Secret Agent Clank

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Developer: High Impact Games (PSP)
Editor: Sony
Composer: David Bergeaud
Release dates:
us flag Jun 17, 2008
eu flag Jul 11, 2008
jp flag Nov 20, 2008
Format: UMD

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After the creation of Size Matters in 2007, High Impact Games are back one year later with Secret Agent Clank, a new game for the Playstation Portable. As suggested by its title, this game's main protagonist is not our favorite Lombax but his robotic friend Clank who will have to put on his tuxedo to solve a case that saw Ratchet being incarcerated. Once again, the team of developers behind this episode brings a new set of game mechanics and for the first time in the serie, Qwark becomes a playable character along with both Ratchet and Clank.


Ratchet has been incarcerated for a crime he claims he did not commit. As Clank tries to uncover the mystery surrounding Ratchet's case, he is sent for a new mission by his secret agency to deal with a crime organization...

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