The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Polaris Epidemic - Chapitre 10

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After another long flight, they returned to Meridian City and reunited with their friends. Talwyn: "Welcome back, you guys." Qwark: "Great work with chasing away those dastardly villains." Zephyr: "Yeah, thanks to you, Calcimum should be able to go back to being the beautiful vacation planet that it once was." Cronk: "Oh, for darn sure, you have freed that planet from those horrible humans." Zephyr: "Yeah, you guys should be proud." Kim: "Um, yeah, but…not really. It's still not over." Ratchet: "Oh, no doubt about that. Also, that won't be the last that we'll see of those guys." Talwyn: "Yeah, all of that is true. Wade had been working with Pollyx in analyzing those towers. They were able to find out a few things. They wanted to speak to you guys about them."

They looked up at the holo-screen, images of Wade and Pollyx appeared on it. Wade: "Hey, guys. Sorry I haven't chatted with you for a while. I've been busy with analyzing a lot of the data that we've collected." Ratchet: "That's fine, Wade. I just can't believe you're working with Pollyx." Kim: "Yeah, same here. The guy hasn't exactly been solid with us before or at all for that matter." Pollyx: "Um…I know we've had our…difficulties in the past, but I assure you that I am working on the side of good this time." Kim: "Tch! Let's see how long that lasts." Clank: "So, have either of you found out anything about these mysterious towers?" Pollyx: "Well, let's see. I have done a thorough scan of all the towers that you guys have encountered and found that they consist of some advanced technology, perhaps some of the most advanced forms of technology that I have ever seen." Kim: "Is it even more advanced than yours?" Pollyx: "Surprisingly, yes. I have never seen anything that goes beyond what we Terachnoids are able to construct. The only other kind of technology we know that would top ours is Zoni technology." Kim: "Hm, true, the Zoni have been known to construct some pretty complex machinery. You would compare this tower to Zoni technology?" Pollyx: "I would say…yes. Ohhhh! It's so infuriating to find any type of machinery that is further along than our own! Never in my life have I ever felt so insulted! To be brought down to the same level as so many primitive creatures! Hmph!" Ratchet: "Now we know we can trust him; his pride has taken a serious beating."

Kim was heard giggling. Wade: "There's something else you guys should know, I have spent some time analyzing the data that the infobot copied from that computer and found that the readings are very similar to that which we picked up from the towers." Kim: "So, whatever that old lab was being used for had something to do with those towers?" Wade: "It's a possibility, but I would say yes. There's still very little that we know. It took me hours of analyzing the data to find just that out. I'm still looking into it but I've got to say, it is taking a really long time to process all of it. I've never looked into anything this advanced before." Ratchet: "Well, we know that Kimberly's old enemies are connected to all of this, but just what are they planning?" Wade: "Pollyx and I will continue to look into this. At the moment, we just picked up on another reading similar to human on a remote jungle planet called Ebaro." Kim: "Let me guess, the readings also consist of being part monkey, right?" Wade: "You've got it. You know what that means." Kim: "Yes. Monkey Fist." Clank: "Monkey Fist?" Wade: "I have also picked up on a few mystical readings." Kim: "No doubt they're more mystical monkey artifacts." Wade: "Correct. Earth isn't the only planet that contains such magical items." Kim: "Really? That's fascinating." Ratchet: "Uh…mystical monkey what?" Kim: "Well, looks as though our next stop is this Ebaro planet." Ratchet: "Yeah, I suppose so." Talwyn: "But before you guys leave, I just want to let you know that your friend Ron is also there."

Kim and Ratchet were both very surprised. Ratchet: "What? Really?" Talwyn: "Yes and he brought along another person; a ninja girl from some sort of secret school on that large island on your planet calls...Japan?" Kim: "What? Yori is there, too?" Talwyn: "They've been on Ebaro all morning, dealing with this…Monkey Fist person from what I've heard." Ratchet: "I can't believe it! Ron's there!" Kim: "Yeah, I'm also surprised by that. Then again, he has faced off against Monkey Fist several times before, so it's understandable that he would be there, too." Ratchet: "Hold on a moment. Ron has fought against Monkey Fist? But isn't he afraid of monkeys?" Kim: "It's…a long story. Come on, let's leave for Ebaro now." Ratchet: "Alright, we actually get the chance to meet Ron's ninja friend. This should be exciting."

They rushed off back to the ship, got back into it, took off and left the planet.

They took another long flight through space on their way to Ebaro. Ratchet: "So, since it will be a while before we arrive at the next planet; let's use the time to talk about this…Monkey Fist." Clank: "Yes, I would like to know about this strange fellow since we are going to being facing off against him." Kim: "Sure, I'll tell you guys everything I know. First off, his real name was Monty Fisk. He was once a famous archaeologist. When Ron and I first met him, he asked us to retrieve a strange monkey artifact. He claimed that he was planning to send it to a museum. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary about him at the time, but Ron kept saying that he was on a "bad road", just because he was fascinated with something very much related to Ron's greatest fear." Ratchet: "Yep, that sounds a lot like Ron." Kim: "I brushed all of that off just because of how he is, but then, my cousin Larry informed me that he had a deranged motive for collecting these monkey artifacts. He was obsessed with obtaining mystical monkey powers. He's also an expert in Tai Shing Pek Kwar or monkey king fu." Clank: "Monkey kung fu?" Kim: "He even had his hands and feet genetically modified into making them monkey hands and feet to go along with the whole obsession." Ratchet: "Geez, everything seems to be about monkeys with this guy. He sounds like a really messed up human." Kim: "Tell me about it. Ron was the one who faced off against Monkey Fist several times in the past. The first time that he did, he had to go it alone because my dad dragged me into visiting my cousin Larry after I ducked out of it so many times." Clank: "So, Ron must be very well acquainted with this Monkey Fist." Ratchet: "Yeah, so it may seem. I bet you Ron will be thrilled to see us again." Kim: "Yeah, he would. He could use the extra help with facing Monkey Fist, plus, I'm sure he would be happy to receive a surprise reunion with us." Clank: "Indeed." Ratchet: "Well, then, let's get to it. We should be arriving at the next planet very soon."

After the long flight, they eventually arrived at the planet Ebaro. As soon as they entered the planet's atmosphere, they were flying through the skies. Ratchet: "Aphelion, track down Ron. We need to find him." Aphelion: "Affirmative. Tracking down Ron's current location now."

There was a few seconds of silence as there were faint beeping noises being heard. Aphelion: "I've pinpointed Ron's location. He should not be far from here." Kim: "Great, let's head over now."

The ship flew off towards a specific direction.

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