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Do you have a fancharacter or two you want to show off? Is it an original character or fan-character made to fit into the Ratchet & Clank universe? Well, this is the topic for them emoji

You can post your own character, along with some info like this…

(Character Image here)

* Name:
* Species:
* Home Planet:
* Occupation:
* Height:
* Weight:
* Age:
* Eye colour:
* Weapon of choice:
* Personality:
(Don't have to add the weight if the character doesn't want you to XD)

I may list some of mine here too, but my main characters I made are a group of superheroes who were mentioned in the Deadlocked game guide (some of you may know about it already) they were called the Sonic 6 and they adopted Ace from an orphanage; so I made all 6 members into characters (since they were all unknown, no names mentioned or anything) so I filled in the gap and made a lot of fanon emoji being the freak I am, heh.

My character is not really from ratchet and clank's universe or just one universe for that matter,he's a multi dimenstion character. so being this way he fits in ratchet and clank's universe and any other dimenstion too. so this is who he is. User image
Name:Scaler Ageis
Species:Hedgehog/mixeed breed
Home Planet:Earth/and the same place sonic is from mobious
Age:16(His age is in human years but slower)
Eye colour:Blue Green
Weapon of choice:dule Pistol blasters,Blue storm(keyblade) and sword ver.
Personality:He loves making friends,enjoys fighting but he is peace loveing,he can't really hold a grude at all,not so quick to anger,he's loves traveling around worlds and stuff,he enjoys all most any kind of music,and the most interesting thing about him is he love to copy and tranceform into other life forms(this explians his lombax form he haves). So preety much he is a loveable nice kind of guy.
what do you think?

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Oh yeah I remember you told me a bit about him in PM's a while ago, but yeah it is good to know a bit more ;P

And well, here's one of my creations…

User image
* Name: Kurt Swiftblade
* Occupation: Superhero (current pic), former Polaris Police officer.
* Species: Markazian
* Home Planet: Unknown (Somewhere in Polaris)
* Height: 1.81m (5.9 feet)
* Weight: 89kg
* Age: 38 (in current pic)
* Eye colour: Dakr blue
* Weapon of choice: Dual Laser-Swords, Sonic Snyper v70
* Personality: generally kind and easy going with most people. As part of the Sonic 7, he's like a leader to the team and he enjoys training the younger team members in combat so he's generally helpful and a wise type of person. But can be rough and head-strong when times get tough and tensions are high, but he has a good judgment of people he has to deal with, both good and bad.

Yesterday I kinda got a feeling that I should make a character for a universe I like a lot. Then I thought of my old fanfic idea, which involves a crossover. Then I got an idea of a crossover duo. It goes like this:

(Sorry, scetch pic only.)
User image

* Name: Jazz /// TG.
* Species: lombax /// ottsel.
* Gender: unspecified (I don't care about the tail thingie 'cause a lombax without a tail seems absurd) /// female.
* Home Planet: uh… Fastoon, I guess /// uh… Jak and Daxter home planet ^^*
* Occupation: pilot, goods transporter, machanic /// sidekick, gunner, kind of bodyguard.
* Height: about 4'3" (130 sm) /// about 1'4" (40 sm)
* Weight: I have no idea o.0
* Age: 13-16 in human years /// 20 in human years.
* Eye colour: blue /// hazel.
* Fur colour: pure white without markings /// cream white with black inner ear fur and black tail tip.
* Weapon of choice: doesn't use weapons /// Buzz Blades mini-edition, magic.
* Personality:
Jazz is fun-loving, childish and peaceful being, who sees no point in fighting. Still he/she loves adventure and is always there to help others if it doesn't involve hurting anyone else. His/her immature character is sometimes annoying but it keeps others in good mood so he/she is great for the company.
TG is of more serious nature and doesn't tolerate bad behaviour towards herself or Jazz. Using techs made by Jazz she makes use of her somewhat unstable personality and can be quite agressive at times. When not put out of temper, she's quite sensible and often stops Jazz from faux pas.
* Fun fact: Jazz has albino fur and it bothers him/her. He/she paints lombax stripes on his/her fur not to feel embaressed.

yay it's an ottsel! emoji

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Nice work with that, you even have a pretty cute drawing style as well too emoji wasn't expecting to see an ottsel character too =P

Thanks! I try to develop 'not so expectable' ideas (like non-fighter lombax in this case) ^^*
Hope to write a fanfic sometime… Or even make a comic or an animation (still practicing with that though)…
And yeah, I love cute things X)

