The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Lombax Secret - Chapter 3

Chapter 3-The Mysterious Lombax Secret

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They flew through space at breakneck speed. It was a long flight, so Kim had some time to get acquainted with the ship. Kim: "So, your name is Aphelion? Well, it's a pleasure to meet you." Aphelion: "Likewise." Kim: "I have to admit that Lombax technology really is amazing. I've never been on a starship that can actually talk." Aphelion: "Well, you should know that I was built with perhaps the most advanced, fully functioning, automated Artificial Intelligence in the entire Universe. Not only can I talk, but I can think like a super computer." Kim: "Hm, I could get use to this." Ratchet: "Huh, she's already amazing." Clank: "Hm…Who? Miss Possible or the ship?" Ratchet: "Uh, the ship! Duh!" Clank: "Really? For a minute there, I would speculate that this is not what is on your mind. I am well aware that you have an equivalent fascination with both of them."

Ratchet seemed to have been startled by Clank's comment; it was almost as though he was blushing. Ratchet: "That…that's none of your concerns, Clank!"

Kim and Clank began to laugh. Ratchet pouted a little afterwards.

Just then, they received a transmission from a bizarre robot. Robot: "Ahoy, there, young scallywags. This be Cap'n Slag, scourge of the galaxy." Kim: "Uh…is that a robot pirate?" Cap'n Slag: "Surrender your vessel or be cast to the depth of the Universe."

The transmission ended. Kim: "Is he serious!? We just got this ship!" Ratchet: "Clank! Hop on the turret. Kim, take the second controls. We're going to be taking on some nasty space pirates." Kim: "Aye, aye, Ratchet."

As they flew on through space, they fought against the space pirates. It was a fierce and vicious battle. The space pirates were bombarding them relentlessly. It was indeed a long battle and the pirates didn't seem to be letting up. In fact, as the battle progressed on, the pirates were becoming more and more aggressive. But the 3 really pulled together and worked as a team against their annoying foes. They were able to win against them. After the fierce battle, they continued on their way.

They took on another long flight, but they were eventually able to reach Murow. They landed the ship and got out. However, before they could go far, they received a transmission from Captain Qwark. Qwark: "Hey, Ratchet. This is Qwark." Kim: "Oh, great. What does that idiot want this time?" Qwark: "I just want to let you guys know that I have important information for you. There's a battle arena just near where you guys are. Come meet me as soon as you arrive." Kim: "Hm…another battle arena, huh? This should be fun." Ratchet: "I was thinking the same thing, Kim." Kim: "We should head over there but right after we find where that shuttle crashed." Ratchet: "Agreed."

They continued on their way.

They rushed through the area as fast as they could. There were enemies everywhere at every step and every turn. They were faced with one tough battle after another but they were able to manage. It was not like they didn't handle anything like this before, so they knew how to get through all of them.

They were eventually able to find the shuttle. Ratchet: "This must be the spacecraft that Wade informed us about."

Clank took some time to observe it. Clank: "Hm…it appears to be a standard Earth shuttle but even more so than that, it is one of Dr. Possible's specially-made spacecrafts." Kim: "Hey, you're right. The designs of this shuttle bear my dad's signature. This IS one of his shuttles." Ratchet: "Wait a minute, didn't Wade mention to us that Ron took one of Dr. Possible's spacecrafts and was making his way to this galaxy?" Kim: "Yeah, he did. Could this mean…?"

Just then, the door to the shuttle popped off. Immediately afterwards, Ron emerged from it. Ron: "KP! RATCHET!"

Kim and Ratchet stood by, dumbfounded. Kim, Ratchet: "Ron?"

Ron ran over towards them and embraced both of them. Ron: "Oh! I'm so glad to see you guys again! I've been worried about you ever since Wade told me and the Possibles about what happened to you!" Kim: "We're fine, Ron. You don't need to worry about us."

He then pulled away from them. Ron: "Glad to hear it, KP. So, other than being chased down by some nutcases from another galaxy, how have you been? I've missed you guys." Clank: "We are doing quite well for ourselves, Ron." Ron: "Clank! Hey! How's it going, buddy? I've missed you a little more." Clank: "I am alright. Say, do you still have Rufus with you?"

