Sujet : New vs old

Using what little info we have on the new ps4 game I suggest we comepare its like this we compare things to the new ps4 game to the old game's and see what seems better let me give you an example the combuster or the blaster ? Then list which is better and why

Tricky: The combuster is more powerful, and doesn't waste ammo, whereas the blaster (aside from an unoriginal name) fire rapidly and has poor aiming.

I think the combuster wins, even though I don't like that they keep reusing it over and over again.

Warmonger or Devastator?

Hmm warmonger is op shown in multiplayer but the devastator locks on and follows them so I'm gonna go with warmonger

Now pyrociter or pyro blaster ?

Heh, Pyrocitor for sure! It's design may have been a little clunky, but it's flame had a better attack than the pyroblaster.

Robot Galactic Rangers vs Ps4 Galactic Rangers?

# robots the In uya the galactic rangers saved is in that final mission so galactic rangers

Mr zurkon family or agents of dred ?

Mr. Zurkon has appeared in every R&C PS3 game except QFB. Throughout his lives, he has had many funny lines. To me, Zurkon Family is more charismatic and sympathetic than Agents of Dread, even though I like them.

> Pixelizer Vs. Quantum Repulsor?

Hmmm pixlizer seems cool but the repulsor has that slow month affect….

I'm gonna go with pixlizer

Nexus levatator or going commandos levatator

The ITN Jetpack for sure! Oh how I hated that GC levitator! Oh how I loved that ITN jetpack! Too bad the new one is noisey.

Spitting Hydra or Predator Launcher?

Spitting hydra was esay to upgrade but I'm going with predator launcher

Buzz blade's or chopper

Well, those are both from the "old" catagory. I thought "new" only referred to Ps4 game.

Anyway, the chopper does less damage, and was quite hard to use without moving. Buzz Blades wins.

Ps2 Gaspar vs Ps4 Gaspar?

I guess the buzz blades are kinda old…
Ps4 Gaspar looks nice and huge ps2 so much pain…

So ps4 Gaspar

Plasma striker ps4 game or fusion rifle ps2 game

Fusion rifle was pretty darn powerful, compared to the plasma striker, so Fusion rifle wins.

Victor Von Ion vs Robot lieutenant?

I know nothing about the new guy besides his voice actor so I'm gonna stick with the Robot Lieutenant for now.

Hologuise or Holo Pirate Disguise

Both had down side's soooo……. Pirate guise was better

Dual vipers or dual blasters ?

Dual Vipers because of the pretty rainbow when at level 100!

Visibomb or Spiderbot?