Why's an ottsel so surprising?) Naughty Dog and Insomniac both had some things hidden in each other's games. And J&D would've made a nice crossover with R&C X)

User image

* Name: Mercus Wrenchet
* Species: Lombax/Human Hybrid
* Home Planet: Earth (Milky Way Galaxy)
* Occupation: Weapon Technician, Mechanic, Adventurer (Previously an architectural designer)
* Height: 6' 8"
* Weight: 286.4 lbs
* Age: 32 Earth Years / 22 Lombax Years / 26.5 Years Physically
* Eye colour: Steel blue-grey
* Weapon(s) of choice: Magni-Hammer Era, Dual OmniWrench 9000s, Dual Vipers (customized with electrical bayonets)
* Personality: Despite his girth, Mercus is actually the intellectual-type (mathematics and physics are his specialties). He takes great pride in his intelligence, but has no problem with using his physical strength when mental strength isn't enough. He's a fairly easy-going guy who's determined, but gets distressed and/or hesitant when confronted with a decision to make, and gets upset when an invention fails to work or backfires. He recently developed an adventurous streak, and is learning more about the Ratchet & Calnk universe.

Hey I got this wried idea that what if all theses characters met but it's just a shot in the dark.

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Nice to see more characters posted, I think reckon you've got some good art too Mercus so yeah, nice stuff emoji

Here's a couple more of my characters from The Sonic 7. They're both of a made up species of course, kinda obvious who's species… XD (Well, I didn't wanna refer to them as Unknown all the time…emoji

User image

* Name: Jenna Joltstride (Sometimes called JJ by friends)
* Species: Verpardi
* Home Planet: Vaelidius
* Occupation: Superheroine (in pic)
* Height: 1.73m (5.7 feet)
* Weight: 70kg
* Age: 18 (in this pic)
* Eye colour: Light green
* Weapon of choice: Plasma whip v3, Shock ravager (yeah, she doesn't like/cant use guns lol) but is also skilled in martial arts.
* Personality: Jenna is generally kind and easy going, especially with the people she helps. But she can get rough when put up against a horde of enemies during the Sonic 7 missions she is a part of. But among her team, she is generally cheerful but sometimes gets annoyed when her brother Jake acts immature; especially around woman.

User image

* Name: Jake Jetspeed
* Species: Verpardi
* Home Planet: Vaelidius
* Occupation: Superhero, SkyBoarder
* Height: 1.89m (6.2 feet)
* Weight: 83kg
* Age: 26 (in this pic)
* Eye colour: Turquoise
* Weapon of choice: Plasma Pistols (pair)
* Personality: The brother of Jenna, he's a lot different to her in almost every way. He likes to use guns, doesn't usually like using martial arts and prefers Skyboarding instead. He is also more of a joker, often teasing the other team members for kicks and he has a cocky side when dealing with villains. And he also really like the 'baaabes' too.

I like the Sonic 7 characters you made up! but tell me, where did the Verpardi species name come from? is it a random word or does it have some sorta meaning to it?

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Hey thanks! I worked pretty hard to develop the Sonic 6 (not 7, since Ace is the 7th one lol) since I had to develop them all from scratch (since nothing was known about them, besides that Ace was adopted by them)

and the Verpardi species is made-up by me of course, since I had to make a race for him heh (I hate referring to people with unknown species all the time) and the species name does have a meaning, but I won't say what it is yet emoji but it has nothing to do with 'Vampire'! (some thought I got it from there, but it isn't! It's from 2 other unrelated words…emoji

Was one of the words used 'leopard'? X) 'Cause it seems so)

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heheh well it's just a mix of latin, so it's pretty easy to figure out if you know that language XD I also made other races up because so many have unnamed/unknown species.. at least the more recent characters and races have names so I dont have to figure something out for 'em =P

I have a few more characters, but I'll post em when my internet is a bit quicker… since the download limit for me got used up lol (until the 15th when it resets)

hmmmm…. Verpardi, yeah I was wondering where that word came from too, but I do think it has something to do with leopard at least! because in their scientific name it has pardus, but I dont know about the rest. but I can see why you chose that, because of the spots and the fangs xD? (and their cunning?)

I wish I had some fancharacters to show but I currently have no pictures of them because I dont draw. I do have a couple of lombaxes tho. and I like the character profiles in here so far emoji