Sujet : Things that make you go facepalm.

And who was that? I wasn't on RG at the time.

When i stand in front of the Goal or Basket or whatever and there is no one defending it and i MISS emoji


When i stand in front of the Goal or Basket or whatever and there is no one defending it and i MISS emoji


That's so true. I always feel a bit ashamed when that happens to me.

EDIT: rjsmaster, check this thread:
Neither I were there seeing that back then, but still I can say that wasn't the only reason for the ban.

I remember this one time I called the vet and ask to make an oppointment for a claw trim (cause my dog's claws are dark and can't see the quick well) and then the woman on the otherside of the phone asks 'you want to manke an oppiontment for his castration?' but I was like 'what? no' and repeat what I said and then she goes 'oh sorry the connection must be bad' but at that time I heard her loud and clear down the phone.

I had a music playlist (with over 50 songs) on shuffle, and it managed to play the same song three times in a row! emoji That's the problem with shuffle…

Is anyone going to answer my question?

I did emoji

Oh… you mean that Question.. oops emoji

I'm playing R&C: All 4 One right now and dicide to play it online when I try to join the person by request reload he/she dinied it but when I got in the game for late join I automatically got a trophy for beating the last boss I didn't even fight thus made my brain facepalm emoji

This piece of Engrish is smirk-worthy.

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EDIT: It also makes me facepalm when both Ratchet and Clank die in single player offline mode.

Good lord it's been a while since I last post anything here but boy do I have something for you guys to facepalm at.

I was surfing around the internet doing a few daily things as well while I noticed my uncle channel hopping on TV then he stopped at a channel four that played Time Team there's that cute little harmless frog sitting there at the digging site.
While the team just sit there giggling like idiots plus keeping away from it like it's toxic or something one of the women team asks "does it bite?" as I heard it I facepalmed and lold my butt off as I said "frogs don't have teeth you dumb b***h" and just could not believe someone can be this dumb on TV in real life.

Although there was that one on youtube where people not only post dumb comments about frog having teeth but also there was this one video the frog that was hungry got the owner's finger as it thought it was food and the owner went "ow ahhh ahhh" like it has teeth or something which is stupid emoji

Recently, I used the 'Picard facepalm meme' on a facebook comments thread
(click the Spoiler tag to see the image I mean - I don't want to put a post that takes up a lot of space on the page)

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and I even put in the comment "Picard.jpg", and someone replied with "is that spok?" I sincerely hope he was joking when he said that because otherwise I'd have to:

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(double facepalm)