The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Polaris Epidemic - Chapitre 9

Chapter 9-The Seniors' Tropical Paradise of Horror

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Eventually, they were able to reach Calcimum. As they entered the planet's atmosphere, they flew towards Aecor City. Aphelion: "Now arriving at Aecor City."

They landed in the middle of the city and got out of the ship. At that instant, they were contacted by Qwark. Qwark: "Ratchet, young miss, Qwark here. I have some very important intel regarding the Senior human guys." Kim: "Seriously, Qwark? Can't you address me by name?" Qwark: "Um…I, uh…maybe, Miss…Palpa-stein?"

Kim let out a dejected sigh. Kim: "What's the sitch, Qwark?" Qwark: "We just received intel that Señor Senior Senior and Señor Senior…Junior, wow, their names sure are a mouthful." Ratchet: "You're telling me." Qwark: "Anyway, the Seniors are hosting a battle tournament within Aecor City." Kim: "Huh, I didn't know there was a battle arena on this vacation planet." Qwark: "Uh, originally, there wasn't, but the Senior guys bought out the arena on Murow and had it transferred to the planet you're on now." Ratchet: "What!? Are you serious!? Why would they even want to do something like that?" Kim: "Señor Senior Senior had always been all for high quality entertainment and such that can generate a ton of money." Ratchet: "Hm, you don't say? Well, these kinds of battles are very well known for receiving a lot of money from many spectators placing bets." Kim: "I don't believe this! They're turning this incredible vacation spot into a…a…terrible thug-infested nightmare and all just to further enrich themselves!" Ratchet: "I know, this is awful; we have to get them off of this planet before they cause any more trouble." Kim: "Let's go."

Kim received the infobot via Wade's vendor as she had the bot attached to her back. Clank latched on to Ratchet's harness, they then rushed out further into the city.

As they made their way through, they were faced with a lot of lethal robots. They fought through them. There were indeed a lot of robots; they have been coming towards the duo by droves. It was a tough fight through. Kim: "Geez, I can't believe there are so many of these robots here!" Ratchet: "I know, these things look as though they cost a fortune, which apparently is what the Seniors are standing on." Kim: "Hm, the best robot forces that money can buy; that sounds like them, alright." Clank: "I fear that we have barely scratched the surface of how dire this situation is." Kim: "Yeah, Clank, that's a given."

They continued fighting through more and more of the robots. They kept coming at them in much larger numbers as they advanced further. Kim let out an annoyed grunt. Kim: "They're everywhere! How are we supposed to fight through all of them!?" Ratchet: "I'm more worried about whether or not we'll be able to find the Seniors within the city." Kim: "Hm, good point. Now where to start looking?"

Just then, Qwark contacted them again. Qwark: "Ratchet. Miss, um…Perceptible? Did I get that right?" Kim: "Uh…close enough…" Ratchet: "What's the sitch, Qwark?" Qwark: "Whoa, you 2 sound so much alike, it's almost creepy. Anyway, I may have found out something that could be helpful." Kim: "Go ahead, Qwark, we're listening." Qwark: "It involves the battle arena that I just told you about. There is more to it involving the Seniors other than just them hosting it. They've also set up a special tournament in which the winner will receive a week long, all expense paid vacation on Calcimum." Ratchet: "Whoa, that is a prize." Qwark: "It also includes a brief tour of the Seniors' elaborate and luxurious condo situated somewhere within the city and uh…it's also a mobile condo." Kim: "Mobile?" Qwark: "Yes, it's a highly advanced mobile condo with a state of the art hovering equipment that enables them to hover anywhere on the planet with ease." Kim: "Wow, that is…impressive." Ratchet: "I'm guessing it has the best technological equipment that money can buy, knowing those 2." Kim: "Obviously." Clank: "Hm…it seems as though we'll need to enter this tournament if we have any hope of getting near those humans." Kim: "My thoughts exactly, Clank." Ratchet: "Come on, let's go find that arena so that we can enter that tournament."

They rushed off and ran through as fast as they could.

The fight through was still ongoing, robots were coming at them everywhere. It made a few feet seem like it went on for miles. It was indeed very tough, but they could handle it and they did persistently as they had some place they needed to go.

