Sujet : Ratchet & Clank PS4 - Official Thread

The new Ratchet is going to be this:

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Same basic levels, gameplay and story. But completely different. Familiar for those who played the original, but full of surprises.

Yeah, for all we know, Ratchet's telling Clank "This isn't the real captain Qwark you numbskull, it's a robot!"
But I'm still not convinced that EVERYTHING will return. There's gotta be some new weapons, gadgets, planets, ect.

Ah. Well, I expect it to be so much more :oui:

I just hope it will be of the lenght of ACiT. Or longer, I woudn't mind that either.

I agree, but I hate it when a game's length is too long, it makes it has a low (or no) replay value

It's even more annoying when lengthy games have obvious moments of padding (Moons in ACiT, Ship section in UC3…emoji

I wouldn't mind it being a decent length as long as they don't pad it out with (as Darkstar said) stuff that doesn't need to be in the game. If done right, it could be long, fun and replayable all at the same time.

But that is hoping for a bit much, isn't it?

Depending on how faithful the "reimagining" of R&C1 is, it could easily end up being a decent length game with little to no padding!
On the other hand, looking at the last few R&C games, I have a horrible feeling it will be about five levels long with tons of padding…
Here's hoping for the former alternative…

Yea, the last time we got a proper R&C game was 2007. I would like to think we might get another one now, but i'm not going to hold my breathe.

The game's been in development for almost 2 years, I wouldn't worry too much about this not being a full package.
I have my doubts that this game will feature ACiT's space exploration too. I think IG realised it took too much away from the main game.

I guess that is a fair amount of time to be working on a R&C game. I mean A4O got quite a bit of development time, and it looked and played pretty well. Although unfortunately I didn't feel A4O was as replayable as the games before QfB, this was probably mostly due to the type of game that it was.

Any game based off of R&C1 has to be great though, so I'm not too fussed.

Yeah but A4O had ~80 people working on it, while this game has over 200.

Not to mention that A4O was just way too slow, it stopped you in your tracks too many times and it was way too repetitive with its level structure. It's good in short bursts, but playing it in one sitting makes it one of the most boring games ever made.

QFB was more boring than A4O.

QFB was more boring than A4O.

U wot m8?