The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: Another Sitch in Time - Chapitre 6

Chapter 6-The Great Clock's True Purpose

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Meanwhile, Vorselon had reported to Dr. Nefarious that the VX-99 that they had just sent out to destroy our young heroes had been decimated by them. Nefarious was immensely infuriated by this news and lashed out at Vorselon. The poor guy seemed very frightened by the evil genius's fit of rage. Nefarious then called upon 3 large female robots known as Valkyries to finish off our heroes. Those 3 women were named Cassiopeia, Carina and Libra.

Within that intervening time, it had been much time back at the Great Clock since Clank had vanquished that dreadfully destructive noise-making machine, the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler. Sigmund: "That was amazing, sir! Bam! Pow! Kaboom! And then you had that awesome one-liner! What was it again?" Clank: "Oh, yes. One Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler scrambled. (Giggle)"

Rufus also giggled then out 2 thumbs up. Rufus: "Cool." Sigmund: "Oh, yeah! That was cool! Now, come, the Orientation Room's this way."

Sigmund went off further through the facility. Clank followed after him. They made their way through another chamber involving the temporal recording procedure then pressed on. Clank: "Say, Sigmund. Why am I not affected by altered time?" Sigmund: "Oh, that's your quantum actuator at work. It provides temporal immunity for those of us who protect time." Clank: "Hm…that is very interesting." Rufus: "Mm-hm."

They proceeded further on until they were able to reach the Orientation Room. It was indeed a massive chamber. It was a very, very wide-open space containing a sofa in the very center, a massive screen a good distance in front of the sofa and another mnemonic station to the left of the sofa. It truly was a sight to behold. Sigmund: "Here we are, the most awesomest part of the clock. Large screen Crystallex display, VG 9800 game system, the works." Rufus: "Whooooooaaaaaa…" Clank: "Hm, astounding. All that is missing is Ron and his insatiable knack of ordering Nacos on the virtual menu. I have to admit that it feels a bit out of place without him."

Rufus began to whimper as he dropped his head. Clank: "Yes, I know you miss him, Rufus and so do I."

Clank then made his way towards the sofa. Sigmund: "Take a seat, sir. Orientation video's about to start."

He sat down on the sofa, Rufus climbed off of his shoulder and sat right next to him. Rufus: "Oh, yeah! Play it!"

Sigmund played the video.

The video itself was a recording done by Sigmund. It was of Orvus, himself, clarifying what the clock is and what it does. He started out by telling a very shocking story.

Eons ago, the Zoni entrusted the Fongoids with the gift to travel through time. However, they misused it. They were overzealous with it and overused it for 3000 years. This caused a massive problem of cosmic proportions as it created many paradoxes and conundrums that wore the space-time continuum thin. It came to a point where it created a devastating rift that destroyed 83 celestial bodies. Rufus gasped from the scene that showed the horrible destruction. The existence of the entire Universe nearly came to an end, but then Orvus created the Great Clock to repair the damages caused by the rift and restore time to its normal state.

He then went on to mention 2 rules, both of them consisted of a reminder that the clock is not a time machine and must not be used as such.

After the video was done, Clank got himself off of the couch. Rufus hopped back on to Clank's shoulder. Clank: "Incredible. The Great Clack is responsible for temporal stability a cross the Universe?" Sigmund: "Now you know why Orvus kept it a secret. Without this station, the Universe would just collapse on itself."

Rufus grabbed his head with both of his hands and shook it while groaning. Clank: "So, where is the real Orvus?" Sigmund: "I told you, it's a secret."

Rufus groaned again. Rufus: "No fair!" Sigmund: "Come on, it's time for another lesson. Rufus, if you wouldn't mind…"

Sigmund held his hand out for Rufus. Rufus scampered off of Clank and back on to Sigmund. He stood on him while folding his arms and pouting. Rufus: "Hmph!"

Clank got into the mnemonic station and returned into his subconscious. Orvus had been waiting for him to return. Orvus: "Hello, XJ-0461. It's good to see you again. And now, it's time for your most important lesson."

Orvus turned the other way and floated off as Clank followed him. Clank: "Hm…what am I learning this time?" Orvus: "The clock's primary function is to maintain temporal normality. When that normality is threatened, you must act to repair it immediately."

He got to work with teaching Clank how to fix temporal normality by demonstrating the procedure on a holographic image of the Kreeli Comet. The procedure itself was done with the use of the ChronoScepter. From there, he was able to rid the comet of any time anomalies.

After that lesson was finished, he went on to teach Clank how to slam ongoing projectiles back towards any enemy that fired it. It was part of the scepter's time manipulating properties as it reverses projectiles and sends them back towards the enemies. It was indeed a very interesting procedure; however, it was one that had been seen before many times.

Soon enough, the lessons were finished. Orvus: "I'm very proud of you, XJ-0461. And now you're ready for the task ahead. Go forth and fix time. Save the Universe. When you are ready, my chamber will be waiting. Program terminated."

Clank woke up and left the station. Rufus returned to his shoulder. Sigmund: "Welcome back, sir. Are you ready to repair time?" Clank: "Ready as I will ever be." Rufus: "Oh, yeah! Let's do it!" Clank: "But may I ask? What is "the chamber"?" Sigmund: "Ah, the Orvus Chamber. That's the main control hub of the entire facility. It's also the most secure. I've never been inside it myself but I hear that it has a master switch for the entire Universe." Rufus: "Whoooaaaa…"

Sigmund led Clank into one of the clock's planet chambers. There, Clank got to work on fixing the time anomalies on the planets. The planets that he got to work on were Quantos, Torren IV and Terachnos, which were the exact planets that have already been visited by Ratchet and Kim. Rufus cheered him on during these procedures. Whenever Clank fixed anomaly, Rufus would say something positive. Whenever he made a mistake, Rufus would groan. Whenever Clank got himself into a tight spot, Rufus would get nervous. Whenever Clank manages to completely fix all of the time anomalies on one of the planets, Rufus would jump for joy. This continued on, with Rufus cheering for him through each planet that he was able to fix.

After the procedure was done, he met back with Sigmund towards one of the entrances to the Orientation Room. However, Sigmund was having a bit of a tough time getting himself in, not to mention that he got into another tiff with the computer. Sigmund: "Oh, for crying out…! I AM the Junior Caretaker! Now open the door!"

The door eventually opened for him. Computer voice: "It would not hurt to say "please" once in a while."

He made his way in. Clank followed after him. Right after returning into the Orientation Room, Clank and Rufus noticed Sigmund doing something in private. They stood behind the sofa as they observed him. He activated what was a holographic message from Orvus. Computer voice: "Accessing archives."

A holographic image of Orvus appeared before him. Orvus: "Hello, Sigmund. Just wanted to let you know, I will be traveling to the Tombli Outpost on Zanifar and will not be back till morning. A fellow scientist has requested an audience with me and etiquette dictates I comply."

Sigmund was very sad as he watched this recording. Sigmund: "Don't go, sir…"

Clank and Rufus were also saddened by this. Orvus: "Mind the clock while I'm gone, wind the time cleaners and Sigmund, let's just keep this our little secret. As the kids say, "B-R-B"." Sigmund: "Please don't go." Orvus: "End recording."

The recording ended, Sigmund was left heart broken. Sigmund: "It's…dangerous…"

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