They kept fighting through until they were able to reach the battle arena. There, they stood in front of it for a bit. Ratchet: "There it is, the battle arena. Let's get inside and register for the tournament."

They rushed in as fast as they could.

As they made their way in, they were on their way to register for the tournament. Shortly afterwards, they noticed something that took them by surprise. Ratchet: "No way, I don't believe it!"

They ran over towards what they spotted; it was actually a duo that they have seen a few times: Lilo and Stitch. Ratchet: "Lilo! Stitch!" Lilo: "Hey! Kim! Ratchet! Haven't seen you guys in a while." Kim: "Same here. How have you guys been?" Lilo: "Things have been good. Right, Stitch?" Stitch: "Ih! Bachoota." Ratchet: "I'm guessing you guys are here to check out the new battle arena that was just built here." Lilo: "Absolutely. Stitch is always itching to fight some battles within these alien arenas." Stitch: "Ih! They're not so tough! Stitch can take on all of them! Feeboogoo!" Lilo: "So, what brings you guys here?" Ratchet: "2 of Kimberly's old foes, Señor Senior Senior and Señor Senior Junior, are here on this planet." Kim: "We received intel that they took complete control of the planet, so we're hoping to find them and remove them from here." Lilo: "Oh, is that so? Well, if you guys need any help, you know that Stitch and I are always willing to lend a hand. Right, Stitch?" Stitch: "Ih! Lilo and Stitch willing to dispatch justice for Ratchet and Kim whenever we can." Kim: "Well, thank you for that, you guys." Clank: "Yes, that is most appreciative of you." Ratchet: "So, Stitch, have you signed up for the tournament, yet?" Stitch: "Naga. Stitch only came for the fights and nothing else." Lilo: "Yeah, Stitch isn't interested in the free vacation here, not after what those 2 bad men have done to it. What were their names again? Señor Senior Senior and Señor Senior Junior?" Kim: "Yes, that's right." Lilo: "Regardless, I'm sure Stitch would like to enter with you guys so that he can help you out." Stitch: "Ih! Stitch naga want free vacation, but will enter to help out Ratchet, Kim and Clank." Kim: "Sounds good to me." Clank: "We thank you for your assistance, Stitch." Ratchet: "OK, then, let's get to it."

They went over to register for the tournament and then continued on their way. As they continued through the lobby, they had a chance to talk with each other. Lilo: "Oh, by the way, Clank, I haven't seen you in a long time. It's good to see you again." Clank: "It is good to see you, too, Miss Lilo and you as well, Stitch." Stitch: "Ih, same here." Lilo: "So, we heard that you were in some sort of massive clock. Not only that, but it was built to fix all sorts of bad things that has happened to the flow of time." Clank: "That is correct. Its purpose is to restore and maintain temporal normality in order to prevent the Universe from collapsing in on itself." Kim: "The clock does have some functions that are similar to time travel, but it's not a time machine and must never be used as one." Ratchet: "Yep, that much is true." Lilo: "I've heard about that. That dummy head, Dr. Nefarious, attempted to use the clock as a time machine so that he could do whatever he wants and cause all sorts of chaos." Ratchet: "Yeah, that would actually be the best thing that could have happened if he did." Kim: "But if he were to misuse the clock, then the Universe would have been destroyed, thereby bringing an end to all of existence." Ratchet: "Exactly."

Lilo and Stitch seemed startled and a bit terrified. Stitch trembled for a bit. Stitch: "Oh…Beesa Sota. Barambah." Lilo: "You said it, Stitch." Kim: "Thankfully, we were able to thwart him and save the Universe…again." Ratchet: "Yeah, but at a very hefty price."

Ratchet sulked as he hung his head down. Kim looked over towards him, concerned. She placed her hand on his shoulder. He then looked towards her and smiled. Lilo: "Oh! I've been wanting to say this to you guys. Congratulations." Kim: "On what?" Lilo: "On you guys becoming a couple. I always thought that you 2 were great together."

Kim and Ratchet seemed surprised as they looked at each other and then back towards Lilo. Ratchet: "You really think so?" Lilo: "Absolutely. You're always looking out for each other, it really shows how much you guys care for one another. Ron and I have spoken a lot about you guys, he always thought that you guys belong together and you know what? So do I." Stitch: "Ih! I agree."

