The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Polaris Epidemic - Chapitre 11

Chapter 11-Monkeys, Friends and Happy Reunions

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Soon enough, they landed within a surrounding jungle and got out of the ship. At that moment, they heard a familiar voice. Ron: "KP! Ratchet!"

They looked over and noticed Ron immediately as he ran towards them. Along side him was Yori. Kim: "Ron!"

Kim and Ratchet ran towards him. As they approached him, they did a group embrace. Yori stood nearby as she watched. She seemed quite pleased as she watched. They soon broke off from one another as they stood near each other. Kim: "It's so good to see you again!" Ratchet: "Yeah, we haven't seen you in a while!" Ron: "I know! How have you guys been? I've missed you!" Ratchet: "Well, can't say we're doing better, but things aren't too terrible, either." Ron: "Um, that's good to hear."

Ron then turned towards Clank. Ron: "Clank! Hey, how's it going, buddy? How's life been treating you since you walked out of that massive clock?" Clank: "It has been treating me well, Ron, thank you. Do you still have Rufus with you?"

At that moment, Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket. Rufus: "Ta-da!" Ron: "Did you even need to ask?"

Soon enough, Rufus noticed Clank. Rufus: "Clank!"

He jumped out of Ron's pocket and into the palms of Clank's hands. Clank: "It is good to see you again, Rufus." Rufus: "Yay! Clank!"

Suddenly, they could hear Yori giggling nearby. Everyone turned her attention towards her. Ron: "Oh! Right! Ratchet, Clank, I want to introduce you guys to someone."

Yori then walked up next to Ron. Ron: "This is Yori, she's a fellow student at the secret ninja school that I attended during an exchange program." Ratchet: "Hi, nice to meet you, Yori." Clank: "Yes, it is indeed a pleasure." Yori: "It is an honor to meet you both. Stoppable-san has spoken of many things about the 2 of you." Ratchet: "Uh…Stoppable-san?" Kim: "It's what she usually calls him."

She then walked up to Ratchet. Yori: "So, you must be Ratchet. Stoppable-san has told me how much you are acquainted with Kim Possible and that she is greatly infatuated with you. It is truly an honor to meet you." Ratchet: "Uh, yeah, same here." Yori: "And I must say, you are as cute as they say you are." Ratchet: "Aw, well, I'm hardly ever so easily flattered, but please, go on." Kim: "Whoa, easy there, Lombax."

Kim pulled him away from Yori a bit. Kim: "I wouldn't want this extra attention to go to your head." Ratchet: "Oh, you worry too much, Kimberly."

Kim looked at him in a humorous manner. Yori soon looked towards Clank. Yori: "And you must be Clank."

She walked up to him, bent down and placed her hand on the back of his hand. Yori: "I have especially been wanting to meet you. I have never come face to face with a robot before. This is truly an honor, and you are also quite adorable."

Clank giggled. Clank: "Why, thank you kindly, Miss Yori." Kim: "Uh, guys? Can we get on with the mission?" Clank: "Oh, right, sorry about that, Miss Possible." Ron: "So, what brings you guys all the way out here?" Kim: "We came because we received intel that Monkey Fist is here." Ratchet: "And we intend to flush him out and chase him off of this planet." Ron: "Hey! That's exactly why Yori and I came here!" Clank: "Yes, we already knew that, Ron." Ratchet: "However, it's been a lot more for us than just Monkey Fist; we've been dealing with a lot of yours and Kimberly's old foes." Ron: "What? Are you guys serious? You've faced off against our other foes?" Ratchet: "Yeah, we have." Kim: "A lot of our old enemies came to this galaxy and they have been causing all kinds of…" Ron: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up for a sec. Our old foes are here? The same ones that we have faced off against in the past? They're here? In the Polaris Galaxy?" Kim: "Yes, Ron, they're here." Ron: "Including Drakken and Shego?" Ratchet: "Especially Drakken and Shego! Not only have we faced them again, but we also took on the Bebes, Duff Killigan, Professor Dementor and we just recently chased off Señor Senior Senior and his bratty man-child son, Señor Senior Junior." Ron: "Whoa, you guys really have been through a lot." Ratchet: "Yeah, and we're no where near finished; we still have a few more of your old foes to flush out and take down."

