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What did everyone's favourite Lombax do before becoming a hero?

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“Everyone go!”

Kaden’s orders were heard throughout Fastoon. He opened a portal with the Dimensionator, the remaining Lombaxes struggled to flee from Tachyon’s army. As he saw the horror in his people’s faces, Kaden was reminded of all he had lost in the last few hours. All he had left was his son.

“Go, go!”

There wasn’t much time left, Tachyon could find them at any moment. The last Lombax went through the portal as Kaden closed it. There was no going back now.
He went to see his son one last time. He was sleeping, blissfully unaware of the situation. Kaden put him on an escape pod. Even if he didn’t save himself, at least he’d know his son would be enjoying life at its fullest. In a place not even Tachyon could reach.

But then, all that was heard was a loud zap as a laser was fired at Kaden’s back.

In his last breath, he launched the escape pod to a far away galaxy, hoping his son could at least be happy with a proper family.

“I know… that you are destined for great things…”

And thus, Kaden collapsed on the floor…


  1. Date: Ratchet?!

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ankadewo Apr 17, 2015, 12:38:16 PM

Oooh, I'm interested in this fic. I'll wait for the next chapters. emoji