At that moment, Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket. Rufus: "Ta-da!" Clank: "Oh! There you are, Rufus. How are you?"

Rufus then slumped over and groaned with exhaustion. Ron: "He seemed to have…gotten himself dinged up. He didn't seem to handle the ride here very well." Kim: "Uh…yeah, I…have just one question for you: WHAT THE FLOD WERE YOU THINKING!? You grabbed one of my dad's spacecrafts out of the blue and without coming up with any plans on how to handle…(grunt) You were completely reckless! You could have gotten yourself easily killed!" Ron: "I'm sorry, KP. It's just…when Wade told me about what happened to you, Ratchet and Clank, I felt as though I needed to reach you guys as quickly as possible. I didn't even consider everything else."

Rufus then shook his fist at Ron and babbled furiously. Kim: "Well…I…I'm just glad you're safe." Ratchet: "Come on, guys, let's…let's just get to that arena and meet up with Qwark." Ron: "Hold up for a sec. Qwark is here, too? What's been going on here? How did he end up all the way here?" Kim: "We don't know, but maybe we'll be able to find out once we meet with him." Ratchet: "Come on. We'll explain everything to Ron on the way there."

And so, they made their way to the arena now with Ron in tow. Along the way, they told him everything about what they've been going through. From what they were doing while at Metropolis all the way to their recent arrival on the planet they were currently on. Ron: "So let me see if I got this right, this Tachyon guy has been hunting you guys down because of what the Lombaxes, Ratchet's race, did to his kind? Whoa, sounds as though you guys really have been through a lot!" Ratchet: "That…would be putting it lightly, Ron." Kim: "Ratchet is currently wanted by this Empire that's under control of that evil brat and now we're running for our lives everywhere we go because of it." Ron: "Well, if you guys are on the run, than so am I. We're just a bunch of renegades, dodging the evil authorities every step of the way. This is so cool!" Ratchet: "This isn't a joke, Ron! These people are trying to kill us; specifically, they want me dead just for being a Lombax!" Ron: "Duh! I know that. I'm just saying that I might as well have some fun with this along the way; enjoy it however I can. And besides, any threats that you face, I'll face them with you, which would make this even better." Ratchet: "Yeah…good point and…thanks…for being here for me."

Ron smiled at Ratchet, he smiled back. Ron: "So, we're really heading towards this arena to meet up with Qwark?" Kim: "Yeah, he claimed to have some "important information" he wanted to share with us. But knowing Qwark, I have my doubts." Ron: "Uh, yeah, Qwark having anything important for us? Since when did that ever become plausible? This whole thing just screams major bad idea." Rufus: "Oh, major." Ratchet: "Well, he does have a point there." Ron: "And besides, Ratchet is a wanted fugitive throughout the entire galaxy! I don't think any of those Imperials would just allow him to enter the arena." Kim: "Another valid point." Ratchet: "I hate to admit that I agree with him." Clank: "There must be some way we can get Ratchet in undetected. If Qwark does have any vital intel, then we need to meet with him." Kim: "Clank's right. We should at least hear what he has for us, even though the chances of him having anything useful are very slim." Ratchet: "You're right about everything, Kim, especially that last part, but how are we going to get in without having me stick out like a sore thumb?"

Ron thought for a moment. Ron: "Hm…maybe you could wear a disguise." Ratchet: "A disguise? Really? You're kidding, right? I don't think a disguise would fool the security at the arena." Ron: "Well, it's the best thing I could come up with." Ratchet: "Heh, no surprise there." Kim: "The disguise thing could fool Qwark, but Tachyon? Not so much." Ratchet: "Yeah, I agree with her on both aspects." Ron: "But what if we can disguise him in a way to have him not look like a Lombax?" Ratchet: "Oh, and how do you suppose we do that? Have me wear a hat and some glasses?"

Ron thought about it a bit more, a smile then grew on his face.

Within very little time, Ratchet had on a pair of sunglasses and a bandana over his head. Kim: "Are you sure this will work, Ron?" Ron: "I'm positive, KP. If that Tachyon dude can't see his ears, then it's bound to be foolproof, am I right?" Ratchet: "Well…what do we have to lose? There are worse disguises out there." Kim: "(sigh) Fine…let's…let's just get this over with."

