The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: Another Sitch in Time - Chapitre 5

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They were able to land into the middle of Axiom City. After they found a spot to land their ship and got out, they contacted Azimuth. Ratchet: "General, come in. We just landed in Axiom City. Where are you?" Azimuth: "I'm afraid I've run into a bit of trouble. I had to make a slight adjustment of our plan." Kim: "Uh, what kind of adjustment?" Computer voice: "Attention, citizens. Rogue Lombax Alister Azimuth has been spotted within city limits. Troopers have been mobilized for your protection." Kim: "Oh, I see, well that seems to be an unavoidable set back." Azimuth: "Don't worry, I have a plan." Kim: "And what kind of plan would that be, oh great General Alister Azimuth?" Azimuth: "Just get to Neurox Plaza and wait for me to make contact." Ratchet: "Got it. We'll see you then." Azimuth: "Roger that. Oh and Miss Possible? Mind your manners, will you?"

Communications were severed again. Kim: "Easy for you to say." Ratchet: "Come on, we need to get going now."

And so they rushed out further into the city.

As they made their way through the city, they were met with a number of massive and difficult obstacles as well as several enemy robots. It was indeed a fight through and they put forth great efforts to advance through. They made good use of their skills and their equipment, especially Kim and the utilization of her Centurion Armor, which had caught the attention of the native alien race of the planet, the Terachnoids. They seemed to have an incredibly immense fascination with all forms of technology. This fascination was perhaps the only thing that could out match their extensively high I.Q.

Kim and Ratchet's resourcefulness have proven to be more than a match against these obstacles as to them, surpassing them didn't seem very difficult at all. Their fight through eventually brought them to the Axiom City Spaceport. There, they came across 2 chattering Terachnoids. Their names have yet to be received, so for the time being, let's just address them as Terachnoid A and Terachnoid B; A for aggravated and B for benign. Terachnoid A: "Another Lombax. Come back to vandalize more equipment?" Kim: "What? But we just got here!" Terachnoid B: "Mind your manners! Any super intelligent being can see that this is a different Lombax. Please excuse my colleague; he is just upset about the rebel Azimuth destroying the terminal." Kim: "It's no big. To be honest, I'm not very fond of him, either." Terachnoid A: "Hm, this girl seems a lot smarter than she looks and she looks like she's from an awfully primitive species to begin with." Kim: "What did you just say?" Ratchet: "Easy, Kim. He was complimenting you and you would have to admit that what he said about the humans is…kind of accurate."

She grunted as she folded her arms and dropped her head a little while slightly turning it. Kim: "Good point."

She held her head back up as she dropped her arms. Kim: "So, what's the sitch?" Terachnoid B: "Well, at the moment, the fire fight has triggered Axiom's defensive grid and now the entire city's closed off. Perhaps you can help." Terachnoid A: "Oh, what are they going to do? Fly over the grid and activate the reboot switches? Ha! I'd love to see that." Kim: "Hm…that…actually sounds doable." Ratchet: "Yeah, I think it's worth a shot. Let's do it!" Kim: "So, I'm so all over that."

With the use of their hover boots, they made their way over the grid that was cutting them off from the control panels. From there, they worked together to reset the system and shut down the security of the entire spaceport. After handling all of that, they were approached by the Terachnoid duo. Terachnoid B: "You did it! The system is resetting!" Kim: "Please, it was so not the drama." Computer voice: "Alert. Alert. Lombax detected near avionics terminal 9. Dispatching units."

Almost immediately, more the enemy forces arrived at the spaceport. They went for Ratchet and Kim. Terachnoid A: "Would you consider this to be "so not the drama", young lady?" Terachnoid B: "Quickly! Let's get out of here!"

The Terachnoids ran off to take cover while Ratchet and Kim fought off all of the enemy forces that came their way.

It was short and quick as there weren't many robots that arrived at the spaceport. A fight like this seemed like nothing to them. Shortly after they made quick work of the robots, the Terachnoid duo made their way towards a transporter. Terachnoid B: "You know, I could get into trouble for this, but I'm tired of Nefarious and his troops. Let's see if we can activate this transport tube now that the lockdown is terminated."

