Sujet : The quote game

"…bathroom gossip, wild speculation, and a magic 8 ball."

Narrator for Vid-Comic #1.


Emporer Tacheyon's Hiaku.

"…I'm not Baking Brownies here!"

Wait, that quote sounds familiar…

Wait, that quote sounds familiar…

I'll give you a hint: All 4 One

That's not enough.

That's not enough.

Hmm….ok, last hint: "Your hoverthrone has been damaged. Perhaps you should try killing them."

Well, time for my wild guess: Mr. Dinkles computer system in his, uh, hoverthrone? That's the name right?

Almost. Basically, the Steward says "Your hoverthrone has been damaged…." and Mr. Dinkles "What's it look like I'm trying to do–I'm not baking brownies here!"

So close. Alright then. My turn.

"He's heading for the chamber!"

Sigmund to Clank.

I guess I'll go.

One disposable pop star… disposed.

Uhm, Clank? I mean - I don't totally remeber the scene, but that sounds like his one-liner emoji

yea thats klunk

That is pure evil.