Ron seemed very concerned about what he's heard from them. Ron: "Gee, I wish I could help you guys out like I use to, but I have my own things that I need to take care of." Yori: "That is right, Stoppable-san has a mission of his own that he must fulfill. We sincerely apologize if this comes as an inconvenience to you." Ratchet: "Don't worry about it, you guys. We can handle it, you just continue to do your own thing." Kim: "Yeah, I'm sure that it's important for you guys to continue with what it is you're doing." Clank: "In the meantime, perhaps we should use this opportunity to help each other out with getting to and bringing down this Monkey Fist." Ron: "Oh, I'm so all over that, Clank, in more ways than one." Clank: "As am I, Ron."

Clank let out another giggle. Kim: "OK, then, let's get to it. Any ideas on where Monkey Fist could be?" Yori: "Well, he should be making his way towards a massive temple nearby. Our resources have revealed that this planet, as well as many others, contains mystical monkey artifacts." Ron: "And we know that Monkey Fist loves to get his freakish monkey hands on them." Kim: "Then we need to hurry over there before he does." Ratchet: "Right, let's go, you guys."

Kim went on the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, how's that infobot doing?" Wade: "We just had her fixed up. She's good to go." Kim: "Excellent. Thank you, Wade." Wade: "The pleasure is all mine, Kim."

Ron then rushed over towards Kim and look directly into the Kimmunicator. Ron: "Hey! Wade!" Wade: "Ron? Is that you? So Kim and Ratchet did manage to find you!" Ron: "Sure did! So, what was it you said about an infobot?" Wade: "Oh! That! Just hang on for a sec."

Soon enough, Wade's vendor reappeared. Transporting from it once again was the infobot. Ron seemed surprised and also ecstatic to see her. Ron: "Hey! Isn't she that…that robot girl that admires Clank?" Wade: "The very same. Dr. Possible and I have been working hard on remodifying her, so that she can be just as compatible in helping out Kim and Ratchet as Clank is."

The infobot then attached herself to Kim's back the same way she's always been. Ron: "Whoa, that's so cool! You da man, Wade!"

Suddenly, Yori was heard giggling again. Yori: "Oh, Stoppable-san, you always make me chortle with your American style lingo." Ron: "Eh, it's what I do best." Ratchet: "Uh…what?" Kim: "It's another thing that she always says. Get use to it." Ratchet: "Um…OK? Humans are funny creatures, aren't they?" Clank: "I find their eccentricity to be quite amusing as well as truly fascinating. Humans are indeed very unique as is any organic life form." Ratchet: "Well, at least she's nice. I'll take a kind, bizarre human over a coldhearted one any day." Clank: "As do I, Ratchet." Kim: "Don't we all?"

Clank then latched on to Ratchet's harness like he always does and the group were on their way. As they made their way through the jungle, there were many hazards and impasses all around them. There were also a lot of tree top structures for them to climb. The ground levels seem awfully tough as there were many different kinds of creatures that came at them, be it the native creatures or fierce monkey ninjas. They managed through the best that they could. If the fight through was too tough or if the path ahead was blocked, destroyed or wasn't passable at all, they would climb or jump up towards the tree top structures and use the pathways built on the structures to continue on through.

There were also a lot of enemies as they made their way through the tree top pathways. They were all around berserk as they attacked the group mercilessly and constantly. They were indeed incredibly fierce, but so was the group with their advanced fighting skills, including Ron, much to Kim and Ratchet's surprise, as he displayed of a lot of monkey-like kung fu moves. Ron: "Man! Where did all of these dang monkeys come from? I know that Monkey Fist is obsessed with monkeys, but geez! This dude really puts the wack in wack job!"

Yori was heard giggling again. Yori: "Oh, Stoppable-san, you are always so amusing with your American style jokes."

Ratchet looked at Kim with a baffled and displeased expression on his face, Kim slumped over and let out another dejected sigh. Kim: "She…tends to say that a lot."

Ratchet rolled his eyes and shook his head; he also let out a slight grin, almost as if he was about to chuckle.

