Sujet : Best Cutscenes in Size Matters

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Even if this game was strange throughout, did you had any favourite cinematic moments that you've laughed and enjoyed in this game?

And you can be honest, nobody is going to judge you here. emoji

it's been ages since I last played that game so I don't fully remember which cutscene I like the best from it once I play it again and see all of the cutscenes I unlocked so far I'll tell ya which is the best in my opinion emoji

The Game was a Nightmare

No It Was Creepy with Terrible Graphics

No It Was Creepy with Terrible Graphics

Yes the graphics were terrible, even compared to other Ratchet and Clank games on the PS2.

Yes the graphics were terrible, even compared to other Ratchet and Clank games on the PS2.

Its funny, isn't it. The graphics on the ps2 version steadily improve, then it moves to psp and BAM! creepy.

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I hate to sound blunt and all but can we please stay on topic for this thread? This is about your favourite cinematic moments in Size Matters, not about how crummy the graphics looks. If you want to talk about the visuals in the game, you are open to make a thread about it in the Size Matters section.

But moving on… I only have a few favourite cutscenes I liked in the game, which were:

The first cinematic sequence was charming and quite funny to watch through, which I thought how it started off made the game's story premise quite entertaining. The best part was when Clank build the sand model of himself, until Ratchet stepped on it by mistake. what a jerk! emoji

Qwark wearing a silly hat and the funny dialogue pretty much made me chuckle loud in this cutscene. Seriously, dude, it's just a hat. emoji

"There are no TECHNOMITES!"
That quote was practically one of my highlight moments in Size Matters.

Professor Sprout
Was I the only one who laughed at Ratchet getting eaten by that monstrous plant? emoji

She's a Robot
Bringing back a classic moment from the first Ratchet and Clank game into this cinematic made me put a smile on my face right away.

I didn't find most of the cutscenes memorable, but there are at least a few that were entertaining to watch.

Hat on Pokitaru

Hey, nice hat.
Is it your mothers hat or something? Seriously dude, its just a hat.
I never knew my own family, i was raised by monkeys!

Or something like that, its been a while

I love Ratchet's quotes in this game:
"-There are, no, TECHNOMITES!"
"-The Technomites appear to have abandoned this area.
-Yeah, Technomites"
"-Seriously, dude, It's just a hat."
"-Because what is more powerfull, than intelligence.
- The R.Y.N.O.?"
"-This is soooooooooo cooooooooooooooool!"