They made their way towards the arena. Along the way, Kim pondered something. Clank looked up to her, concerned. Clank: "Is there something the matter, Miss Possible?" Kim: "I feel as though…this disguise has been used before…but I can't remember where. I think it had something to do with…someone not being allowed to wear a helmet or something like that…"

Shortly afterwards, they entered the arena. As soon as they arrived, they found Qwark working as the announcer for the battle arena. Qwark: "Ladies and gentlemen."

The group was very surprised to see this. Kim: "Qwark?" Qwark: "Join me in welcoming our guest of honor. Your Cragmite Overlord and my new best friend." Ron: "Uh…did he just call Tachyon his "new best friend"?" Qwark: "Emperor Tachyon!"

Tachyon appeared on the large jumbo-tron. There was dead silence from the audience; he snapped his fingers, ordering his lackeys to ready their weapons. From that, the audience cheered as Tachyon just conceitedly relished in it. Ron: "Geez, this Tachyon guy would threaten people into giving him praises." Ratchet: "Unfortunately, the worst part doesn't even begin there." Qwark: "Let the battle begin!"

The group got on to fighting the battles. Ratchet went by the alias "Mr. Coolguy" for the arena so that Tachyon and his Imperial Forces would not be able to recognize him. They fought through one battle after another. They were very ongoing and it seemed that they went on forever. There were indeed a lot of enemies coming their way. They kept at it until they were finally able to win all of the battles.

After the battles were finished, they were approached by Qwark. Qwark: "Congratulations, fighter. You remind me of me when I was a young fighter. Your name even fits with that: Mr. Coolguy!" Kim: "Qwark, are you seriously working with the enemy again?" Qwark: "Whoa, hold on there for a sec, little missy. I'm just doing a little something that I like to call SAVING THE UNIVERSE!" Kim: "Uh-huh…and how are you doing that exactly?"

Qwark then went on to tell the group a pathetic story of how he was "fighting" the alien invaders back on Metropolis all the way up to where he was brought to Tachyon and was forced to work for him.

Qwark then managed to finish his story. Ratchet: "So, in other words, you used your powers of being a world-class suck up to save your own hide." Kim: "Yeah, that sounds a lot more accurate." Ron: "Knowing him? Absolutely." Qwark: "Yeah, yeah, make all the jokes you want. Here, take this."

He handed them over a small device. Qwark: "It should explain everything to you guys."

At that moment, Tachyon reappeared on the jumbo-tron. Tachyon: "Ingrate! Quit messing around and get over here. I have boils that require lancing." Qwark: "Coming your Excellency."

He turned around and whispered to the group. Qwark: "Pray for me."

He exited the stadium. The group stood by for a bit; they seemed a bit shocked. Kim: "Wow, I can't believe I'm about to say this, but…I actually feel sorry for Qwark." Ron: "So do I; I think I may have brain fever." Ratchet: "Come on, guys, let's get back to the ship." Ron: "Oh! You guys have a new ship?" Ratchet: "Yeah, we just got it actually." Ron: "Well, then, let's go! I would really like to see this new ship of yours!"

And so, they left the arena.

They made a brief return to where their new ship was. Within the time that they arrived, Ron took a few moments to marvel at it. Ron: "Whoa…that looks cool. Where did you guys get it?" Kim: "We found it on one of the planets that we visited." Ratchet: "It consists of old Lombax technology left behind after my people vanished."

Ratchet seemed despondent. Ratchet: "She's all that's left of them."

Both Kim and Ron seemed sad and concerned for him. They walked up to him and tended to him. He looked back at both of them and smiled. He then jumped into the ship and flipped a switch which opened up the back seats to the ship. Ron and Clank got into the back seats while Kim got into the front. Ron and Clank sat behind Kim and Ratchet respectively. Kim pulled out the device that Qwark gave them and inserted it into the console. Kim: "Now let's see what that evil twerp is up to."

On the device was a recording of a commercial. On the commercial was Tachyon advertising for recruits to enlist in his army. He also mentioned that he was looking for something known as the "Lombax Secret". The last bit mentioned that there was a moon base within the Nundac Asteroid Belt that may have something that involved the Lombax Secret. Ron: "Huh. The Nundac Asteroid Belt." Kim: "That does sound like a good place to look for clues." Clank: "Hm…could this "Lombax Secret" be the weapon used to vaporize the Cragmites?" Ratchet: "Well, whatever it is, we need to get there before Tachyon does." Kim: "Agreed. Who knows what he'll do once he reaches that moon base." Ratchet: "Let's go."