After a long and perilous journey through the jungle pathway, they were able to arrive in front of a massive temple and stood before it. Yori: "This is it, everyone. This is where we believe Monkey Fist was heading for." Clank: "Hm, it may seem that would be the case." Yori: "It is true, we are certain of it. Stoppable-san and I have traveled through this most treacherous planet, seeking out temple after temple; many of which have been made as base camps. I am not sure what Monkey Fist is planning, but one thing was clear: all of those temples that we have visited have led us towards this." Ron: "Plus it's huge! Doesn't this place look as though it would scream "Major destination"?" Kim: "Well, that does make sense." Ratchet: "Well, yeah, of course. Alright, everyone, let's stay together and access the situation that we're about to…" Yori: "Um, actually, I would prefer to have Stoppable-san go in before us."

Ratchet looked at Yori with another perplexed look on his face. Ratchet: "Uh, what? Are you serious?"

He then looked at Kim as he pointed to Yori with his thumb. Ratchet: "Is she serious?"

Kim nodded. Yori: "But, of course."

She then closed her eyes as she pressed her hands together in front of her and bowed. Yori: "It would be an honor for Stoppable-san to go first."

Ron also seemed very displeased and annoyed. Ron: "Do I have to?" Ratchet: "Does he have to?"

Yori nodded as she continued to bow with her eyes closed and hand pressed together. Ron and Ratchet gave each other dejected looks, Ron then slumped over and let out a slight groan before walking into the temple. Yori followed after him a little afterwards. Ratchet gave Kim an awkward look; Kim just shrugged her shoulders as she held her hands out. Ratchet rolled his eyes and shook his head again. They both walked into the temple after Ron and Yori.

As they entered the temple, they were met with many dangers. There were deadly traps, vicious enemies as well as modern equipment and machinery installed into the temple, such as flame throwers and electro shockers. They made their way through a lot of the deadly traps, with Ron fumbling through some of them. Yori seemed to find his fumbling around humorous, but Kim, Ratchet and Clank were annoyed and had to help him out through a lot of them.

The traps themselves were incredibly deadly but Yori seemed greatly agitated by the machinery. Yori: "Oh! How dare that Monkey Fist defile this sacred place with these…these…horrible contraptions! Such machinery does NOT belong here!" Ratchet: "Whoa, take it easy, Yori. I had no idea that something like this would bother anyone." Yori: "Of course it bothers me! To tarnish such an ancient sanctum with this advanced technology is absolutely dreadful! He will pay for this abominable defilement!" Ratchet: "Hm, never bothered me before. I'm always around advanced technology, even on ancient planets." Clank: "Ratchet, Miss Possible. I am picking up readings of that mystical monkey anomaly at the far end of the temple. Even more so than that, I am picking up traces of a life form consisting with being part human and part monkey not too far from the anomaly." Yori: "Oh, no! That must mean Monkey Fist will be approaching the mystic monkey relic that is contained here! We must not allow that to happen!" Ron: "Don't worry, Yori, I'll see to it that it doesn't." Yori: "Oh, Stoppable-san, I know that I can count on you. After all, you have bested Monkey Fist several times in the past."

Yori kissed Ron on the cheek. From that, Ron became overly excited as he jumped up and then held his arms up. Ron: "Booyah!" Rufus: "Booyah!" Ratchet: "Oh, brother…could he possibly be any more overly dramatic?"

Clank was heard giggling again. Yori: "We must hurry, Stoppable-san, we can not allow Monkey Fist to lay a hand on another mystic monkey artifact." Ron: "Gotcha! Just leave it to me!" Yori: "Let us keep going, everyone!"

Ron and Yori ran off. Kim and Ratchet stood by for just a bit. Ratchet: "Uh…wow, they're…uh…" Clank: "Unorthodox?" Ratchet: "I…would use something much simpler than that , but yeah. They are…that." Kim: "Hm, they seem very happy together, don't you think?" Ratchet: "Yeah, they do. Come on, let's just keep going already."

They rushed after Ron and Yori and continued the fight through the temple, dodging one deadly trap after another. It was a long and perilous journey as the temple was incredibly massive to begin with. There were also a lot of dangerous hazards all over the place. It was indeed an extreme run through.

After finally making their way through, they were coming close to the very end of the temple. There, they were able to run into Monkey Fist. He seemed real calm as he sat on the floor, meditating. Ratchet: "Look! There he is!" Kim: "Let's go."

