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Ok, how many sites is it? it was wery thick in that youtube video!

Lol, this is why I don't think Japan should be allowed to get a hold of any creative rights to Ratchet and Clank… it's okay for their own anime stuff, but for Ratchet and Clank, it's just…. weird lol. They just change the characters… I guess it was to appeal to the Japanese audience, but still xD

Jesus, imagine what a Japanese Ratchet game would be like. :O

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Ok, how many sites is it? it was wery thick in that youtube video!

It's pretty thick, about 188 pages long.

I'm also considering making another video to show more of the pages, and actually talk more about it XD I'm trying to get the first volume of the manga as we speak, this Japan site is just taking VERY long to ship it emoji

But yeah, I am VERY glad none of this humour and character redesigns are in the games… emoji but it is still funny to see how they picture the characters!

The kind of humour is like the sort of stuff you see in Pokemon. And since Ratchet and Clank is pretty much considered a kids game in Japan, they were probably just trying to create a likewise interpretation, if you could call it that.

That's many sites! the comic collection is about 144 sites! so the manga cnushes the american comic!

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I suppose so, but then again the Canon US comic is in full colour, has better art and a 1000 times better storyline that is also canon emoji

I'm still waiting to get the 1st volume of the manga as we speak. It isnt easy though, they're taking veeery long with the shipping XD and it also comes with another copy of the 2nd volume (I had no choice but to buy them together!).

Is anybody interested in purchasing the 2nd volume off me? (since I'll have 2 of them soon) I only take Paypal. If not, I'll probably list it on Ebay.

I can't buy it, but good luck!

Why don't you keep it as a spare?

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I have a buyer now emoji so it is on hold for her!

And well, since I feel generous… I scanned a few more pages in. Some of the creepiest pages too O_O

Check 'em out here

Also posted a page from the 'Fake Ratchet' chapter, it's just the lombax clones from Size Matters but in the Manga, Qwark was the one who created them emoji

but in the Manga, Qwark was the one who created them emoji

Now that is deviant!

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I just got the First volume this week emoji but I haven't had time to be online much, due to my job.

I'll scan some pages too but all I can say for now is… is… is that is it much… MUCH CRAZIER than the 2nd volume.

I really don't know what else to say, it's just… so messed up! Way more messed up! But some other characters like Courtney Gears and Mr Fizwidget appear in this one.

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If there's any good animator here, animate the manga and show it to Toei Animations. You wont be disappointd.