They took off and flew off the planet.

Within a few moments, they arrived at the Asteroid Belt. As soon as they landed and got out of the ship, the Kimmunicator went off again. Kim answered it. Kim: "Wade?" Wade: "Kim, I have some terrible news, there's been a…break in at a top secret lab here on Earth and…you're not going to believe what was stolen: the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer." Kim: "What!? It was stolen!? Again!?" Clank: "Hm…the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer? Is that the device capable of ripping the fabric of space and time by conjuring a black hole the size of Nevada?" Ratchet: "Heh! A black hole the size of Nevada? That doesn't sound very massive." Clank: "That may be, but it could seem otherwise to many on Earth; especially to those who have yet to see other planets." Ratchet: "Oh, right, sorry, I keep forgetting." Kim: "Well, regardless, it's still very dangerous. If it would fall into the wrong hands, such as Tachyon, it could be disastrous to other planets besides Earth. Heck, the entire Universe would be in great danger for that matter." Ratchet: "Yeah, you're right. That device by itself can cause a lot of damage, but if it were to be remodified by someone pure evil, well, that would be it for everyone. We need to find that device before anything terrible happens." Wade: "Well, thankfully, I know what happened to it: it was sold to another galaxy." Ron: "Really? Which galaxy?" Wade: "That's the bad part. It's been sold to someone within the Polaris Galaxy." Ratchet: "What!? The Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer is here!? In this galaxy!? Who was the buyer!?" Wade: "I don't have any intel on that yet. So far, I have nothing to suggest that even Tachyon was the buyer, but I'll keep looking." Kim: "Thanks, Wade. You do that."

Kim turned off the Kimmunicator. Ratchet: "Great, things just got a whole lot worse." Kim: "I agree. I won't be at ease until we find that device and have it returned to it rightful place." Ron: "Same here, KP."

They rushed off and trod through the area. Soon enough, they ran into the Smuggler. Smuggler: "Well, lookie here, seems as though you lot manage to survive a…previous ordeal." Kim: "You!? You've got a lot of nerve to say that after what you did to us!" Ron: "Uh…who is this guy?" Kim: "Just some smuggler that we ran into a while back. Don't pay any attention to him; he's a sleazebag." Ron: "Oh, he's one of those people, huh?" Smuggler: "Now, now, let's not be like that." Kim: "Why not? You just simply ejected us high above that massive city! If we weren't so resourceful, we would have been dead!" Smuggler: "Yeah…apologies for that. Perhaps I can…make it up to you with some vital intel regardin' this place." Ratchet: "What kind of intel?" Smuggler: "Like for instance, the owner o' that there space station ain't accustomed to visitors but I know a way to get you in there for a small fee, of course." Kim: "Alright, what's the catch?" Smuggler: "Oh, nothin', just a few things. You see, I'm in the market for collectin' and sellin' some…unusual parts from monsters. If you could find me a few of those parts, I'll gladly provide you with what I know."

The group seemed less than pleased by the Smuggler's request. Kim: "(grunt) It seems as though we don't have a choice. Come on, let's go fill this scum's wish list."

Kim walked off with Ratchet and Clank. Ron stood by for a bit. He was very unhappy. Ron: "(groan) Do we have to?"

He went off after them.

They went around the entire area, searching for everything on the Smuggler's list. It was very tough and excruciatingly time consuming. None of them wanted to do this, but they really were out of options at the time.

After they searched long and hard, they found everything that they needed to look for, then went back to the Smuggler. They handed everything to him. Smuggler: "Well, how about that? You've gotten everything on my list." Ron: "You'd better appreciate this! We risked our hides trying to retrieve them!" Smuggler: "Now, now, don't get your baggies in a bunch. I'll give you what you want. I'm a man of my word." Kim: "Somehow, I find that hard to believe." Smuggler: "Now then, to get into the space station, you'll need to make your way through the Sigma-3 Maintenance Hub. Afterwards, everything else will be…easy to get through." Ron: "Why do I have a feeling that what he's saying is anything but easy?" Kim: "Because it usually isn't. Regardless, it's nothing we can't handle. Right, Ratchet?" Ratchet: "You know it."