They stopped directly in front of the transport tube and switched it on. Computer voice: "Transport tube activated."

Kim and Ratchet rushed over towards them. Terachnoid B: "Ah, here you go. This should take you both right to Neurox Plaza. I hope that this would be helpful to you." Kim: "Actually, that's exactly where we need to go. Thanks." Terachnoid B: "Good luck, you 2 and thanks again for all of your help." Terachnoid A: "Lombax lover." Terachnoid B: "Oh, shut up."

As soon as they arrived on the other side, Azimuth contacted them again. Azimuth: "Ratchet, come in. I'm in position but Pollyx has raised security throughout the entire plaza." Ratchet: "Hm, sounds as though Pollyx has strong connections with Nefarious." Kim: "But Pollyx isn't a robot, is he?" Ratchet: "No, I wouldn't think so. If that's the case, then why would he go out of his way to help Nefarious?" Azimuth: "Probably for the same reason Vorselon is: to use the clock for their own personal gain." Kim: "Is this clock really that special?" Ratchet: "Hm, I would think so if it does more than just tell time." Azimuth: "Yes it does. It moves time as the caretaker sees fit, using a control room known as the Orvus Chamber." Kim: "Wait! Are you saying that this clock is like some sort of time machine?" Azimuth: "Yes! Think of what Nefarious can do with the power to control time." Kim: "Good point…We can't let that happen!" Azimuth: "On that, I agree with you, Miss Possible. I have to go. Call me as soon as you reach Neurox Plaza." Kim: "OK, got it."

They cut off communications with him. Kim: "Whoa, this has gotten seriously intense; I had no idea we would get involved in something like this." Ratchet: "Me, neither. Apparently, Clank is caught in the middle of this, too." Kim: "Yeah, so it seems…but…what is Clank's involvement in this?" Ratchet: "I don't know, but we will find out sooner or later. Come on, let's get to Neurox Plaza."

They rushed off again. 

They fought through more of Nefarious' forces as well as made their way pass a few more obstacles that they manage to bypass. Soon enough, they arrived at the Neurox Plaza. Upon their arrival, they immediately took notice of Azimuth battling against some of Nefarious' forces. Azimuth: "Ratchet! I'm so glad you're here! I could use a little extra help from you!" Kim: "Uh, what about me? I'm here, too, you know." Azimuth: "(grunt) Fine! I guess…I could use your help, too. Just…get to it already!"

She sighed and shrugged her shoulders with her hands up as she shook her head. Kim: "Since you asked so nicely…! Let's go, Ratchet."

Kim rushed off, Ratchet followed after her. Ratchet: "I'm with you all the way, Kim."

Within very little time, they fought against the robots along side Azimuth. The battle did not last very long as there were only a few robots and all 3 of them were capable fighters. The fighting soon ended and all was calm. Kim and Ratchet regrouped with Azimuth. Azimuth: "Not bad, Ratchet. You seem to handle yourself quite well. And you, too, miss. I hate to admit it, but you really aren't half bad, for a human." Kim: "Uh, yeah, great, so what's the sitch?" Azimuth: "Uh…what was…? I…don't understand what you just said." Ratchet: "She means what's the current status of our situation?" Azimuth: "Now, why didn't phrase it like that, young lady?"

Kim glared at him. Ratchet: "It's a catchphrase of hers. Just go with it!"

Azimuth grunted as he rolled his eyes then shook his head. Azimuth: "Fine! Do as you please. Anyway, Pollyx has diverted all air traffic away from the industry's building. We'll have to find another point of entry."

Azimuth walked off. Kim and Ratchet walked along side him. Kim: "Hm, easier said than done." Azimuth: "Perhaps, but I have someone on the inside who may be able to help us." Ratchet: "Really? Someone who works for Nefarious?" Azimuth: "Well, actually, he's a data miner at Pollyx Industries. I saved him once from becoming food for the Agorians." Kim: "Yuck, that doesn't sound very pleasant." Azimuth: "No, it wasn't." Ratchet: "So, you intend on having him repay a favor for rescuing him?" Azimuth: "Yes, that's exactly right." Ratchet: "Hey, you know what? Kim has lots of people back on her home planet who want to repay her for helping them." Kim: "Yep, they always seem happy to help me out." Azimuth: "Hm, really? Sounds like you're a real hero amongst your race and home planet, young lady." Ratchet: "Yeah, she's amazing." Kim: "Oh, it's no big, really. I've been doing this since I was in high school and still going. So not the drama." Azimuth: "Don't get too full of yourself, miss. You haven't even begun to soil your hands in this line of work, especially since you were doing all of it on just 1 planet."