They approached him. Kim: "Hello again. Haven't seen you in a while." Yori: "This has gone off long enough! It is time for you to pay for your atrocities!"

Monkey Fist opened his eyes and looked directly towards them. Monkey Fist: "Well, if it isn't Kim Possible? And her monkey phobic friend! As well as that annoying ninja girl, and…hm…"

He soon noticed Ratchet. Monkey Fist: "You must be that alien that Kim Possible has taken a grand liking to." Ratchet: "Monty Fisk, aka Monkey Fist. I have to admit, I've come across some insane humans recently, but you are seriously a huge nutcase. You sound as though you have an incredibly sick obsession with monkeys and this…mystical monkey power as everyone calls it, not to mention that you had your hands and feet genetically modified to make yourself into a monkey. I have to wonder if you've always believed that you are monkey. No surprise to me if you do; everything seems to be about monkeys for you." Monkey Fist: "Grr! Well, aren't you a snarky little cat creature? No wonder Kim Possible is so very fond of you! But no matter. I have taken complete control of this planet in my quest to obtain the mystical monkey artifact that was placed within this temple. I am so close to obtaining that which will make me even more powerful and once I have it, I will be one step closer to my goal of achieving absolute control over mystical monkey powers!"

Clank stepped forward. Clank: "Do not count on that, Monkey Fist. Miss Yori has much faith that Ron will be able to thwart you and so do we."

Monkey Fist brought out a nasty sneer. Monkey Fist: "You would count on that buffoon to stop me? It's idiotic and nonsensical to waste away such misguided hope towards someone so foolish." Ratchet: "This coming from some guy who was stomped out several times by Ron? You're just as much hilarious as you are insane. If you ask me, you're the one who's misguided, in more ways than one." Yori: "Ratchet is right! Stoppable-san is very much able to stand a chance against you as he has indeed defeated you many times in the past. Furthermore, he is much more qualified in attaining the mystical monkey artifacts than you will ever be! To say that you are unworthy would unmistakably be a huge understatement!"

From there, Monkey Fist became greatly anger. He then threw a fit which looked very similar to that of a real monkey, which is to be expected of him. Ratchet: "Whoa! He even throws a fit like a monkey!" Monkey Fist: "That does it! I have had just about enough out of you! The mystical monkey power WILL BE MINE! And none will stand in the way of that, especially not aliens! Monkey ninjas, attack!"

At that moment, a horde of monkey ninjas came at them, Monkey Fist fled the scene. The group began fighting them off. Ron: "You guys stay here and fight off these monkey ninjas, I'm going after Monkey Fist."

Ron ran off. Kim: "Ron, wait!"

Kim was about to go after him, but then Yori grabbed her by her shoulder. Yori: "No! This is Stoppable-san's mission; we can not interfere." Ratchet: "Yeah, and besides, we have all of these…monkey ninjas to deal with."

Kim hesitated for a bit but decided to stay behind to fight off the monkey ninja with Ratchet and Yori. From there, they fought against them. It was indeed a very crazy fight. Clank: "Hm, everything does seem to be about monkeys for this most disturbed human." Ratchet: "I'm not so sure he's even human anymore."

Later on, Monkey Fist stopped in front of a massive door. Then, he placed his hand on it, it started to glow a strange, green light. The door opened up, he walked into the next chamber with both of his hands behind his back. The door then closed behind him. The chamber itself wasn't very large. It only contained one pedestal with a statuette of a golden monkey sitting on top of it. He walked up towards the statuette and was about to grab it. Suddenly, there was the sound of the door opening and then slamming shut. Ron: "Monkey Fist!"

He turned around and immediately spotted Ron standing behind him. He was greatly surprised and agitated by this. Monkey Fist: "What!? You!? But I left you and the rest of your friends to face off against my monkey ninjas!" Ron: "My fight is with you and you know it! My friends would have wanted me to make sure that you would never lay your grubby and freakish monkey paws on that artifact!" Monkey Fist: "Grr! Well, then, if you think you can take me, bring it!"

At that moment, the 2 of them began fighting. It was a long and vicious struggle as it went on for who knows how long. As they fought, the golden monkey statuette began to glow. The 2 of them were brought out of the chamber as they struggled against each other. As the fight continued on, it grew more and more serious.