They then made their way towards the Sigma-3 Maintenance Hub. There, they stood and looked around the place before they began their extensive trek through the entire area. Ron: "Now then, where to go from here?" Kim: "We follow the direct path." Ron: "Uh-huh…and the direct path is…what exactly?" Kim: "Uh…I'm sure Ratchet will be able to figure it out. Right, Ratchet?" Ratchet: "Don't I always?"

They began navigating themselves through the complex maze. It was one of a multitude of gravity defying puzzles of mechanical proportions. Clank seemed to be drawn in by something. Clank: "Curious. That generator must be powering a Sigma-3 gravity simulator, with proto-morphic ionization synthesizers." Ron: "Uh…did anyone understand a word he just said?" Ratchet: "Hardly."

They kept on going through the complex maze. After a long trek that was anything but fleeting, they were able to find an elevator shaft. Clank: "Ratchet, Ron, Miss Possible. I believe that could be our point of entry." Kim: "I agree. Let's go."

They made their way into the elevator and were lifted up into the space station. As soon as they got inside, they had a chance to look around the entire place. Ron: "Whoa…just look at this place…" Kim: "I know…it's quite amazing…" Ratchet: "Cool, check out that terrarium." Clank: "Hm…it seems whoever constructed this station wanted an oasis as well as a fortress." Kim: "Apparently…"

Just then, they heard a voice on the loud speakers. Voice: "Attention, intruders. This is Lieutenant Commander Zephyr of the Apogee Space Station. Lay down your weapons and prepare for a whuppin'" Kim: "Huh, it seems like that scumbag smuggler wasn't bluffing about whoever lives here not liking visitors." Ron: "Uh…did he just say "whuppin'"?" Ratchet: "Let's just ignore it and get through this place already."

They began their trek through the interiors of the space station. Zephyr: "This is your final chance. Lay down your weapon so you may receive the a-fore mention whuppin'." Ron: "Seriously, who says that anymore?" Kim: "Nevermind that. Let's just keep going."

They continued in further a little more. Shortly afterwards, they heard another voice on the loud speakers. Voice: "Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Intruder…am I doing it right?" Zephyr: "Stay in character, you dern fool." Voice: "Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Intruder alert!"

That kept repeating on and on for a little while. Ron: "There's another one?" Kim: "Just who are these guys?"

They progressed through a bit more. Voice: "Attention, you whippersnappers. This is Chief Admiral Cronk. We are activating the thermo-splinter defenses. Desist all youthful activity and return from whence you came." Kim: "Huh, just as I thought. They're a couple of old geezers. No wonder why their vocabulary is so dated." Cronk: "Hey! I heard that, little missy!" Ratchet: "Let's just keep going, you guys, we've handled worse." Kim: "Yes we have."

They just kept on going, fighting through a lot of the space station's defenses. Zephyr: "They're breakin' into the aqua duct. Release the hydro-mined defenses." Ron: "I don't like the sound of that!"

As they swam through the aqua duct, they dodged many of the mines that were sent out. There were a few close calls here and there, but they were able to make it through. Zephyr: "Dang it all! They're swimmin' in our fishin' hole!" Ron: "This is a fishing hole? What do they fish here? Mines?" Cronk: "Them kids are probably hyped on that rap music. Get off my lawn!" Kim: "Seriously! Who are these guys?" Ratchet: "Don't know, but something tells me we'll find out once we reach the end of this place."

They fought their way through the terrarium and continued on towards another chamber. Zephyr: "Activating the inner perimeter defenses."

Said defenses were activated as such. Ron: "There are more of these things?" Kim: "Come on, Ron, we can handle them."

They fought through more of the defenses. They soon ran into some stacks of boxes and smashed them out of habit. Cronk: "Hey! I just stacked those, you vandals!" Kim: "Uh, sorry, force of habit."

