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Thought I'd make a topic about these =P

So what do you guys think of them? I have the whole set sitting at my desk here, had to order them from Australia though, since they cost too much over here. But I think they're pretty cool, good as a collectors item(s) if you're a big fan of the series emoji but they're definitely not for young kids, and some parts on them are a bit fragile (like Terraflux Ratchet's shoulder armor). I have to keep them safe, away from the kids that come in here sometimes 8O

And a while back, it was announced that there's a series 2 set coming too. Not sure if you guys heard about that.

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They seem interesting to collect if you're into collecting figurines. As for the Ratchet and Clank figures that are out so far and I'll be honest, I have strange feelings for the first series collectibles. Some of the figure designs do look good like Qwark and even Nefarious, but some look pretty tacky and could be a bit better in design. I find Ratchet and Clank to look kind of awkward.

I don't know if I have thoughts in getting them since I don't collect a lot of figurines these days (I stopped collecting for a while because my younger cousins would barge into my room and play my action figure collection without permission. So all the figures that I buy and collect are hiding in a box right now), but if more figure series of Ratchet and Clank comes out, then perhaps I'll change my mind to get some. It may happen or not, who certainly knows. emoji

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Lol! yeah, my little cousins always want to play with mine on my shelf, but I say no since well, they can break easily, except for Qwark anyhow XD

But yeah the Ratchet ones do look a little weird I guess, but in real life they actually look better. But the rest are better of course, and I just got them since Im a big fan and well, I thought it would be cool to have them on my shelf with the models I made. People who see them here are like "Wow, I didn't know there was Ratchet figurines, where did you get those?!"

Hopefully the next series is better, but there hasn't been any photos of prototype looks of them yet.

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It's always great to show off some interesting purchased products to people. emoji

I heard there was a set coming out too, and I could of sworn that I saw a picture of the series on the updates of this site. I could check again and see whether it's true or not.

I might go random here, but I wish these figures were on sale.

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They're so wacky, colorful and cool that I love them! emoji

So far, they've been sold only to the Insomniac community and CreatureBox (the company that made the figures) might not send these to the public. But if they were allowed to be purchased, I bet it would be mighty expensive to get those figurines, especially the Qwark figure since he's like 15 inches. emoji

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Oh hell yeah, I'd love to get my hands on a set of those XD they had several auctioned a while back, and I wish I joined in since a few even sold for under $300-$400! But yeah, I dont have an Ebay account and I have trouble getting money sent overseas anyways.

But man, that Qwark sure is freaky looking XD but it would be funny to have that sitting in my room.

The next series of normal figurines is going to be…

Azimuth with Orvus
Rusty Pete with Slag-on-a-stick
Ratchet in Holoarmor with Clank
The Smuggler with the RYNO V

aw man that's awesome too bad sigmund dosn't have his own figure yet I wish they made one soon.

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Who knows? Maybe for series 3 they will :p

But I'm kinda surprised Talwyn doesnt have a figure yet neither, none of the female characters do. But yeah, I still cant wait to see the final figures. I'll definitely buy them either way ;P (wishes Ace would get one, but I know he wont since only I'd end up buying one XD LOL!)

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Oh well, I'd just buy 10 of them to represent his 'clones' *gets bricked*

Just joking XD but yeah, wish there were better photos of the new figures though. Kinda hard to really notice them from that photo.

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Just thought I'd post this here, it's the series 2 figures (prototypes though) (if hotlink doesnt work, then just click the link above XD)

Ratchet in the second series looks a lot better looking than in the first series. Also, Rusty Pete looks really well designed here too.

I can't see that much of the Smuggler, for his face is slightly covered by his hat and Alister looks like a monster! Seriously, I think he does. Looks like he's going Incredible Hulk on us. As for Orvus, even if I like this character a lot, but no offense, the figure of him looks pretty funny looking. Something about it doesn't look right. Well, these are prototypes after all, so they might be tweaked up later.

Alister looks like a monster! Seriously, I think he does. Looks like he's going Incredible Hulk on us.

Alister SMASH! emoji

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Haha yeah I agree, Alister is scary here XD and people were complaining about that over at the Insomniac forums. But they said that they'll try their best to fix him and the others (if they need to) for the final figurines.

But yeah, I agree. Ratchet looks a lot better this time round, and Rusty Pete and Slag look fine too emoji wish we could see the Smuggler and the RYNO V better though.