Ratchet and Clank Future: The Homecoming

Fiction écrite par KiwiLombax15

The time has come. The final battle. Will the lombax return, or will the evil hiding in the shadows destroy everything?

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Wind howled around the rocks, bitter and cold. It carried with it the promise of snow.
General Cross sighed, and turned to the tall Lombax standing next to him.
"Looks like more snow on the way"
The other Lombax growled to herself. Captain Elizabeth Sharr was renowned in the Praetorian Guard for her short temper and prodigious strength.Not for nothing was her nickname "Iron Liz" The promise of more snow did not impress her.
She flexed her arm, rock hard muscles moving under her dun-coloured fur.
"Last thing we need, General. We've lost 10 lombaxes to frostbite this week"
The old gray lombax rose from the rock he'd been sitting on.
"Ginger has a plan, right? The last you heard, hows that going?"
Captain Sharr shrugged.
"Don't know. She says she's getting close to a breakthrough"
The general looked out over the frozen, desolate wasteland.
"I hope so. For all our sakes, I hope so…"


  1. Date: A ray of Hope
  2. Date: The volunteer
  3. Date: Through the gate
  4. Date: when worlds collide
  5. Date: Shadows rising
  6. Date: the Kerchu and the Crystal
  7. Date: Return to the Clock
  8. Date: Black ice, cold heart
  9. Date: Into the Jungle
  10. Date: Kaos
  11. Date: Allies and Answers
  12. Date: Terror on Terachnos
  13. Date: Sabotage!
  14. Date: Mukow part 1: Cry of the banshee
  15. Date: Mukow part 2: It's a trap!
  16. Date: The Catacombs
  17. Date: Into the spiders web: part 1
  18. Date: Into the spiders web: Part 2
  19. Date: Drakes secret
  20. Date: The mis-shapen ones
  21. Date: Quantos part 1: spirit woods
  22. Date: Quantos part 2: Guards and Grief
  23. Date: Into the fire
  24. Date: Reunion
  25. Date: shards of a broken soul
  26. Date: final confrontation
  27. Date: Loose ends and new starts
  28. Date: Honour betrayed
  29. Date: Return
  30. Date: Epilogue

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Avatar - regularhoolifiod
regularhoolifiod 14 avr. 2012 02:26:49

that sucksemoji

Avatar - Taz-dragon
Taz-dragon 3 juin 2012 21:50:23

This is great! It would sell a lot if it were a book. 10/10!emojiemojiemoji

Avatar - Estherash94
Estherash94 14 juin 2012 13:11:41

I read this story a while back, and now that I'm a member, I can rightfully say your an awesome writer!emoji Keep it up, and we'll keep readin'! emoji

Avatar - Ratchet_25ZX
Ratchet_25ZX 9 juil. 2012 05:45:08

Ikr? This story is epic! I read this a while back too, when I wasn't a member..

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Membre supprimé 28 avr. 2013 13:30:59

Great story emoji

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Shell_Shock 16 août 2013 04:51:23

AMAZING YOU WRITE WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!!!!!!!! no for real tho you touch me in words

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gerbensteyaert 19 oct. 2013 15:09:00

This is a beautifull fanfic!

Avatar - NH_Gamer360
NH_Gamer360 10 mars 2014 08:25:07

WOW, i could not stop reading this! love it!

Avatar - ankadewo
ankadewo 19 sept. 2014 07:58:48

I know it's been 4 years since the release of this fanfic, but let me give a comment about it. It's great to see a great fanfic which is shorter than a novel, but more touching than a novel. Really, I almost cried when i read the epilogue. Keep it up! (I hope you're still out there kiwilombax)

Avatar - Ratchets_Weapon_sketcher
Ratchets_Weapon_sketcher 14 mars 2016 21:36:43

Its nice, This is swedish: DE E NAJS. emoji