a new time

Fiction written by BA_lombax

basically continueng a story of the crack and time series

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Introduction.we rejoin our hero’s after zurgos spectacular defeat. After zurgos defeat there were many celebretions prades partys memorials etc. all of this happened for about 2 months then things slowed down significantly… but not for long.

Azimuths body was stoed in a peacfull manner in a compression chamber specifically for his acts of bravery at the grear clock.One day back at the great clock sigmond was keeping the clock in substantial shape every thing was working out how could anything go wrong?all of a sudden sigmond hears a door unlocking a crash quick footsteps but no ship leaving. By the time sigmond reached the chamber it was too late the chamber was wide open and alister azimuths body gone.

Back st the phoenix 2 ratchet and clank were eating luch when they finnaly got the call a week later. Sigmond said sorry I couldn’t get the message here sooner but security has been really tight around hear so they wouldn’t let me send it untill now for precautionary reasons. Ratchet says what happened. Sigmond said alister azimuths body is missing. Ratchet says why would anybody want alister azimuth especially if he were dead.sigmond says I don’t know why or how but it happened and alisters gone. Clank says could this just be a misunderstanding. Ratchet says a misunderstanding sounds like a crime. Clank says but why? Ratchet says were going to find out. Ratchet says im on my way. Sigmond says I let you know when its safe security has been really tight lately.

Ratchet and clank make there way to the great clock and look inside the chamber. Security says we havnt found any tracks exept the ones before when he was alive. Clank said what about the cameras. Sigmond said it was maintnence day. Ratchet says wait wait wait if those are the tracks from before wouldn’t they be deteriorated? Clank says my scanners say yes but ratchet you saw alister he was well dead. Ratchet says I just don’t get it if those are alisters tracks then how did a criminal do it. Clank says the criminal could of possibly been wearing azimuths shoes. Sigmond says security needs you to leave now. Ratchet says give us a call if you find anything out.

Ratchet and clank are at the phoenix and trying to figure out how all this happened. Ratchet says I still feel that were missing something a clue something what is it? ratchet says I feel like azimuth is still alive. Clank says he couldn’t possibly be alive he died 7 months ago. then Out of nowhere ratchet and clank are teleported and woke up in a strange place a few hours later. Ratchet gets up and hears a familiar voice but cant remember where its from. He cant make out the face untill a few seconds later because his vision was blurry. When he can see its gleeman vox! Ratchet says what do you want from us! With more fury in his voice then clank ever had heard. Vox says what don’t I want! You two practically wrecked my life now im going to do the same to yours. Clank says vox what you were doing was wrong what would have happened if we didn’t do it. Vox says I would still be a billionare and you too would have been dead years ago. Then vox says ive got work to do see yeah lombax. Then ratchet and clank are knocked unconscious again. He wakes back up ratchet look around and sees azimuth in the containment tube next to him. Vox says is this a friend of yours hes the reason nearly your whole race is dead what a coward. Then azimuth starts yelling who am I what am I
why am I here. Ratchet was confused. Then vox says ill have something to brag about I didn’t kill the last lombax I killed the last 3. Ratchet was confused to why he had said last 3 but before he could say anything the wall caved in a ship came in and a knock out gas grenade knocked everybody out. Ratchet recognized the face from an old picture just before he got knocked out.

Ratchet wakes up seeing many familiar faces around him. He says max apogee angela cross what? Where am I. clank says max apogee saved us and we are at the apogee space station. Talwyn says you were out cold. Ratchet says for how long? Angela says 3 days. Ratchet says how are you guys awake then? Max apogee says all the gas in your body you recived that day from vox and my grenade made you sleep a day longer. They all get up and start talking. Ratchet says what happened to azimuth? Angela says he seems to have lost his memory when he was struck by the clock energy. Ratchet says how did he stay alive for so long. Max apogee says when he was struck zoni nanobots were injected into his body. Talwyn says we are fixing his memory with some old brain reesesers we found. We use to use them for when we forgot something. Ratchet says im guessing angela you were the third lombax that vox was talking about. Angela says so it is. Alister woke up shortly after. But didn’t fully wake up yet. Ratchet says max how did you find us? Max says I found an extreme source of energy that was lombax energy. Azimuth wakes up and explaines his escape from the clock. Alister says I had learned the maintnence day of the cameras so I escaped used my hologrpher in my ship so nobody new I left and I had a d9 silencer engine so they didn’t hear the take off. Well that explaines everything clank said. Then they hear ships fly by… to be continued


  1. Date: the rundown

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