Ooh! Look at that!" Tim: "I know! Let's bug em!" Dr. P.: "Uh!"

Before the boys could rush in, Dr. Possible slammed his hand on a big, red button, which dropped a clear wall within the doorway. Dr. P.: "Uh, hey, boys, how about we get to working on that secret project that I've been wanting to work with you on?" Jim: "Oh, right, the secret project." Tim: "Far out, I almost forgot about that." Jim: "Hicka-bicka boo?" Tim: "Hoo-sha!"

They did a high-5 with each other. Jim, Tim: "Let's go!"

They ran off as Dr. Possible followed after them. Wade: "I better get going, too; got a lot of alien data to look into."

Wade walked off as did Mrs. Possible. She then stopped and looked back. Mrs. P.: "Ron? Clank? Aren't you boys coming?" Ron: "In a minute, Mrs. P." Clank: "Yes, we will depart from here momentarily." Mrs. P.: "OK…come meet with us soon."

With that, she walked off. Clank: "Duly noted, Mrs. Possible."

Ron, Clank and Rufus continued looking into the living room. There, Ratchet and Kim sat next to each other on the sofa. They were asleep as they were leaning up on each other. There were also holding hands.


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