Kim and Ratchet were speechless for a brief moment. Ratchet: "Wow, Lilo. That's…actually…very touching. I…I don't know what to say." Lilo: "Think nothing of it. Now then, shall we head over and have you guys get started on this tournament?" Kim: "Sure, let's do it." Ratchet: "Alright. Kimberly, Stitch. Let's do this." Lilo: "Good luck in there." Kim: "Thanks, see you soon, Lilo."

Kim, Ratchet, with the infobot and Clank attached to their backs, and Stitch made their way towards the transporter to the arena's battlegrounds and warped in.

They stood within the battlegrounds. It was a massive platform surrounded by a very large body of water. It was very, very deep and was filled with lots of nasty sea creatures. The entire area around that was encircled in a surrounding booth filled with many spectators. The ceiling, much like all of the stadiums that they have attended before, was very, very high.

Soon enough, Señor Senior Senior and Señor Senior Junior descended on a platform from above the ceiling. Kim and Ratchet looked up and noticed them immediately. Ratchet: "So, that must be them." Kim: "Yes. Señor Senior Senior and Señor Senior Junior. They're the ones we're looking for." Senior: "Welcome, other worldly beings from far and wide, to the Calcimum Battle Complex's first ever tournament. I am your host for this event, Señor Senior Senior and this is my son, Señor Senior Junior." Junior: "Greetings, space people. My father and I are so glad to have all of you here as spectators to this most amazing and excitingly brutal event that we have been working real hard to have arranged." Senior: "Yes, indeed and we are especially pleased to have here with us…"

Just then, the spot light shined on both Kim and Ratchet. Senior: "Our old nemesis, Kim Possible and her new alien beau, Ratchet, partake in this tournament. It has been an age since we have faced this young girl and this will indeed be the first time that we get to witness this young man beside her in action. It will most certainly be an event that I will find truly unforgettable." Ratchet: "I really hope that you and your son enjoy this tournament, old man, because once Kimberly and I finally reach you both, we'll chase you off of this planet so that you will never set up another event here ever again." Kim: "Oh, for sure. We will put a stop to you no matter what." Senior: "Ah, yes, such vibrancy and determination from such a young pair. I look forward to seeing that during this tournament. Now then, Junior, will you do the honors of commencing this tournament?" Junior: "Certainly, father. Ahem. Let the incredibly brutal maulings begin!"

And so, the epic battles began. Kim and Ratchet fought all sorts of nasty enemies with Stitch helping them out. Señor Senior Senior and Señor Senior Junior made comments of the battle via the loud speakers throughout the entire round. Enemies came at the group from everywhere but they were determined to fight through all of them and they were really wailing at them with ease. Halfway through the fight, the oncoming onslaught of enemies stopped. Senior: "Hm…it seems that these battles are a bit too easy for our young fighters. Perhaps we should make things much more challenging for them. Junior, unleash the Spinning Tops of Doom." Junior: "Yes, father." Ratchet: "Spinning Tops of Doom?" Kim: "Hm, haven't seen those things since the first time that Ron and I have faced off against them." Ratchet: "I'm guessing they were one of the things that Ron suggested to them." Kim: "That's right." Ratchet: "Man! He can be such an idiot sometimes!" Kim: "Yeah, I know."

The second part of the battle continued with the Spinning Tops of Doom being brought out. They made the fights a lot tougher just like Señor Senior Senior had hoped. The group endured the immense hazards and kept fighting the best that they could. The battles themselves were very time consuming thanks to the large and dangerous hazards that were just brought out, with them coming at the group constantly. Eventually, they were able to finish the last of the battles and with that, the first round was finally over.

Soon enough, the platform that Señor Senior Senior and Señor Senior Junior were standing on lowered itself to where they were several feet above Kim, Ratchet, Clank, Stitch and the infobot. Senior: "I must say, well done to our young fighters for making it through the first round. They have indeed become qualified to fight in the second round as well as become much closer to winning the grand prize."

