Wildspace - Chapter 2

Author: Estherash94

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I woke up achey. My everything was aching. My mouth was dry, too. I blinked several times, trying to wake up. Above me was a steel roof. A jail cell, about the size of a small office space, with a laser containment grid for jail bars that would no doubt slice your finger lest you try to pick the lock. Assuming it even had a lock to begin with. And suprisingly, I still had my backpack on me. These little wonders…

Fuzzy thoughts pushed at my brain as I struggled to a sitting position. Where am I? I was one of those thoughts as I rested my head against the wall, trying to rest. Idiot! I'm so stupid. How do I get myself in these situations? I've been in worse though. Can't think of any right now, but…

I used the wall to balance myself as I got to my feet and walked to my laser grid of a door. I looked up and down the corridor. There were other cells too, the only thing was they were empty. I was the only prisoner. Very bad sign.

As I suspected, there was no lock. All there was was just some round red light, like a stoplight. On observing a passing robot guard, the keys, more red lights, were literally attached to the guards. I scowled, things looked grim for me. I didn't see anything to grab or a lock to pick. Crap.

I did notice one thing, though. To the left of my cell, I noticed a plug of some kind, about the size of my fist. It was called a versa-fuse, to this day I still don't know how I knew that at the time. When you unplugged it, though, something would happen. Something would power down. Kinda like pulling a plug out of a wall outlet. Hmmm…

Carefully reaching my hand through the laser grid so I wouldn't slice myself, I gently placed my hand on the versa-fuse, and firmly…yanked. It actually came out pretty easily, though it did shock me a bit. Yeah! Yes!

Clang! Suddenly, everything blacked out. And when I say everything, I do mean everything. The laser grid, the lights, the locks and keys, everything. It was so dark I couldn't even see my own hand. "Aw, crap." I mumbled as I felt around in my backpack and found my cell phone, switching on the flashlight.

At that second it felt like I was in a horror movie. Everything was creepy and dark, I could see the dust particles in the air when I moved my flashlight, and it was eerily quiet. I gulped as I slowly emerged from my cell. Even the camera's were down, I realized as I looked around. No guards. All clear.

I slowly made my way around the building and waded away from the prison cells and out to the outer edges of the building and who knows where else. Surprisingly, there were huge windows. I mean huge. Like a cars length. No, van. And you would expect for me to see a desert, a snowy mountain side perhaps? Well…no.

I plastered my face to the glass in shock as I registered nothing but darkness, pitch black. Speckled with white. And in the middle of it all…was what looked like a big yellow marble. "Holy (Insert word of your choice here.)." I whispered. I'm not at home. I'm not even on Earth. I'm. In. Space.

I blinked a couple times, wrapping my head around this discovery. But a familiar voice snapped me back to reality. "Lawrence! Where are my Minions?! I want the power back on right now!!"

Oh, crap. He's back!

"Apologies, Doctor Nefarious." I heard a voice, Lawrence, reply calmly. "With the Secondary Hyperspace Fueling Module's release, 65% of power had been cut off. Including the Minions that were on the detention level charging station, sir." I heard the "Doctor" growl. "Grr…well, what operations are still online?" he asked angrily. A pause. "5 remaining minions, the main engines, and the escape pods. Sir."

I raised an eyebrow. Had I heard that right? Escape pods? Talk about your stereotypical space age movie. I shied away from the voices and made my way to where I thought the Escape Pods would be. Honestly, I was kinda winging it at this point.

It took a lot of guessing, but I finally found them, about twelve of them lined up against the right wall. All I had to do was slip inside, close the door and rocket out of here. And that's as far as I planned.

I started to worry when I started to realize there were no guards anywhere. This was a little…too easy. Suspiciously quiet. I cautiously made my way to the closest one, but it was still pretty far away as I slipped by. I started to get into the pod, relief flooding through me when suddenly I got a chill down my spine, it stopping me mid step. And the following clicking sound proved my suspicions.

On instinct I reacted, ducking just in time for a blaster bolt to hit the empty air where my head used to be. "Yow!!" I whirled, searching for the source. "Leaving so soon?" The high pitched, cracking, freak helium accident sounding voice said. I looked back.

So, that's the belly of the beast. Doctor Nefarious, was it? I thought as I looked him over. He was a tall robot, well, let's go cyborg, probably about six feet high, but about a whole foot of a it was made up of what looked like a green stretched out fish bowl at the top of his head where his brain would be, and inside was the inner workings of his robotic brains, including pressure pumps, cooling fans, various sized gears and cogs. Below that were a glowing pair of red eyes, followed by a nutcracker like jaw. His body was made up of various purple and grey metal pieces, along with some orange plates at his elbows and knees. His eyes narrowed as he pointed the blaster in my direction yet again "What? Did we not fold your towel properly?"

"If you did that I would've left a long time ago." I spat. I then ran, refusing to look behind me. I heard an insane laugh as the sound of more blaster bolts fired at random echoed around me, making sheets of the metal wall pop.

In the next second, there was another blast, and almost simultaneously a sudden, burning pain in my left shoulder. I gasped and glanced over to see fresh blood blossoming on my sleeve. That Tin Toy had actually managed to hit me!

Then, in a series of unfortunate circumstances, I tripped, landing hard on my stomach into another room. I took the time to whisper 'crap' and looked up. Well, this was convenient. I had tripped right into another escape pod. Whaddya know?

"Lawrence! Stop her!!!" the Doctor screamed. I heard more guards coming, and I quickly closed the door. I jumped into the seat just in time for the pod to launch, pressing me against the chair from the G-forces. The pressure didn't help my wound, that's for sure.

Once I was able to, I got up and looked back behind me in a window to see the big battleship I was on getting smaller and smaller fast.

Relief flooded through me, and I suddenly felt extremely tired. I checked my wound. I was only grazed by the blast, thankfully.

As I started to get dizzy from the sudden lose of blood, my vision started to quirk and warp as well. Oh, great. I thought as I sat in the chair at the controls watching as the yellow planet I had spotted earlier got bigger and bigger, a migraine too?


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