Sujet : Quest for Booty, disappointing?

Anything but disappointing my friend, this game felt perfect from beginning to end, unfortunately, that's it's major flaw, when it ends you're done with it, you can't even explore previous areas, not that you need to, since there's nothing to collect, but it would be nice to at least let us do something on Hoolefar. I'd give it a 9/10 for lack of replay value (unless if playing on an harder difficulty).

I agree, never saw anyting disappointing in this game. Its beautiful, the storyline is kinda funny and the music is great! Its short yeah, but in those maybe 3 hours you still have a lot of fun.
Only one part I don't like. Thats when the screen turns all green, I wanna look at the clear blue water. Can't see that everyday from here. In my country its all blackish and filled with cyanobacteria. emoji

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Not really a big dissappointment,could have been longer but it doesnt really matter to me the game was still really fun

Nah,It wasn't let down by the game at all,since most of us knew it was going to be short.