Meanwhile, the group was still dealing with the monkey ninjas. That fight was also quite fierce. Ratchet: "I really hope that Ron is doing better against Monkey Fist than we are against these monkey ninjas." Kim: "So do I."

At that time, Ron was still fighting against Monkey Fist. Monkey Fist: "Grr! I have to admit, your artistry with the mystical monkey powers are indeed formidable, but artistry alone won't be enough to triumph against me. I will be the one to prevail in the end." Ron: "Dream on, Monkey Fist! You're not prevailing against anything!" Monkey Fist: "Oh, I wouldn't be too sure about that."

He snapped his fingers. At that moment, a massive monkey robot emerged. Ron was greatly startled by this. Ron: "Whoa! What is that!? Some sort of giant monkey robot!?" Monkey Fist: "Well, how very observant of you. You see, I have made a new friend just recently and he has bestowed upon me a gift which will guarantee my victory." Ron: "What kind of sick, twisted evil person would give giant robots to their friends!?" Monkey Fist: "Let's just say his motives are more massive than this robot that is about to subdue you. Now then, if you will excuse me, I will be claiming the prize that I have come here for. Have fun playing with my new toy."

Monkey Fist ran off, the massive robot went on to attack Ron. He ran off screaming as it chased after him. He spent a lot of time avoiding the robot as it attacked him constantly. While that was occurring, Rufus poked out of Ron's pocket. He spotted the massive robot and let out a screech. He then crawled out of Ron's pocket and scurried off towards the corridor.

Meanwhile, the group was still fighting off the monkey ninjas. They were also rushing through the corridors of he temple while doing so. After a long and enduring battle, the monkey ninjas stopped coming at them and all was calm. Kim: "Phew, glad that's over with." Yori: "But we need to find Stoppable-san." Ratchet: "Any ideas on how we'll be able to do that?"

Just then, they heard what sounded like someone whistling to them. They looked over and spotted Rufus, who was signaling to them. Rufus: "Over here!" Kim: "Rufus!"

The ran over towards him. Yori: "He must know were Stoppable-san is." Ratchet: "Of course. Lead the way, Rufus."

Rufus turned around and scampered off, the group followed after him.

At that time, Ron was still running from the massive monkey robot while screaming as it pursued him continuously. He was soon cornered, shivering in fear as the robot came at him. Just then, the robot was blasted by something. He stood by, startled for a brief moment. Kim: "Ron!" Ratchet: "Hey, Ron!" Yori: "Stoppable-san!"

He looked over and spotted the others. Ron: "Guys! Hey!"

They ran to his side almost immediately. Yori: "We have come for you, Stoppable-san." Ron: "I'm so glad you're here." Kim: "Rufus came for us so he could help us find you. I had no idea you were in this terrible of a situation." Ron: "No kidding! Monkey Fist had a nasty surprise waiting for me! I can't fight this thing myself!" Ratchet: "Don't worry, Ron, we're here for you!" Kim: "We'll always be here whenever you need us." Yori: "Yes, we shall indeed brave many dangers together."

Ron smiled at his friends as they smiled back. Ratchet: "Come on, let's fight off this giant robot and then go after Monkey Fist." Ron: "Oh, yeah! Let's do this!"

They faced off against the robot together. As they fought, they used their special fighting skills against it. Yori was a skilled marital artist as was Kim. Ratchet just used his fire arms just like he always does. Ron had his mystical monkey powers to help him out. The 4 of them were really pulling together as they fought the massive robot. Eventually, they were able to completely decimate it. Ron: "Oh, yeah! Take that, evil monkey robot! Booyah!" Rufus: "Booyah!" Ratchet: "Good work, everyone! Now to find Monkey Fist." Clank: "But where is he?"

Just then, Monkey Fist was thrown across the room and slammed against a wall. The group seemed to have been taken by surprise by this. Kim: "Well…that…didn't take long."

They then turned toward the door as it glowed. Ron: "Uh…guys? What's happening?"

Soon enough, the door opened, the monkey statuette floated out and drifted towards the group. Soon enough, it approached Ron. Monkey Fist, having got himself up, looked towards this as it was happening. He was greatly shocked by this. The statuette then landed into Ron's hands. He stood and stared at it for a bit. He seemed amazed as did his friends. Yori: "It appears that the artifact has chosen you, Stoppable-san." Ron: "I…I don't…I don't…believe it…" Monkey Fist: "NO!"