Kim's jaw dropped as she was appalled and flabbergasted by his lackluster response to her past exploits. Kim: "What? Are you kidding me? Not every a shred of being astounded? What's it going to take for you to be impressed by anything that I do?" Azimuth: "Oh, don't make such a fuss. I'm sure you'll do something that would impress me; in another 20 years or so." Kim: "20 years? Uh, how about sometime much, much sooner than that?" Azimuth: "Hm…nah!"

Kim was greatly frustrated as was Ratchet. They made their way towards a holo-terminal. There an image of another Terachnoid appeared before them. Azimuth: "Ratchet. Oh, and uh…Kim? This is Jarvis. He's the one that I told you about." Ratchet: "Uh, hey there." Kim: "Hello." Jarvis: "Azimuth! What are you doing on this frequency? The entire city is looking for you!" Azimuth: "I'm here to cash in that favor you owe me, Jarvis. We need a way inside Pollyx Industries."

Jarvis was not pleased with Azimuth's request. Jarvis: "I knew you would one day make me an accomplice to terrorism. Alright, I'll run a diagnostic on the security system. In the meantime, you better take cover. Another security team is closing in on you." Kim: "Oh, don't worry about him; I'm sure that the great Alister Azimuth could handle a few hundred measly security bots all by himself." Azimuth: "What the…? Why you mouthy little…!" Jarvis: "Hm, you don't seem very fond of him, do you, miss?" Kim: "Heh, are you kidding? He talks down at me just because I'm a human, so, no, not really." Jarvis: "Huh, I'm starting to like you already; in fact, you might make this annoying operation much more bearable." Kim: "Glad to help with that."

She smiled at Azimuth in a conceited manner. Ratchet was heard giggling. Azimuth, however was aggravated by this as he growled loudly. Azimuth: "Arrogant human!"

Moments later, Nefarious' forces arrived. Kim: "Here they come." Ratchet: "Let's do this." Azimuth: "Just synch their positions for our nav-units and hurry up on that diagnostic. At the moment, we'll need to buy Jarvis some time." Kim: "No problem. I can handle this." Ratchet: "Same here, Kim. This is no big." Azimuth: "Just focus on the fight, you 2!"

They fought against every oncoming robot; the fight itself went on for quite some time. Neither they nor the robots were letting up any time soon. With the fight seeming as though it would persist on, Azimuth was becoming a bit impatient. Azimuth: "Jarvis, how are we looking on that entry way?" Jarvis: "I think I may have found a vulnerable spot; just give me a moment to double check my logic." Kim: "Don't worry, Jarvis. We'll give you all the time you need." Jarvis: "Well, in that case, I'm so confident with you that I believe you might give me too much time, miss." Azimuth: "Just shut up and keep working!" Jarvis: "Alright, I'm going! Geez, no need to be so testy."

They kept at the fight much longer. This epidemic seemed as though it stretched out a lot longer than it really did, but was no more than just a few minutes. Soon enough, they were just about to receive the breakthrough that they were hoping for. Jarvis: "OK, I found a way inside. Head over to the holo-terminal when the cost is clear."

The fight lasted a bit longer. They were eventually able to finish off the last of Nefarious' forces for the time being. Afterwards, they rushed over towards the terminal posthaste. Azimuth: "Alright, we're clear. Come on, before back up arrives."