Despite the mess, they continued forward. Zephyr: "These whippersnappers won't listen! They just won't heed our warnings." Cronk: "Heed, whippersnappers! Heed!" Clank: "Hm…perhaps we should reason with them." Ratchet: "Sure, they promise to give me the Lombax Secret; I promise not to blow them up." Kim: "That's not what Clank had in mind." Ratchet: "Yeah, I know and I don't care." Kim: "Ratchet…" Ron: "I'm with Clank on this one; I like reasoning better than blowing up." Ratchet: "Ron, not you, too…"

They continued rushing through, proceeding further in. At that moment, laser grids were activated and attempted to impede them. Clank: "(giggle) Laser grids. How amateurish." Cronk: "Zeph! We need those turrets back on line." Zephyr: "10-4! Rerouting primary compositors." Ron: "Oh, no, not more turrets!" Ratchet: "Ron! Quit your bellyaching and keep going!"

They continued on and entered another chamber. As soon as they entered, the sounds of the unknown voices were changed from a loud speaker to a transmitter. Cronk: "We've got the rascals right where we want 'em!" Zephyr: "Keep at it, Cronk! On my signal, unleash heck! Um…now?" Kim: "Did you guys hear that? The transceiver projecting their voices sounded different." Ron: "Could they be close by?" Ratchet: "Most likely. Let's keep at it, you guys."

They kept on fighting through more of the defenses. It was indeed a tough battle, but they were eventually able to bring down the last of the station's weaponry. Cronk: "We've lost our primary field generators! We're sitting ducks!" Kim: "Great, now's our chance. Let's rush them." Ron: "Oh, yeah! No one blasts away at our hides and gets away with it! Booyah!" Rufus: "Booyah!" Ratchet: "Let's go."

They hurried themselves toward a metal door nearby, but found that it was sealed tight. Kim: "Well, that's great. They door's locked." Ron: "So, how do we get in?"

At that moment, the Zoni reappeared. They surrounded Clank and uploaded something into him. The others immediately took notice of Clank's new modification. Ron: "Whoa…Clank, how did you get that?" Clank: "Um…I…" Kim: "Doesn't matter right now. It should at least get us inside, right?" Ratchet: "Uh, how exactly?"

Just then, a signal went off. Clank: "I think I may have found something. This way."

He utilized his newest modification: the Geo-laser, to cut a doorway into a nearby wall, gaining the group access to the closed-off room. Ron: "That was amazing, Clank!" Clank: "(giggle) No…big." Ratchet: "Come on, let's get inside."

They made their way into the room. Ron: "So…how was it you got that thing?" Clank: "Why, from the Zoni." Kim: "The…Zoni?" Clank: "Yes." Ron: "Uh…what…is a Zoni?" Clank: "They are invisible robots that only I am able to see apparently." Ratchet: "Uh…right…" Zephyr: "There are the scoundrels!" Cronk: "Pulverize them!"

Suddenly, 2 robots came charging at them. The group stepped back a little, causing the robots to run into each other. Zephyr: "Ow…my thruster coils…" Kim: "Um…I'm guessing you guys are…Cronk and Zephyr…?" Ron: "Wait! There were the guys that tried to kill us?" Kim: "Hm…apparently…" Voice: "Thanks, guys. I'll handle it from here."

Soon enough, a young girl came down via jetpack. She pointed her blaster at the group. Girl: "Congratulations! You just won an all expense paid trip out the airlock." Ron: "Uh…what?" Girl: "I hope you guys don't mind letting yourselves out; I hate the popping sound of bodies decompressing in space." Ron: "Uh…I don't want to have my body decompress in space…" Kim: "Hold on for a sec. Why does everyone in this galaxy have a thing against my friend? I mean, yeah, I get it, he's a Lombax and everyone in this galaxy hates his kind, but I won't stand another…" Girl: "Wait! Did you say…Lombax?"

The girl then took notice of Ratchet's pointy ears and lion-like tail. Girl: "He is a Lombax! Guys, lower your weapons!"