They looked towards Monkey Fist, he seemed really, really mad. Monkey Fist: "That monkey artifact was supposed to be MINE! MINE! MINE! ALL MINE! And yet, it has chosen to fall into the possession of this imbecile!? Inconceivable!" Yori: "I would not count on that, Monkey Fist! It is just like I have mentioned before, Stoppable-san his indeed worthy of its power, unlike you, who have demonstrated to be most dishonorable with your trickery and underhanded tactics for winning!"

The infobot nodded. Monkey Fist: "NO! I'm the only one who should possess all of the mystical monkey artifacts! I'm the only one who is worthy of obtaining the true mystical monkey power! ME! ME!"

Clank shook his head. Clank: "You poor, deluded creature. Your ongoing obsession with this mystical monkey power has made you blind to how pitiful you have become." Kim: "And that goes without saying."

From there, Monkey Fist became even more furious. Monkey Fist: "Don't think that this is over! I WILL have all that which I desire! Ultimate Mystical Monkey Power will be mine! MINE! MINE!"

He ran off, the group just stood by, flabbergasted for a brief moment. Ratchet: "Geez, this guy just doesn't know when to give up." Clank: "He continues to be driven by this obsession of his, despite any realization or indication of being unable to achieve that which he aims to fulfill." Ratchet: "Yeah, I agree; he is a delusional nutcase, as much of an understatement as that is." Ron: "That's just how he is. I told KP that he's on a bad road and I was right."

Ratchet and Clank nodded. Kim: "Come on, let's…just get out of here. I am so done with this place." Ratchet: "Same here."

They were able to finally exit the temple. As soon as they were out, they continued walking alongside each other. Ron was still carrying the monkey statuette and continued to stare at it for a bit. Ron: "I really want to thank you guys for helping me out back there; I never would have made it through all of this without you." Kim: "Oh, it was no problem, really. We're always happy to help you out whenever possible." Clank: "Oh, but of course, you are our friend, after all, Ron, just as much to me and Ratchet as you are to Miss Possible." Ratchet: "Oh, for sure. You really have shown how much of a true friend you've been, to Kimberly and to me. You helped us to reestablish our feelings towards each other and gave us the courage to pursue our relationship, regardless of what others say about us; especially the humans." Kim: "Um, speaking of which, Mr. Barken had spoken to us a while back. He told us what you just said to him."

Ron was a little startled to hear this. Ron: "He…he did?" Ratchet: "Yeah, he did. He…also apologized for all of the horrible things that he said to me and Kimberly, then told us that it was because of what you said to him." Ron: "Huh, he actually took what I said about you guys to consideration. Did I really get through to him?" Clank: "Apparently. We were just as surprised as you are, though, he did mention that from your words, he had noticed how much you have grown and matured." Kim: "I'll say, even we were impressed by that." Ratchet: "Without a doubt."

Ron smiled at his friends.

As they were making their way back to Aphelion, Ron continued to stare at the statuette, he seemed puzzled though. Ron: "Hm, I still can't believe that this monkey relic picked me. I never thought that I would be good enough for this thing." Kim: "Well, I think that you are." Ratchet: "So do I." Clank: "As do I." Yori: "I also believe this to be true." Ron: "Wow, really? You guys are serious?" Voice: "I would believe so, for I feel that they are not wrong."

Ratchet and Clank looked around as the unseen voice spoke. Ratchet: "Huh? Who said that?" Ron: "Sensei? Is that you?" Voice: "Indeed, it is."

Soon enough, an image of Sensei appeared before them in a bright light. Ron: "Whoa! Sensei! It is you!"

They stood before the image, Yori bowed before him. Yori: "It is good to see you again, Sensei." Sensei: "As am I, young one."

He then looked towards Kim. Sensei: "Ah, Kim Possible. It has been an age since I last saw you." Kim: "I know, it has been a while, hasn't it?" Sensei: "Indeed it has."