Kim and Ratchet grabbed on to each other's arms, nearly jumping for joy as they smiled at each other. Senior: "However…"

They then stopped and looked back up at the Seniors. Senior: "In addition to the week long all expense paid vacation here on beautiful Calcimum and the brief tour of our lovely state-of-the-art mobile condo, the winner of the tournament will also receive free tickets to my son's concert so that they will be able to witness the first ever show of the future pop star of the Polaris Galaxy. To give you a sneak peek of what will be in store for our winners, my son will now be performing his first hit single: Galaxy Cruising. Take it away, Junior." Kim: "Oh, no, please no."

Soon enough, the entire place went dark for a brief moment. Then, a few spotlights shined on Junior. Junior: "Hit it!"

From there, music started playing on the loud speaker. Kim: "Anything but this. Please!"

Then, Junior began to perform. His performance itself was of Junior singing a terrible song off key while carrying out some horribly, embarrassing dance moves. Kim and Ratchet watched his performance with horrified and awkward looks on their faces. The infobot was holding both sides of her head while cringing in agony. Clank was also greatly appalled as he watched. Stitch was holding both of his ears down while rolling around the floor in pain. Lilo watched the performance from within the lobby, she was absolutely mortified. Señor Senior Senior was the only one enjoying this horrible show. Ratchet: "You know something, Kimberly? His "performances" would make perfect Zordoom prison torture material." Kim: "Yeah…unfortunately…that statement would be…all too accurate." Ratchet: "I…agree…" Clank: "As do I. This tone deaf human expects to be the next rising star of Polaris with that kind of performance? I can not even begin to imagine the kind of agony the entire galaxy would be going through just from listening to his horrible singing." Ratchet: "Heh, yeah, not to mention his embarrassing dancing and…well…everything else." Kim: "Oh, for sure."

Stitch, having reached his breaking point with enduring this painful performance, furiously grabbed a large piece of the battlegrounds, tore it off and tossed it towards Junior. He barely dodged it, but his "performance" was immediately interrupted. Señor Senior Senior was greatly shocked by this. Stitch: "SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUUP!" Senior: "What!? You insolent little monster! How dare you interrupt my son's marvelous performance!" Ratchet: "Marvelous performance!? Ha! Stitch actually did everyone a huge favor. That humongous child of yours can't sing or dance for squat. If free tickets to his concert were the only prize of this tournament, then I wouldn't mind getting killed during these battles."

Kim and Clank were heard giggling. However, Señor Senior Senior was greatly infuriated from this. Senior: "That does it! You youngsters have pushed me beyond my breaking point! I was planning on going to intermission, but not anymore! We shall move on to the second round this instant!" Kim: "Fine by me. I'll gladly approve of any faster means of getting closer to you." Ratchet: "So will I. We'll keep at this until we are able to get you off this planet." Senior: "Oh, don't think it will be so easy, you 2. We will do everything we can to derail your advances. We will bring everything we've got!" Ratchet: "Tch! Like I'm afraid of the likes of you! We will take you down!" Senior: "We'll see about that my persistent, furry little foe. We shall see."

Ratchet's glared intensified as he stared up at Señor Senior Senior.

The platform that the Seniors stood on rose back up and the second round began immediately. This time, the battles were a lot tougher. Señor Senior Senior was true to his word as he had made things a lot harder for the group. He brought out more enemies for them to face and even more hazards for them to overcome. The battles were becoming a lot to handle as there were many things that were coming at them in different directions. As brutal as the battles were, the group fought through them all. There have been a number of close calls here and there, but they continued on. Stitch helped out a lot by causing a lot of chaos towards the hazards as well as the entire battleground. Thanks to Stitch, Señor Senior Senior's attempts to deter the group greatly backfired.

They were eventually able to win the second round, but from all of the chaos, the battlegrounds were severely damaged. The platform that Señor Senior Senior and his son stood on lowered back closer towards the group, both men looked very annoyed. Senior: "Hmph! Just look at this place! You youngsters really have made a mess of this glorious battle arena." Ratchet: "Heh, serves you right. You guys tried to kill us." Kim: "You know they always say: what goes around comes around." Stitch: "Ih! Bad men always have bad things happen to them." Clank: "Indubitably."