They stopped in front of the terminal and stood before Jarvis' holographic image. Kim: "OK, Jarvis, what needs to be done now?" Jarvis: "We'll need to ionize the hologram's power conduit. That should give your hover boots enough thrust to send you into the maintenance hatch." Azimuth: "OK, sounds easy enough." Jarvis: "Not exactly. It'll take all 4 of us working together to pull this off." Kim: "No big. I can handle anything." Ratchet: "So can I." Jarvis: "OK, then, I'm activating the transport ramps to the west side of the plaza. Head there now and await further instructions." Kim: "Got it, let's go."

They did what Jarvis instructed them to do. As soon as they arrived, they were met with more of Nefarious' robot troops. They spent a lot of time fighting them off. Eventually, Jarvis was able to get started on what it was that needed to be done. Jarvis: "Alright, let's do this! General, you need to hack the defense grid from the conduit terminal while the other 2 engage the power switches. Think you can handle a solo mission?" Azimuth: "I have every confidence in Ratchet's abilities. Oh, and the girl's, too. I'll contact you from the conduit terminal. Ratchet, I'm counting on you and that girl." Ratchet: "No problem, General. We'll handle it from here." Kim: "Of course, just get going."

Azimuth departed for the conduit while Kim and Ratchet stayed behind. They continued fighting off more of the enemy robots. Just then, Jarvis' image appeared nearby. Jarvis: "Ratchet! Kim! Come to the holo-terminal. We don't have a lot of time."

They finished off the last of the enemy robots and made their way towards the holo-terminal as fast as they could. They stood before Jarvis' image. Jarvis: "OK, you 2 need to listen up. I'm going to perform a remote unlock of all power switches in the plaza. The both of you need to activate them and ionize the hologram conduit."

Both Ratchet and Kim stood by, confused with what Jarvis just told them. Ratchet tapped on the device on Kim's chest. Ratchet: "Wade? Translation, please." Wade: "He's basically saying as soon as Azimuth has lowered the defense grid, you guys need to activate all of the switches that he sends out to you." Jarvis: "Yes! Exactly that!" Azimuth: "Shall I have you guys get started?" Ratchet: "Please and thank you." Azimuth: "Lowering defense grid…now!"

The grid was deactivated accordingly. Jarvis: "OK, I'm in, syncing power switches to your nav-unit." Ratchet: "Let's go, Kim." Kim: "I'm right behind you."

They rushed off on their hover boots at great speed. Just as Jarvis unlocked each of the switches, Kim and Ratchet went to activate them accordingly. The process itself needed the hover boots in order to be completed since the switches themselves could not stay on for very long. Thankfully, Kim and Ratchet were fast learners with the hover boots and were able to maneuver through the area with them on. When they needed to activate more than one switch, they would temporarily break off from one another in order to reach them. There were several switches and a few times in which they needed to split up, so it took some time to get to each one of them.

Overtime, they finished up what they needed to have done and most admirably, might I add. Jarvis: "You did it! Conduit is ionized. You should be able to slingshot over the plaza and into Pollyx Industries." Azimuth: "Good work, Ratchet!" Jarvis: "Hey! What about me? I'm part of the same guild, aren't I?" Kim: "And I helped out, too." Azimuth: "Oh! Uh, you did well, too, Jarvis…and, uh…same to you, miss. I guess…you were of some help." Kim: "Hmph! Gee, thanks."

Kim and Ratchet made their way to the conduit where they met up with Azimuth again. They stood before the ramp. Azimuth: "This is it, our only way into the building. Last chance to back out." Kim: "Oh, so not." Ratchet: "Age before beauty, General." Azimuth: "A wiseguy, huh? Just like your father."

Azimuth sped off with the use of his hover boots, Ratchet followed after him as did Kim. With the extra boost, they were able to take the massive leap into the building.

As they made it inside, they stood near one another. Azimuth: "You both made it. Good. Come on, the main office is this way."

Just then, the alarms within the facility went off. Computer voice: "Attention, a bioscan reveals 2 Lombaxes in the main server room. Mobilizing all units." Kim: "Of course, it's hardly ever easy." Ratchet: "At least it can't get any worse." Computer voice: "Bioscan also reveals an unknown life form in the main server room. Dispatching Level-1 Eradication Protocol." Ratchet: "I really need to stop saying that." Kim: "I'm guessing the "unknown life form" would be me." Azimuth: "Blast is all! That dang bioscan! Ratchet, let's hurry through. Miss Possible, don't do anything reckless." Kim: "No problem. I'm not the one who's usually reckless." Azimuth: "Don't get snippy with me, young lady!" Ratchet: "Guys! Knock it off!" Kim: "He started it."

