The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Polaris Epidemic - Chapitre 12

Chapter 12-Established Connections

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After leaving Ebaro on Aphelion, Ratchet, Kim and Clank were flying through space yet again. Kim: "So, what did you guys think of Yori?" Clank: "Well, I found her to be a polite young lady." Ratchet: "Yeah, I agree, she is nice and I do like her for that, but, geez is she weird? I can understand why Ron likes her so much." Kim: "Yeah, he does like her a lot and she likes him just as much."

Ratchet chuckled a little. Ratchet: "I mean, I did appreciate when she complimented me and all that, but seriously, I've never met anyone like her before, I mean the way she was all allowing Ron to walk into danger first because it is his "honor" to do so and how she would say things like, "Stoppable-san, you're so funny with your American style jokes". Those 2 were made for each other, also, I am no where near being in the market for a new girlfriend anytime soon or ever for that matter."

He then looked at Kim. Ratchet: "Considering that the one I have is far too amazing to pass up."

Kim looked at him and smiled, he smiled back at her.

Eventually, they returned to Meridian City and reunited with their friends at control central. Talwyn: "Hey, guys. Welcome back." Kim: "It's good to be back, Tal." Talwyn: "So, how was it reuniting with Ron?" Ratchet: "It was surprising…and interesting…in some ways. His friend Yori was nice, but…she's a bit…too unusual for my taste. I get why Ron likes her so much." Clank: "Indeed, they both seemed very happy together." Ratchet: "And they're perfect for each other. Oh, boy, are they ever...perfect...for each other?" Kim: "Huh, can't argue with that." Talwyn: "Hm, that's…nice. Glad to hear Ron is doing well, in spite of what he had to do."

Kim and Ratchet looked at each other. They then looked back towards Talwyn. Kim: "I have a feeling that we'll be seeing them again soon." Ratchet: "Yeah, so do I." Clank: "I look forward to that." Ratchet: "Same here." Kim: "Mm, hm!" Talwyn: "OK, back to the matter at hand. Wade and Pollyx were able to find out a little more about those towers and they've been wanting to fill you in on it."

They looked up towards the holo-screen, appearing on it were images of Wade and Pollyx. Wade: "Hey, guys. Good to see you back from Ebaro." Kim: "So, what's the sitch, you guys?" Wade: "Well, I was able to find out a little more from the cryptic data and the functionality of these towers. I still have no idea what they do but I was able to find that in order for them to do what they need to do, they have to be placed on different planets." Ratchet: "Hm, OK, but…was that all you were able to find out?" Wade: "Unfortunately…yeah. It took me another several hours to decipher just that. The analyzation is ongoing and I'm still looking into it. It really is going to take some time to crack this extremely complex code." Ratchet: "Talk about frustrating. I only hope that you are able to decipher all of that data before it's too late." Wade: "I'm working as fast as I possibly can. I have my all of my computers running double-time just on that. I won't rest until I'm able to find out everything that we need to know." Kim: "Keep at it, Wade. You're doing great, so far." Clank: "I concur." Wade: "Thanks, guys. In the meantime, Pollyx would like to reveal what he was able to find out from analyzing these towers. Go ahead, Pollyx, tell them what you know." Pollyx: "Well, I can say that the technology is indeed very advanced, so much so that it infuriates me to my very core!" Kim: "Yeah, enough of that already, Pollyx. Just tell us what you were able to find out." Pollyx: "Yes…well, um…"

Pollyx cleared his throat a bit. Pollyx: "Even more so than that, these towers are sending signals to one another, so they are in fact, very much connected to each other." Kim: "That much we are able to gather, but do you even know what these towers even do?" Pollyx: "Sadly, no, but whatever it is, they have to connect to one another via receivers." Wade: "Pollyx was also able to pick up on readings very similar to these towers from different planets across the entire galaxy, including the ones that you were able to seek out and land on, but…we don't know exactly which ones."

Kim, Ratchet and Clank seemed startled to hear this. Ratchet: "What? What do you mean you don't know?" Wade: "We're unable to track these readings directly back to their originating sources. We know that the towers are receiving signals from other planets, but these signals become jumbled up to and from the main sources. Pollyx was able to confirm that each tower is built with a signal scrambler as well as a very advanced signal receiver. Thankfully, we're able to track the ones on the planets that you have been on recently, including Ebaro." Kim: "Yeah, we already know that there's one there, even though we haven't seen it." Ratchet: "So, now what?" Wade: "Well, at the moment, we're still looking into all of this. By the way, I was able to pick up on another reading that is confirmed to be human. It's on a desert planet called Maxus. I did further analysis on this reading and found genes that are somewhat to similar to Drakken, which means that it could only be one person: Motor Ed."

Kim slumped over. Kim: "Oh, no! Not that guy again!" Clank: "Hm…you just mentioned that this Motor Ed has genes that are somewhat similar to Drakken. Could they be related?" Kim: "Yeah; they're cousins." Ratchet: "Oh…great. Just what we need; as if dealing with Drakken wasn't bad enough, but now we have to go up against his relative?" Kim: "Unfortunately, he's even more annoying than Drakken." Ratchet: "Oh! Even better."

Kim continued slumping over and let out another dejected sigh. Kim: "Come on, guys. Let's…just get this over with."

She walked off, Ratchet and Clank glanced at her then looked at each other. Clank: "This is not a sign of good things to come." Ratchet: "No kidding, if this guy is as annoying as Kimberly says he is, then I'm so not looking forward to this, either."

They then went after Kim. They returned to their ship, took off and left the city.

They spent some time flying through space. They remain silent for a bit. Kim pouted as she folded her arms. Ratchet and Clank both exchanged looks with each other, not knowing what to say or if they should even say anything. Ratchet's eyes shifted back and forth a tiny bit before he opened his mouth. Ratchet: "So, uh…you…you wouldn't mind…telling us more about this…Motor Ed person, would you?"

Kim did not seem thrilled about taking his offer, but took it anyway. Kim: "Well…since we are going up against him…I guess I should. Motor Ed is a psychotic, mechanical maniac with a love for incredibly fast and extremely dangerous motor vehicles. He has a knack for making, uh, extreme modifications to any vehicle and then would take them for a joyride. By the way, "extreme" is too mild of a word to describe these modifications that he tends to make." Ratchet: "Whoa, sounds like one seriously deranged human." Clank: "And what do you mean by extreme being too mild of a word to describe these modifications, Miss Possible?" Kim: "Imagine, if you will, having rocket parts and jet engines, some much like what Aphelion is built with or perhaps even more advanced than that, being attached to vehicles that don't belong on them. That's what he likes to do." Clank: "Oh, my!" Ratchet: "And you humans are not use to stuff like that." Kim: "Not even close." Aphelion: "Oh! This human sounds incredibly horrifying." Ratchet: "No surprise you would think that way, Aphelion. From what we've just heard, I'm sure that he would love to dismantle you and use your parts for his modifications." Aphelion: "Keep that horrible human away from me!" Ratchet: "Don't worry, I'll find a nice, safe place to land you so that he won't even lay a single hand on you, much less a wrench." Kim: "Other then his dangerous hobbies, what I find irritating about him are his extremely annoying habits." Clank: "Annoying habits?" Ratchet: "What kind of habits are we talking?" Kim: "He has a tendency to repeat this one word over and over again as well as break into air guitar. Trust me on this, you guys; after like a few seconds, you'll be annoyed by him, too."

Ratchet and Clank glanced at each other with disturbed looks on their faces.

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