He turned his attention towards Ratchet and Clank. Sensei: "So, you 2 must be the alien friends of Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. It is a pleasure to meet you both." Clank: "The pleasure is all ours, good sir." Sensei: "And you, young man. You must be Ratchet, correct?" Ratchet: "Yeah, that's right." Sensei: "So, you are the one that Kim Possible is enamored with. I have heard so much about you both from Ron Stoppable, as well as what he has done so that you and Kim Possible can be together. His deeds are truly noble as well as selfless and kind." Ratchet: "Hm, yeah, they are…"

Ratchet looked towards Ron as he looked back towards him. Ratchet: "He is indeed a genuine person."

Sensei seemed pleased, he then turned his attention back to Ron. Sensei: "Young Stoppable, I can see that you are able to retrieve the mystical monkey artifact contained on that planet." Ron: "Well…actually…it…sort of…came to me. I don't know why considering how much of a goofball I am who isn't good at anything." Yori: "That is not true, Stoppable-san. There is much that you can do." Sensei: "Yes, she is right about that. Young Stoppable, I can understand that you are confused as to why the artifact has chosen you and not Monkey Fist. Allow me to shed some light on this seemingly contradictable conundrum. The mystical monkey artifacts have the capability to read the hearts of all those who have been touched by the mystical monkey power. Monkey Fist was deemed unworthy by the artifact due to his lack of honor and resorting to trickery and deceitful tactics to win against his enemies. You, Stoppable, have been deemed truly worthy in the eyes of the statuette from your pure heart as well as you and your friends' undying loyalty towards one another. You truly are deserving of the mystical monkey power."

Ron smiled and looked at his friends as they smiled back at him. Sensei: "Now then, the time has come for you to depart for your next destination." Ron: "Where to, Sensei?" Sensei: "We were able to sense out mystical energy very similar to the mystical monkey power on a planet very far from here known as Florana." Ron: "Florana!? But…but…that's all the way out in the Solana Galaxy! I have no way of getting there and I know that Ratchet isn't going to fly us there, especially with what he, KP and Clank are doing right now!" Yori: "Not to worry, Stoppable-san, you know that our graduates of the Yamanouchi Ninja School are always willing to assist us." Ron: "Yeah, I know that, but there's no way they could…"

Just then, a large shadow was looming over them. They looked up and spotted a massive spacecraft high above them. Ron seemed greatly surprised by this. Ron: "Oh…my…" Sensei: "Ah, they have arrived at last." Ratchet: "Hold on, since when do Earth ninjas know how to fly highly advanced alien spacecrafts?" Sensei: "Hm, hm, it is one of our training courses of the secret Yamanouchi Ninja School, my young alien friend." Ratchet: "Uh…you train your students to be able to do these kinds of things? But do you even…you know what? Forget it! It's probably better for your school to remain a secret since the things you do there are most likely more mysterious than the school itself." Sensei: "Hm, hm, as you wish, young Lombax."

The spacecraft dropped a rope ladder near Ron and Yori. Sensei: "Come, Ron, Yori. It is time to leave." Ron: "Got it, Sensei."

He and Yori looked towards Kim, Ratchet and Clank. He looked at them and smiled. They smiled back at him. Ratchet: "Good luck out there, Ron."

Ron gave out a thumbs up. Ron: "Thanks, see you guys soon." Yori: "It was truly an honor to have met you and Clank, Ratchet-san." Clank: "Yes, it was indeed a pleasure."

Ratchet and Clank smiled at her as she smiled back at them. Ron: "Let's go, Yori." Yori: "Yes, at once."

Ron and Yori grabbed on to the rope ladder and were pulled up. Ratchet, Kim and Clank watched as they were pulled up. The spacecraft then flew up into the sky, departing from the planet. Kim: "We…should get going, too." Ratchet: "Yeah, of course, let's head back to Meridian City."

They headed back towards Aphelion. Kim had the infobot transported back to Wade. They then got into the ship, took off and left the planet. Ron watched as his friends left the planet. He seemed happy but then spotted something that greatly startled him. Yori: "Stoppable-san! What is it!?"

She then spotted what Ron was seeing, she also became startled by it. Yori: "Wh-what is that!?"

From directly outside them, they could see another one of the mysterious towers that Ratchet, Kim and Clank have encountered several times. Ron: "That…that doesn't go there…" Yori: "I…I do not…believe it…" Ron: "Yori? When we get done on Florana, we should return…here…to this galaxy." Yori: "I…agree…Stoppable-san."

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