Sujet : The Ratchet & Clank Movie Game???

Ooooooh, Right.

So Drek doesn't come out alive (maybe). Ah. A tad disappointed but it would be nice to watch that storyline again on the Big Screen. Oh well, i'll acccept what i can get.

The core of the R&C1 plot will probably remain, but scenes might be altered and scenes like 'Ratchet meets Clank' might play out different.

Eh, worst case scenario, we'll have a 480p playthrough of the Original Ratchet and Clank game in 30fps as the Movie with deleted scenes and gameplay.

Well there is a bit more to it than you think. Specifically it is 'A retelling of the origins story'.

We've figured out it will have the following things: It will show Ratchet & Clank finding each other and ultimately trying to stop Drek. We also know that Nefarious, Qwark and the Galactic Rangers will be in it.

So so much could be different.

Nefarious and Drek could team up
Ratchet could fight Drek while Qwark fights Nefarious
Ratchet could defeat Qwark and Drek, then require Qwark's assistance to defeat Nefarious.
Ratchet and Clank might try and team up with the galactic rangers and launch assaults on Drek's space stations and fleet, with Nefarious being evil on the side.
After defeating Drek and possibly Qwark they tease us at the end with Nefarious popping and attacking Veldin and Metropolis or whatever.

Things will not be following the R&C1 formula, that is for sure.

The movie might not even get its own game unless it generates sufficient buzz with the general public before its release.

The game would also be backtracking. And after all the negative feedback Insomniac had the past few years, I'm not sure if they want to enter the notorious movie adoptation market. Even when its their own franchise.

I really don't think that this movie will become a game. And if it does I am sure Insomniac won't make the game. They have this thing about originality.

Maybe this could be kind of concidered as one. Didn't expect one (or "re-imagining), but I'm more than happy about the new game, I just hope it doesn't reboot the entire series.
I also like that the both studios are making this.
And… have to buy a PS4 sooner than I expected. But that's okay. :oui:

I wouldn't mind it.
At this point, most people don't take R&C seriously, so it's the perfect time for a reboot and see if they can get people's interest again.

Too bad this basically means that where R&C: Nexus ends off there will probably be no continuation. Oh well, I'm equally as happy either way, because we would probably just get new standalone adventures anyway. Everything seems pretty tied up from the future series, so this re-imaging will probably be just as good (if not better, due to it being easier for new people to come into the series) as a new game set after Nexus.

Too bad this basically means that where R&C: Nexus ends off there will probably be no continuation.

That's my fear with this. It reminds me of Crystal's Tomb Raider series, but the difference being that Tomb Raider: Underworld concluded the enitre series and TR'13 was the ticket to more Tomb Raider.

I just hope that eventually they are going to make that actual last Ratchet game. With Orvus, Lombaxes, tons of happy ending happiness etc.

It's happy endings all around isn't it? You must hate games like inFamous where there are proper tragedies!

I'm more speaking to people as a whole. I don't get it. What's wrong with Ratchet not being with the Lombaxes? He does not belong with them. He has Clank. Clank is what makes Ratchet different, because as we saw with Ratchet & Azimuth (and the stores of Kaden and Azimuth) Lombaxes tend to have a natural nack for adventure and mischief. But with Clank around, Ratchet has been able to contain all the reckless Lombax nature within, and become a stronger character.

That is, what I feel the Future saga was all about. It was about Clank checking out his destiny, and Ratchet his past. But in the end what the 2 heroes needed the most was each other, and the many galaxy-saving adventures ahead… oh and Qwark. We must see Qwark!

I think it would be cool to see what happened to Orvus, but on the other hand it is a nice little mystery that we can conclude for ourselves. Sometimes there can be loose ends, and we're just going to have to decide for ourselves what we want to believe. I like to think Orvus is around. Watching, but not interfering. Perhaps from the Zoni dimension, overlooking the one Clank and Sigmund are in.

After playing Tomb Raider: Underworld I figured that 'finding out for yourself and speculate' is just a fancy term for 'F you, we don't know what to do with it either' or 'We don't want to dissapoint you with the outcome, so we'll leave it at that'. Anyhow, I don't except either as an excuse.

This, this thing right here. That is the best 3rd in any series. I wish there were more like it.

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I don't know anything about what Tomb Raider has been doing to annoy people. But I do know a little bit about Resistance. In Resistance, you can quickly blast through the games from 1 through to 3 and feel reasonably satisfied with the story. But if you're one of those people who just wants more from the game's story, then after carefully analysing Intel and stuff, you can draw a bigger picture and gain a better understanding of the full picture. But one thing that stands out, are a lot of unanswered questions. I myself haven't touched Resistance in ages, so can't remember exactly what I'm talking about, but from memory they made the world of knowledge seem far larger than it was. By leaving a few things out for us to figure out on our own.

Especially around Russia, and the Cloven. We have all these nice contained little stories that could be leading onto the origins of them, but we never quite get there. Is this Insomniac's typical lazy storytelling? Did they really have no idea where they were going with these? Or did they just want to leave it open for us to never find out. It doesn't seem like them to be lazy around a story, but maybe they just didn't want us gaining a full picture? Maybe they wanted us to fit more closely into the shoes of whoever we were playing as. Do you think Hale or Capelli really knew (or even cared) about how the Cloven came to be, and why they worked in the strange ways that they do?

Then again that kinda contradicts what I use to think about Resistance, in that it was more centered around the Chimera then the soldier in which we controlled, by teasing us with the picture at the start of Resistance: Fall of Man. But that sort of crumbled with Capelli's crappy little story in Resistance 3 no one cared in the slightest about, because clearly we were all really pissed that Capelli was turned into a completely different character named 'Joe'.

I haven't talked about these games in a long time… sorry about that.

EDIT: That is a bold statement about that being the "best 3rd in any series"… I'm sure all the Metal Gear fans would be in an uproar hearing that line being used for a game that isn't the legendarily unbeatable 'Snake Eater'. I'm not though, because I don't like the intro song to that game… most overrated theme song ever!!

Assuming you don't want me to spoil anything about the Crystal trilogy, I'm gonna put it this way:

Core developed Tomb Raider '96 to Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness on PS2. This is when Eidos decided that the series should be made by one of their other teams: Crystal Dynamics. So Crystal created a new canon series and declared all of Core's game non-canon.

In TR: Legend the player was itroduced to a much more likeable Lara Croft, who was on the look an artefact. The game takes a much different turn later on and is concluded in an amazingly take on the paradox effect that leaves you in awe! It also reveals that a certain person that is important to Lara can be 'found'. They then released a prequel TR: Anniversary with the line: 'Sometimes to understand your future, you have to go back to your past. Only this time, it will be different'.

Anniversary wasn't a great game on its own, but it did give some new story factors that carried over to Underworld. New characters and 'assets' were introduced for example.

And finally there was Underworld. All of the loose ends from Legend and Anniversary were carried over. And I mean every singe little thing. From a boat that Lara steals in Anniversary and where it went to everything else I'm not going to spoil. It even teaches you that not all of your personal wars can be won and that amazing plot twist casts such a dark shadow over all Tomb Raider games. Even during '13 I shivered by thinking about it!

Storywise TR: Underworld is my favourite 3rd in a series. There is seriously no room for speculation. They made sure of that by releasing the ‘Under the Ashes’ which concluded things you didn’t even wonder about. I’ve been spoiled with this game and it makes me want similar endings for other franchises I play!