Señor Senior Senior let out a soft groan. Senior: "I would commence the third round at this time, but…given the current circumstances, I have no choice but to call for an intermission. We will need some time to fix this place as well as our equipment, but don't think that you have gotten away from this all too easily. The next round will be even tougher for all of you. Make no mistake."

Shortly afterwards, the group were transported back into the lobby. There, Lilo had been waiting for them. Lilo: "Guys! You made it back! I'm so happy that you did! Those battles that you faced were seriously intense." Kim: "I know, right? I just can't believe we actually made it through all of that." Lilo: "Yeah, but thank goodness that you did. Those bad men really had it in for you guys, especially after Stitch interrupted that other guy's terrible performance." Kim: "Oh, for sure. Stitch really did help us out throughout all of that." Lilo: "Well, that's great. Way to go, Stitch."

Stitch arrogantly rubbed his knuckles on his chest then glanced at them as he spoke. Stitch: "Eh, it was no problem. Stitch happy to do it for Kim and Ratchet, and Clank as well."

Clank giggled a little. Kim: "Well, now we have several more of those battles that we need to worry about and things will get even tougher now." Lilo: "Um, true, but I have faith that you guys will fight through all of them and win this tournament before you know it." Ratchet: "I don't think so!" Lilo: "Huh? What do you mean by that, Ratchet?" Ratchet: "I mean I don't intend to continue fighting these battles. I want to bypass all of them, so that I can get close enough to those humans to pound both of their faces in." Lilo: "But…how will you be able to do that?" Ratchet: "Well, all of that destruction that Stitch had caused inspired me to come up with a few ideas. I know it sounds risky and perhaps extremely insane, but if we can really pull this off, it could give us the push we need to get to them a lot faster so we can face them personally. So, how about it? Are you guys with me on this?"

Everyone stood silent for a bit, they were concerned about what Ratchet just told them. Kim: "Well…it does sound crazy, but…it could be our best chance to actually reach them. I did say that I would approve of any faster means of getting closer to them. I'm in." Stitch: "Stitch also agrees to this. Stitch like to cause chaos, but for justice now! Let's pound bad men!" Ratchet: "Alright, so, this is what I was thinking we should do…"

Ratchet then got on to telling everyone his plan.

Much time later, the battlegrounds were completely repaired. The group was able to return. They stood before Señor Senior Senior and his son once again. Senior: "Welcome back, my foes. I hope that you enjoyed your respite because from here on out, there won't be anymore breaks. You will continue to fight in one match after another nonstop. There will be no escape from this."

Kim and Ratchet stared up at Señor Senior Senior with serious and tense looks on their faces. Senior: "Now then, let the continual brutal mauling commence."

The third round began. It was serious this time as Señor Senior Senior was really going all out with a lot of the hazards and brought out a lot more enemies. It was becoming a lot more than the group could handle, but with the plan that they had in store for the Seniors, they didn't seem worried. However, they were struggling, a lot. Señor Senior Senior and his son relished greatly in watching the group struggle during the fights. But then, when the Spinning Tops of Doom came out, Ratchet and Stitch were just about ready to carry out the plan. They had one of the lethal hazards lured out. From there, Stitch was able to get his hands on one of them. Both Seniors became startled as they saw this. Ratchet: "Stitch! Now!" Stitch: "Okie-taka!"

Stitch tossed the massive object up, causing even more damage and destruction. Ratchet: "Kimberly! Go!"

Kim leapt up and used the wreckage to climb up towards the Seniors. Junior: "Father! This is looking real bad!" Senior: "Yes, I can see that, Junior. We must leave, now!"

The platform they were on rose above the ceiling. Kim continued to make her way towards the ceiling. Ratchet was mesmerized as he watched her. Stitch looked up at Ratchet, he seemed worried about him. Stitch: "Eh…is he…OK?" Clank: "Do not worry about him; he is like this whenever Miss Possible…performs her stunts." Stitch: "Oh, uh, right. Of course."

Stitch also looked up and watched as Kim continued climbing towards the ceiling and watched along with Ratchet and Clank. Stitch: "She's amazing." Clank: "Yes, she is." Ratchet: "You can say that again."

