Just a Thief? - Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Child's Thoughts

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Author: Foenix

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The sky is a rosy pink right now. It’s always like that, but it never ceases to amaze me with its beauty. The first few jewels begin to invade the sky. Sometimes I wonder what it’s like among the stars. At those times, I wonder if I will ever get off Deresan.
But then I wake up from my dream, and I find my reality once again. I’m a street kid. No home, no family. Most nights, I go to sleep hungry, and I barely ever get a decent meal. The only time I do is when I steal, and, well, I prefer not to. Except from Jarûntó; he sells excellent red apples. I really enjoy it on those occasions when he chases after me. He’ll never catch me though. He’s too fat, and I’m too fast.
I take a couple apples from him about two or three times a month, depending on how hard it is to find food. Today was one of those days. Kasich, another street kid, chased me off, claiming my findings as his. Stupid meanie. I thought about teaching him a lesson or two, but I decided against it. So I went to Jarûntó’s stall and swiped myself two perfect red apples. Enraged, he chased after me, but his stupidity allowed some other street kids to grab some, too. At least most of us are smart enough to take opportunities when presented.
After outrunning Jarûntó, I started towards the place I guess could be labeled as mine. A strange thing happened. I saw that little Novalian girl again. Her name is Ashica. She’s very pretty, but she’s a slave. It makes me sad to see her so afraid, so hurt. I want to help her, but…I don’t know how I can. I gave her one of my apples. I was so happy when she took it from me. But she dropped it when her master called for her. Her master is one of the Guardians. He’s rude, and mean, and just plain ugly. Like a bulldog.
I think I may have been followed when I left the apple-seller behind. After the incident with Ashica, the wind stirred up the dust like it always does. It didn’t bother me all that much, but I heard someone else sneeze as a result. I didn’t think at all. Forgetting Ashica’s dropped apple, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I ran until I was completely out of breath, and kept running until I got to the small hovel I call home, collapsing on the floor when I finally stopped. Actually, that’s where I am now. I’m just laying here like the lazy feline I am. No one can compare me to a feline but myself, understood?
Now, you’re probably wondering by now: who, by Allah and hell’s fury, is this kid? Well, let me introduce myself. I am Rishindiola Hicôtorín Fazashän. I don’t know what people call my species, so I named it myself: Kyt. Everyone who doesn’t know my name calls me that, so I just went with it. I’m sandy-white in color mostly, except for the black stripes set in threes on my ears, tail, and various other places. I once asked an old friend of mine what color my eyes are. He told me that one was green and the other was violet. I find that kinda strange. Oh, well. It’s me, so I guess I’ll live with it.
I saw some stupid kid get hauled off by the Guardians. There’s always one of us who is dumb enough to take an unnecessary chance. This time is was a Nocturne by the name of Mais, Mali’s older cousin. He tried swiping an amulet from the jeweler as well as the lady’s bolts. Idiot. Even I know better than to try something that daft. More and more of us are getting caught these days. It’s beginning to worry me. Either we’re getting clumsy, or, Allah forbid, the Guardians are getting smarter!
I laugh at the thought. You can’t really blame me. Those Guardians, even the Captain himself, is as dumb as a rock. They’ve tried hundreds of times to catch me, but none have been successful. They make it so easy! Last time, I ended up dumping a pot of honey over the Captain’s head and making him fall into a chicken pen. I laughed so hard that I nearly fell off the roof. I just love it when stuff like that happens.
Then I go home. It’s kinda lonesome here with no one to talk to. Sure, sometimes one of the other street kids will drop by for a safe place to stay, and someone to give the street gossip to, but… I’m alone mostly. I lost my brother and sister a few years ago to sickness. I nearly died myself from grief. Then Jamil came along. He would hang out with me every day. We had the best of fun, and the most amazing adventures. But… then… he took a risk… The Guardians caught him. I wanted to help him, but he told me not to. I haven’t heard from him since, and that was two years ago.
But other than being alone, life is great. No adult to tell me what to do; nowhere I have to be; and nothing to do but lay around all day and play. I love life sometimes.
“Yare! The Festival’s tomorrow, and I have to be ready!” I hear suddenly. I sit up at this. I can’t believe it! The Fire Festival, one of the biggest celebrations on Deresan, is tomorrow! I wonder what I’ll end up doing for the talent show. There’s a talent show, you see. Anyone can enter, even us street kids. I haven’t entered but once a long time ago. I plan to this year. Maybe I’ll actually have a chance with my skills. Maybe I’ll try a magic act? I shrug to myself. That might not work; plenty of people can do simple tricks like that.
I stand up and begin to pace. What to do; what to do? I can speak a lot of different languages. Nah. Maybe… well, I could demonstrate my skills with a weapon. Or a wrench. I turn around and pace in the opposite direction. I sigh, remembering that I only have a dagger. Last time I held a wrench was when my parents were still around…I think… And that was a long time ago. I turn again, tapping my chin. I begin to mutter under my breath. That muttering turns into whistling, and then it hits me.
I’ve always been told that I'm really good at playing. I made the instrument myself. Mayhaps I could try that? I’m not sure. I’m quite skeptical. I ought to ask Mali what I should do. She’s smart. I’m half convinced that she’s psychic. She could tell me what I should do. Yes. I think I will ask her.
I look outside to see the last rays of sunlight disappearing from existence. I’ll wait until tomorrow morning to ask her. I can’t wait!

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