They rushed through the interiors of the facility, fighting off more of the enemy robots. The robots attempted to stop the group in their tracks and eradicate them, but they stood more of a chance against the robots. Soon enough, things seemed to have calmed down. Ratchet: "We're clear. I think that's all of them." Kim: "That seemed almost too easy." Computer voice: "Attention, known life form is confirmed to be human. Dispatching Level-2 Eradication Protocol." Kim: "What? Seriously?" Azimuth: "Heh, nice going, young lady. You really made things harder for us." Kim: "Hey! I'm not the one who's caused trouble for these people before." Ratchet: "General, enough!"

They made their way further through the facility, fighting its recently advanced security. They soon came to a large chamber with a long drop as well as a few ledges. There didn't seem to be any way to cross them. Azimuth: "This looks dangerous and impossible to get past." Ratchet: "We need a way through this." Kim: "Better let me go first. I know how to handle this."

Kim made her way through the difficult impasse with the use of her advanced athletic skills, as well as a little extra assistance from her Centurion Armor, of course. Ratchet was mesmerized as he watched her undergo all of her unique athletic maneuvers. Azimuth took notice of Ratchet's fixation towards her almost immediately. Azimuth: "You really are quite fond of her, aren't you?" Ratchet: "Yeah…she truly is…amazing…" Azimuth: "You do realize that she's a human, right?" Ratchet: "What? I'm not blind, General! Of course I know she's a human. It's just…I'm not someone who judges others by what's on the surface. She's a lot more than just a human…to me, at least. I guess…you could say that I'm ena-" Azimuth: "Now's not the time for that trivial stuff! We have a job to do!"

At that moment, a bridge appeared before them. Kim: "There! That should do it!" Ratchet: "Way to go, Kim! Come on, General. Let's go."

Ratchet ran across the bridge. Azimuth stood by folding his arms. He seemed very displeased. Azimuth: "I don't like where this is going…! Not at all."

He rushed off afterwards. They continued fighting through the facility, the robots made things even tougher as they came at them more and more. But they persisted against them. Azimuth: "Come on, the main office is just ahead."

The enemy forces came at them by droves, but none of them were even the least bit phased by them, especially Azimuth. Azimuth: "Send everything you've got, Nefarious! It won't change a thing!"

They rushed the enemy and fought on until they were able to reach a specific circular glass floor. From there, Azimuth smashed through the floor, then he, Ratchet and Kim jumped down below and directly into the main office. A robot within the room attempted to call for help, but Azimuth smashed it with his Omniwrench. Kim and Ratchet came at Pollyx. Pollyx: "If you both intend to manhandle me, I'll have you know I am a level 60 wizard with melee ability."

Ratchet just pushed him out of the way. He slid across the room and was knocked on to the floor. Kim: "Even my cousin Larry would be disappointed by that pathetic excuse of a threat and he's into that kind of stuff."

They walked up to Pollyx's computer, Azimuth made an attempt to look into the data on it. Azimuth: "Looks like there's an Obsidian Eye in Krell Canyon on planet Lumos. I can't seem to lock on any closer." Kim: "Looks as though we'll need to head over there and find it ourselves."

Just then, Dr. Nefarious was displayed on the large monitor in front of them. Dr. Nefarious: "Greetings, my old friends." Kim: "Oh, no! Not you again!" Dr. Nefarious: "It's been a long time, hasn't it? I'm thrilled that the both of you are here to witness my greatest triumph." Kim: "Greatest triumph? Heh, so not, we'll see to it that your "greatest triumph" will become another one of your greatest blunders, as always." Dr. Nefarious: "Hmph! You're as mouthy as ever, girl! Oh, and look. I can see that you both met the elder; such a pity that worn out Lombax over there is the shame of his entire race." Kim: "Shame of his entire race?" Ratchet: "Alright, Nefarious, what is it, this time? Are you still planning to turn everyone into robots? Or is it just good old fashioned galactic domination?" Dr. Nefarious: "Hm…let's see, part of me wants to let you live long enough to find out, while the other part really wants to kill you, for old time sake. Decisions, decisions, decisions."