Stitch looked back towards Ratchet, who still seemed mesmerized. Stitch: "Uh…Ratchet?" Ratchet: "Huh? Oh! Yeah! Uh, you go on ahead, Stitch. I'll be right there." Stitch: "Um…OK…"

Stitch jumped up, Ratchet followed after him.

They climbed up the wreckage after Kim. Kim was able to maneuver herself upward with the use of her athletic abilities; Stitch was able to climb with the use of his claws. Ratchet didn't have the kind of advanced skills for climbing that Kim and Stitch did, so he had to rely on his equipment, such as his Swingshot, as well as his friends. As soon as they were able to reach the ceiling, Stitch ripped off the latch. Kim and Ratchet jumped up through the opening. Stitch, however, stayed down. Stitch: "Stitch can not go with you guys. Stitch worried about Lilo, have to go back." Ratchet: "OK, Stitch, you go back to Lilo, then, we'll handle Señor Senior Senior and his annoying, bratty son." Kim: "We'll meet with you and Lilo after we finish up here." Stitch: "OK, see you guys soon."

Stitch jumped back down towards the bottom, Kim and Ratchet rushed off.

They kept going until they were able to spot the Seniors' condo, then made their way towards it as fast as they could. From there, they fought off many more robots. It was a tough run through, but it was manageable. They kept fighting through, not hesitating for even a second. It did seem like there was no end in sight.

Soon enough, there were able to reach the condo. From there, they scaled the massive house until they found the Señor Senior Senior and his son standing a top a platform on the roof. They stopped and stood before the 2 men with serious looks on their faces. Kim: "Surrender, Señor Senior Senior." Senior: "Ah, Kim Possible. You have arrived at last. I knew that you would come and you, young man. You're indeed real close to Kim Possible, I take it."

Kim and Ratchet glance towards each other for a brief moment then back towards Señor Senior Senior. Senior: "I must say, despite you brashness earlier, it is indeed a pleasure to meet you, Ratchet." Ratchet: "Hm, I'm surprised to hear you say that, Señor Senior, uh, Senior, it's not everyday when a villain is so polite to me; usually, they just want to blow me up." Junior: "Kim Possible, is it true that you are dating that cat…alien thing?" Kim: "He's not a thing, Junior, he's a Lombax and yes, we are dating." Ratchet: "So, what of it?" Junior: "Uh, nothing, it's just…unexpected, that's all. Never had I thought that Kim Possible would be going steady with an alien." Kim: "Um, you know, to be honest, I didn't think so, either. It just…happened." Senior: "I have to admit that the 2 of you are quite clever, utilizing our deadly hazards to get to us, but don't think that you will win against us so easily. Junior, the time has come. Let loose the seeds of their demise." Junior: "Certainly, father."

Junior pulled out a remote and pushed a button on it. From that, much larger robots were brought out. They surrounded Kim and Ratchet. Senior: "Let's see you try to fight your way out of this, my young foes."

They began fighting off the large robots. Their size made it hard for them to bring down but it wasn't impossible. They were just a little tougher than the usual robots that they would have fought against. They fought through every singe robot until they were all destroyed. Senior: "Hm, not bad, but that was just the first wave. Junior, send out the second batch of deadly robots." Junior: "Yes, father."

Junior pushed another button on the remote, another batch of robots came out. These looked sturdier than the previous batch. Kim and Ratchet began fighting them. They were indeed more durable so bringing them down took much longer. Still, they kept going at it and fought through every last one. Eventually, they were able to defeat all of them. Señor Senior Senior was annoyed but seemed somewhat impressed. However, he was more so annoyed. Senior: "Hm! You 2 are indeed very diligent. The vibrancy of youthful folk can be…quite vexing. Enough of this, I'm through playing around with the both of you. Junior, bring out the massive fighter-bot." Junior: "With pleasure, father."

Junior went on to press another button on the remote. Junior: "This is for interrupting my show and insulting my performance!"

At that moment, the roof opened up and a massive robot emerged from underneath. Senior: "Kim Possible, you and your alien friend shall experience true power that money can buy." Ratchet: "Geez, if I didn't hate facing off against wealthy villains before, I sure do now!" Kim: "Same here."