Both robots did just that, the group became very confused. Kim: "Huh?" Ron: "Uh…" Girl: "Heh, sorry about the…misunderstanding, you guys. We don't get a lot of friendly visitors anymore or ever for that matter, especially from a Lombax." Kim: "Wait! You mean to tell me that you don't hate Lombaxes?" Girl: "Why should I? They're heroes! They saved all of us from falling under the control of the Cragmites! Only members of the Empire would have a reason to hate them." Kim: "I see…actually, that does make sense. By the way, who are you?" Girl: "My name is Talwyn Apogee. My father owns this entire space station. Those 2 over there are…" Kim: "Cronk and Zephyr? Yeah, they introduced themselves on the loud speakers." Talwyn: "Uh…yeah…of course…so, who are you guys?" Kim: "I'm Kim Possible. This is Ron Stoppable and Rufus. The robot over there is Clank and the Lombax is Ratchet." Talwyn: "Nice to meet you guys. So, how was it that you were able to find us?" Kim: "Well…let me start at the very beginning. You see, it all started when…"

And so, Kim proceeded to tell Talwyn everything that happened to her and the group as well as everything that they knew. Kim: "And that's everything we know so far."

Talwyn stood by speechless for a bit. Talwyn: "Oh…um…I see…" Kim: "So, your dad really does own this whole place, huh?" Talwyn: "Yeah, he built it. Impressed?" Kim: "Very. So, Talwyn, I must ask you something, why did Tachyon think that you have a secret Lombax weapon?" Talwyn: "Well…since this is my dad's base…he…" Ron: "Uh, by the way, who is this Max Apogee guy?" Cronk: "Max Apogee was a famous…" Talwyn: "IS a famous…" Cronk: "Um…uh…yes…of course. IS a famous explorer and collector of rare interstellar antiquities, most notable of which was a Lombax artifact."

Cronk then handed a picture frame over to Kim. The frame contained a photo of Talwyn as a little girl with her father, marveling at an unusual object. Kim: "Oh, that answers a lot of questions. So, where is this artifact?" Talwyn: "It was taken by pirates when they raided this station years ago. My father went after them…but he…never came back."

Kim continued to stare at the picture with a melancholy look on her face. Kim: "Talwyn…I…I'm so sorry…"

Talwyn looked back at Kim. She was sad but then a small grin appeared on her face. Ron: "So…we risked our hides getting here for nothing? Well, that's just great!"

Kim whacked Ron on the side of his head. Ron: "Ow!" Kim: "Ron! Don't be insensitive!" Ron: "I'm just saying…!" Talwyn: "I take it he's not very bright." Kim: "That would be an understatement." Ratchet: "He's also childish; as Kim mentioned to me a while back."

Ron placed his hands on his hips as he looked at Ratchet in an annoyed manner. Just then, the Kimmunicator went off. Kim answered it. Wade: "Kim. Ratchet, I've just picked up on an unusual signal. It took me a while to decode it, but I've managed to find out what it is." Talwyn: "Uh…who's that you're talking to?" Kim: "Oh! Uh, I didn't even think about that. Talwyn, this is Wade, Wade, this is Talwyn, we ran into her and her 2 robots just now." Wade: "Nice to meet you." Talwyn: "Likewise." Kim: "So, Wade, about that unusual signal?" Wade: "Oh! Right! There seems to be a very small trace of Lombax technology on a far-off planet known as Ardolis. It might be that artifact that was stolen from the space station." Talwyn: "Ardolis…? Cronk! Zephyr! Get the ship ready. We're leaving!"

She stepped up on a transporter with Cronk and Zephyr. Kim: "Hey! Wait a minute!" Talwyn: "Lock up before you guys leave, OK?"

They were transported out. The group stood by for a bit. Kim: "Well…I guess…we should leave, too. I mean, who knows? That artifact may provide a clue as to where or what this Lombax Secret could be." Ratchet: "Yeah, I agree, let's go." Wade: "There's…just one problem with that: that planet is…inhabited by space pirates." Ron: "Did…did you just say…space pirates? As in the blood-thirsty pillaging kind?" Wade: "Yep and they're robotic, so they're tougher, more lethal and more ruthless. And probably a lot more dangerous than the kind we had here at home." Ron: "Oh, man…I…I didn't think we would be getting ourselves involved in this…!"

Rufus popped out and groaned. Kim: "Ron, we've handled pirates before. It's no big, really." Ratchet: "Yeah and besides, we really don't have a choice in the matter, so quit you bellyaching and let's go already."

Kim, Ratchet and Clank walked off. Ron stood by for a bit, trembling in fear. Ron: "And I had the chance to just stay home. Why do I get myself involved in this, Rufus?"

He walked off after his friends. They returned to their ship, got back in and flew off.

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