His screen was shut off, shortly afterwards, they felt some rumbling. Computer voice: "Attention. VX-99 detected. Evacuate all stations." Kim: "Hm, looks like he made up his mind awfully quick, not that I'm surprised." Ratchet: "Oh, man, this is really bad."

They rushed out of the office without hesitating.

Directly outside, they spotted a gigantic, saucer-like robot walking about the city. It came with incredibly long legs that stretch out towards the deep, dark abyss below and 3 tentacles. It was blasting away at anything in sight. Kim: "Whoa! That thing is massive!" Azimuth: "That thing will level the city just to get to us! Come on, we have to take it down." Kim: "But how will we do that?" Azimuth: "You both will need to stall it while I cover you from the air." Ratchet: "Stall it? It's the size of a building!"

Azimuth ran off as he made his way back to his ship. Kim: "We have to do something!" Ratchet: "How do we get ourselves in these situations, Kim!?"

At first, fighting it was anything but doable; simply blasting away at it was ineffective. However, with some aerial support from Azimuth, they were able to utilize their special skills and their equipment to subdue the massive robot. They started by removing its tentacles. Their equipment was more than able to manage this daunting task.

After that was done, they prepared for the next step in destroying the massive machine. As they got on to the top of the robot, well, even Kim's Centurion Armor could not prepare her for the most…frightening feature of the massive death bot: the head that was contained within the massive dome. Kim: "Yikes! Is that the VX-99's head? That is really creepy!" Ratchet: "Kim, we need to focus! If we don't stop this thing, it's going to destroy the entire city!" Kim: "Uh, duh! I knew that!"

They kept on with the battle. The massive head was unreachable within the impenetrable dome. However, with some support from Azimuth, the dome was shattered, leaving the head vulnerable for attacks. Ratchet: "Now's our chance, Kim! Let's bring it down!" Kim: "Don't need to tell me twice."

They went at the head with everything that they've got. It was long and enduring and the head really did put up a good fight. They kept at blasting away at it until they were able to triumph against it. The VX-99 was on the verge of blowing up. At that time, Kim fell to her knees again holding her head in pain with both of her hands, this time. Ratchet was startled by this. Ratchet: "What the…?"

He rushed over towards her and tended to her. Ratchet: "Oh, great! You picked a fine time to receive another headache attack!"

Soon enough, Azimuth arrived with his ship, waiting to fly them out. Ratchet grabbed on to Kim and carried her as he ran towards Azimuth's ship and tethered on to it. Azimuth flew Ratchet and Kim away from the VX-99 as it exploded.

Azimuth flew Ratchet and Kim back to their ship before leaving the planet. Azimuth: "Great work, Ratchet. Now then, I'll be off to refuel. I'll meet you at Lumos."

Ratchet watched as Azimuth flew off. He then looked down at Kim, who just passed out again. He held her in his arms. He touched her face a little; he was greatly concerned for her. Ratchet: "Kimberly…"

He then carried her as he made his way back to his ship. As he got back into it, he gently placed her right next to him, then got the ship ready to launch. He took off, exited the city and the planet.

As they were flying into space, Azimuth contacted him again. Azimuth: "Ratchet, come in. I'm setting a course for planet Lumos. It's in the Korthos Sector." Ratchet: "Copy that. I've got the coordinates." Azimuth: "How's that girl of yours doing? She seemed to have passed out." Ratchet: "She's fine. She just had another headache attack, but she'll come to." Azimuth: "I see…Ratchet? I'm so sorry that you have gone so long without seeing another Lombax. If I'd know you were alive, I would have come for you. Just know that from this day forth, you have a family."

Ratchet looked towards Kim as she sat beside him, still unconscious. A wave of mixed emotions flowed through him as he looked at her. Ratchet: "Thanks, General. I'll see you soon. Ratchet out."

And with that, he set a course for the Korthos Sector and made his way there.

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