The fight against the massive robot had begun. It was perhaps the toughest fight that they had to face. The massive robot was attacking them with all kinds of weaponry. Missiles, lasers, you name it. It took them a really long time to chip it down, but as they continued to fight it, they were able to gradually weaken it. They kept at it relentlessly until they were able to finally bring it down. From there, the robot flew off away from the condo and blew up.

Both Seniors were very displeased to see their robot defeated, to say the least. It was a crushing defeat for the both of them. Senior: "Unbelievable! That massive robot costed us a fortune! Gah!" Ratchet: "Guess money can't buy you real power, huh, old man?" Senior: "Grrr! You are as every bit as annoying as Drakken and Shego say you are, young man. But…I must digress on something." Ratchet: "Huh?" Senior: "I must admit to something. Kim Possible, even though we are enemies and we have fought bitterly against one another time and again, I am indeed willing to accept your feelings for that alien friend of yours."

Both Kim and Ratchet seemed surprised to hear him say that. Kim: "You…you really mean that?" Senior: "Of course I do, you and Ratchet seem very happy together, despite the 2 of you being completely different species. I may not have given this kind of impression earlier or at all for that matter, but I am indeed a man who is willing to see things for what they really are as opposed to what many believe they should be. I can see that the 2 of you belong together." Ratchet: "Uh…gee…thanks. You know, not many people think that way and a lot of the "non-villain" types have said some terrible things to us. That means a lot, especially from some crazy geezer like you." Senior: "Ah, the pleasure is all mine, young man. Should 2 people want to be together, then why stand in between them? Do people not know that love should not be limited by such silly rules? If it is meant to be, then why go against it? Love whomever you want and always follow what your heart truly desires." Kim: "Wow, that…that's very thoughtful of you." Ratchet: "Well, you did say that he wasn't always a bad person." Kim: "True." Senior: "Alright, that's enough rambling for now. Junior, let us leave this place."

Soon enough, a shuttle was brought up from underneath the platform that the Seniors were standing on. They both got into it. Senior: "You may have bested us this time, but don't think we are finished here. Junior! It is time! Bring up the tower from below the planet's oceans." Junior: "Yes, father."

Junior pushed another button on the remote. At that moment, a tower rose up from below the ocean. Kim and Ratchet were both very startled as they watched this happen. Ratchet: "No way! It's…one of those towers!"

The shuttle the Seniors boarded then lifted up. Senior: "Don't bother celebrating this victory just yet. We shall return to reclaim this planet. Farewell, Kim Possible and Ratchet. We shall meet again."

The shuttle took off and left the planet, Kim and Ratchet had serious looks on their faces as they watched the 2 men depart from the planet.

Later on, the group met back with Lilo and Stitch. Ratchet: "Well, it's been great seeing you both again." Kim: "Yeah, thanks so much for helping us out." Lilo: "It was our pleasure. We're always happy to help our friends out anytime. Right, Stitch?" Stitch: "Ih! Stitch always happy to help out Kim, Ratchet and Clank dispatch justice whenever possible." Kim: "Well then, we were able to finish up our mission on this planet." Ratchet: "Yeah, so now that we've chased out Señor Senior Senior and his son from this planet, we should be going." Lilo: "OK, Stitch and I will stay here and help to clear out this battle arena. We'll have the entire Ohana help out, too. With all of us working together, we'll have this place cleaned up and this battle arena transferred back to that other planet in no time." Kim: "OK, then, good luck, you 2." Clank: "We hope to see you again in the near future, Miss Lilo." Lilo: "Same here, Clank." Stitch: "Bye."

The group went off and made their way back tot the ship. As soon as they got back, Kim had the infobot transferred back to Wade. Then, the group looked out towards the mysterious tower. Ratchet: "Yeah, this tower is just like the others. Just what the heck is going on here?" Clank: "Hm…this is indeed most worrisome."

Kim grabbed her arm with her other hand as she held her head down and sulked. Kim: "I really hope that there is something we can do about this."

Ratchet worried about her, he then placed his hand on her shoulder. Ratchet: "Don't worry, Kimberly, we'll get through this. I will help you out however I can."

Kim glanced over towards him and smiled, he smiled back at her. All 3 of them then got back into the ship, took off and left the planet.

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